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Stay the Rising Sun

Author : Phil Keith
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2016 Military Writers Society of America Bronze Medal Winner! Her crew called her the "Lady Lex" - see how her fierce battle turned the tide in the Allies' favor. In May 1942, the United States' first naval victory against the Japanese in the Coral Sea was marred by the loss of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. Another carrier was nearly ready for launch when the news arrived, so the navy changed her name to Lexington, confusing the Japanese. The men of the original "Lady Lex" loved their ship and fought hard to protect her. They were also seeking revenge for the losses sustained at Pearl Harbor. Crippling attacks by the Japanese left her on fire and dead in the water. A remarkable 90 percent of the crew made it off the burning decks before Lexington had to be abandoned. In all the annals of the Second World War, there is hardly a battle story more compelling. Lexington's legacy did not end with her demise, however. Although the battle was deemed a tactical success for the Japanese, it turned out to be a strategic loss: For the first time in the war, a Japanese invasion force was forced to retreat. The lessons learned by losing the Lexington at Coral Sea impacted tactics, air wing operations, damage control, and ship construction. Altogether, they forged a critical, positive turning point in the war. The ship that ushered in and gave birth to a new era in naval warfare might be gone, but fate decreed that her important legacy would live on.

12 Seconds Of Silence

Author : Jamie Holmes
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The riveting story of the American scientists, tinkerers, and nerds who solved one of the biggest puzzles of World War II—and developed one of the most powerful weapons of the war 12 Seconds of Silence is the remarkable, lost story of how a ragtag group of American scientists overcame one of the toughest problems of World War II: shooting things out of the sky. Working in a secretive organization known as Section T, a team of physicists, engineers, and everyday Joes and Janes took on a devilish challenge. To help the Allies knock airplanes out of the air, they created one of the world’s first “smart weapons.” Against overwhelming odds and in a race against time, mustering every scrap of resource, ingenuity, and insight, the scientists of Section T would eventually save countless lives, rescue the city of London from the onslaught of a Nazi superweapon, and help bring about the Axis defeat. A holy grail sought after by Allied and Axis powers alike, their unlikely innovation ranks with the atomic bomb as one of the most revolutionary technologies of the Second World War. Until now, their tale was largely untold. For fans of Erik Larson and Ben Macintyre, set amidst the fog of espionage, dueling spies, and the dawn of an age when science would determine the fate of the world, 12 Seconds of Silence is a tribute to the extraordinary wartime mobilization of American science and the ultimate can-do story.


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The Kracht of the Rising Sun

Author : Vania Von Vanistan
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From Geneva, Tokyo, Hong Kong to New York, Munich and Singapore, the ultra rich and powerful come together to participate in one of the biggest hidden scams of the late eighties! Victor Peters had a simple plan: how to make a quick buck, but little did he know that from a figment of his imagination that might never have seen the light of day, his brain child was going to blossom and change the lives of untold and unsuspecting millions of people in the land of the Rising Sun, Europe and the US! People of all race, creed and Social levels, unite! Its your only chance against a ruthless International Conspiracy whose members are participating in the new International pass time: quick in, quick out, minimum exposure, maximum rewards! Collateral damage? Costs? Human Lives? WHO CARES! This is a story of greed, politics, money and its absolute power. This is a story of how absolute power corrupts and how living without it is nefarious for your health! Welcome to the World of shady Swiss banking, international intrigue, wheeling and dealing at the highest level with profit as the only aim! Or is it?

