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Stealing the Corner Office

Author : Brendan Reid
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Stealing the Corner Office is mandatory reading for smart, hardworking managers who always wonder why their seemingly incompetent superiors are so successful. It is a unique collection of controversial but highly effective tactics for middle managers and aspiring executives who want to learn the real secrets for moving up the corporate ladder. Unlike virtually all other business books—which are based on the assumption that corporations are logical and fair—Stealing the Corner Office explores the unconventional tactics people less competent than you use to get ahead and stay ahead. It is your proven playbook to thrive and win in an imperfect corporate world. Stealing the Corner Office will teach you: How incompetent people so often get ahead, and what you can learn from them. How to make universally flawed corporate policies work in your favor. Why showing too much passion for your ideas can be career suicide. Why delivering results should never be your highest priority. These and many more controversial tactics will change the way you look at your career and how you manage projects, people, and priorities. Apply the 10 principles in Stealing the Corner Office and watch your career take off!

Help There s a Liberal in the Corner Office

Author : Kathleen Kelly
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Download »'s true. It's pretty darned hard to be a principled conservative in today's corporate world. In fact, it more or less can get you fired. In nearly 20 years seeking the "perfect-storm" of merit, principle, dedication, faith, fact, truth, right-is-good-and-wrong-is-just-wrong governed by general honesty in the modern day Corporate America I am sorry to break it to you; it just doesn't exist. This book will chronicle real events that have happened in Corporate America; the good, the bad, the downright shocking and frankly the very frightening state of affairs of what the "Everybody-Gets-A-Ribbon" liberal movement and the Political Correctness nonsense have done to business. If you wanted to get work done, promote someone, fire someone, move someone, pray for someone, expose someone and generally cut through the office political goo in the Corporate environment consider yourself forewarned that the rules of the game have changed.dramatically. Kathleen Kelly is a 20-year veteran of the corporate circus holding down very senior and not-so-senior roles at some of the nation's biggest companies (and some of the smallest, never-heard-of, probably-out-of-business-by-now companies too). Born and raised on the east coast, Kelly spends much of her time ducking "emotional, feel-good grenades" hurled by liberal counterparts and spends free time "building consensus" in target practice at the gun range by working on her groupings. She is proud of her plebian "State University Degree" and has sworn to never utter "B-school" in conversation again. The self-described "political freak" and her equally armed spouse live in a great city in the greatest country in the world raising two future "Evil Republicans" who will no doubt skip the corporate circus and follow their parents into Entrepreneurship. In her spare time Kelly is a busy writer, political mouthpiece, and speeding-ticket-collector along with cooking up some legendary desserts.

Corner Office Secrets

Author : Shannon McKenna
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Can a hidden heiress keep her secret as business blends with pleasure? Find out in this Men of Maddox Hill novel by New York Times bestselling author Shannon McKenna. Sleeping with the boss breaks all her rules especially when he doesn't know who she really is… Secret heiress Sophie Valente is desperate to keep a low profile at her new job—at the architecture firm owned by her long-lost father. But when she's forced to go on a business trip with her dark-eyed, gorgeous new boss, Vann Acosta, Sophie knows she's in real trouble. Separating business from pleasure is hard enough. But for two people keeping secrets from each other, the stakes couldn’t be higher… From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite. Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Men of Maddox Hill series: Book 1: His Perfect Fake Engagement Book 2: Corner Office Secrets

The Ape in the Corner Office

Author : Richard Conniff
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Tired of swimming with the sharks? Fed up with that big ape down the hall? Real animals can teach us better ways to thrive in the workplace jungle. You’re ambitious and want to get ahead, but what’s the best way to do it? Become the biggest, baddest predator? The proverbial 800-pound gorilla? Or does nature teach you to be more subtle and sophisticated? Richard Conniff, the acclaimed author of The Natural History of the Rich, has survived savage beasts in the workplace jungle, where he hooted and preened in the corner office as a publishing executive. He’s also spent time studying how animals operate in the real jungles of the Amazon and the African bush. What he shows in The Ape in the Corner Office is that nature built you to be nice. Doing favors, grooming coworkers with kind words, building coalitions—these tools for getting ahead come straight from the jungle. The stereotypical Darwinian hard-charger supposedly thinks only about accumulating resources. But highly effective apes know it’s often smarter to give them away. That doesn’t mean it’s a peaceable kingdom out there, however. Conniff shows that you can become more effective by understanding how other species negotiate the tricky balance between conflict and cooperation. Conniff quotes one biologist on a chimpanzee’s obsession with rank: “His attempts to maintain and achieve alpha status are cunning, persistent, energetic, and time-consuming. They affect whom he travels with, whom he grooms, where he glances, how often he scratches, where he goes, what times he gets up in the morning.” Sound familiar? It’s the same behavior you can find written up in any issue of BusinessWeek or The Wall Street Journal. The Ape in the Corner Office connects with the day-to-day of the workplace because it helps explain what people are really concerned about: How come he got the wing chair with the gold trim? How can I survive as that big ape’s subordinate without becoming a spineless yes-man? Why does being a lone wolf mean being a loser? And, yes, why is it that jerks seem to prosper—at least in the short run? Also available as a Random House AudioBook and an eBook

From the Sandbox to the Corner Office

Author : Eve Tahmincioglu
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Stealing the Stock Exchange

Author : Gregory Illi
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Billions of dollars change hands daily on the stock exchange and now the world's most sophisticated computer system has been compromised -- from the inside. FBI Special Agent Ron Morris has more questions then answers when computer consultant Mark Caran's routine visit turns dangerous as they race the clock to figure out what is happening. With criminals inside the stock exchange willing to stop at nothing to eliminate the threat of exposure, do Morris, Caran, and a dancer named Rio have any hope of uncovering the most brazen and secretive embezzling scheme in history?

The Art of Cheating

Author : Jessica Dorfman Jones
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Cheat? ME? Never!!! Well, except that one time... Who says you should always tell the truth? With this handy informational guidebook you can con your way through life -- from finessing your resume, to lying about your age, to getting a date. Whether you've decided to cheat out of sheer desperation or the need to get ahead, The Art of Cheating provides essential tips and guidelines for how to be the ultimate swindler, and how to spot the con artists among us. You'll learn what it takes to be a great cheater, and the pros and cons to every swindle. As a newly minted master of deception, you'll be able to cheat: ¥ On a diet ¥ On your spouse or significant other (or both!) ¥ On your taxes ¥ On standardized tests ¥ Death And more! With clever illustrations and humorous deadpan delivery, The Art ofCheating will have you sleeping your way to the top, faking an illness, and forging someone else's handwriting -- without batting an eye.

Stealing the Network The Complete Series Collector s Edition Final Chapter and DVD

Author : Johnny Long
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"Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box is a unique book in the fiction department. It combines stories that are fictional, with technology that is real. While none of the stories have happened, there is no reason why they could not. You could argue it provides a road map for criminal hackers, but I say it does something else: it provides a glimpse into the creative minds of some of today’s best hackers, and even the best hackers will tell you that the game is a mental one." – from the Foreword to the first Stealing the Network book, How to Own the Box, Jeff Moss, Founder & Director, Black Hat, Inc. and Founder of DEFCON For the very first time the complete Stealing the Network epic is available in an enormous, over 1000 page volume complete with the final chapter of the saga and a DVD filled with behind the scenes video footage! These groundbreaking books created a fictional world of hacker superheroes and villains based on real world technology, tools, and tactics. It is almost as if the authors peered into the future