The Rising Sun

Author : Folake T. Olumide
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There is an ongoing battle for the time of the believer. Each day is filled with countless activities that all pose as priorities that cannot be delayed. Unfortunately, for many the first thing to be placed at the bottom of the list is time spent with God. In these last days, we must fight to make our quiet time with our Father a top priority. This 70-day devotional is a practical and concise way for you to spend your first moments with God. It is also a tool to adopt a disciplined lifestyle of digging deeper into the Word of God. Folake Olumide lives with her husband 'Tunde and children, 'Tomiwa and Erinayo, in Grand Forks, North Dakota. This devotional is the second published book derived from her weekly word of encouragement entitled, My Dear Fam, which she sends by email to family and friends. She holds a masters degree in Human Resources Management and works from home as an Advertising Specialties Consultant. You can contact her and subscribe to her weekly devotional by visiting

Rising Sun

Author : Deana Sayakone
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You’re about to take an adventure from an Asian culture and its struggles to the land of opportunity in the United States! This book captures the emotions and ways of life of for a young Laotian girl as she follows her destiny to become a successful American woman after years of struggling and fighting for her life, surviving in refugee camps and awful, abusive relationships. See what life was like in the 1960s through the ‘80s in the communist country of Laos, and learn what it was like to experience the freedoms and responsibilities of America, an utterly different world. If you know struggles, then you can relate to the raw emotions that this book entails. • survival to the land of opportunity • smile at adversity no matter how hard it is • courage to stand up against abuse • newfound freedom and adventure • finding God and the man of my dreams! Read this book if you have ever asked, “Will life ever get better for me?”

Queen of the Rising Sun

Author : Nanny Pat
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Life for East End families like Pat's was always a struggle. She worked for years in Tate & Lyle's sugar factory while her husband Charlie took on two jobs so their growing family could survive. Until one day Charlie came home with a brilliant idea - they should take over The Rising Sun pub in Bromley-by-Bow. In this charming memoir Pat describes her years as a pub landlady and vividly evokes the East End community she served in the 1960s, the extraordinary characters she encountered and the changes that swept through society at that time. She also reveals why she and Charlie moved to Essex, and what it felt like to become a star of The Only Way is Essex in her seventies.

The Musical Times and Singing class Circular

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Rising Sun Falling Skies

Author : Jeffrey Cox
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Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese offensive in the Far East seemed unstoppable. Allied forces engaged in a futile attempt to halt their rapid advance, culminating in the massed fleet of American, British, Dutch, and Australian forces (ABDA) clashing with the Japanese at the battle of the Java Sea – the first major sea battle of World War II in the Pacific. But, in a campaign crippled by poor leadership and disastrous decisions, the Allied response was catastrophic, losing their largest warships and their tenuous toe-hold in the south Pacific within the first 72 hours of the battle. This defeat left ground troops cut off from reinforcement and supply, with obsolete equipment, no defense against endless Japanese air attacks, and with no chance of retreat. However, although command decisions were to condemn the Allies to defeat, the Allied goal was never an outright victory, simply a delaying action. Facing a relentless and thoroughly vicious enemy, the combined forces responded not by running or surrendering, but by defiantly holding on in a struggle that was as much a test of character, bravery, and determination as it was a test of arms, ultimately costing the Allies ten vessels and the lives of 2,100 brave sailors. In Rising Sun, Falling Skies, Jeffrey Cox examines the events and evidence surrounding the Java Sea Campaign, reconstructing battles that in hindsight were all but hopeless and revealing where fatal mistakes and missed opportunities condemned the Allied forces in an insightful and compelling study of the largely overlooked clash in the Java Sea.

The Cross and the Rising Sun

Author : A. Hamish Ion
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Drawing on both Canadian and Japanese sources, this book investigates the life, work, and attitudes of Canadian Protestant missionaries in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (the three main constituent parts of the pre-1945 Japanese empire) from the arrival of the first Canadian missionary in East Asia in 1872 until 1931. Canadian missionaries made a significant contribution to the development of the Protestant movement in the Japanese Empire. Yet their influence also extended far beyond the Christian sphere. Through their educational, social, and medical work; their role in introducing new Western ideas and social pursuits; and their outspoken criticism of the brutalities of Japanese rule in colonial Korea and Taiwan, the activities of Canadian missionaries had an impact on many different facets of society and culture in the Japanese Empire. Missionaries residing in the Japanese Empire served as a link between citizens of Japan and Canada and acted as trusted interpreters of things Japanese to their home constituents.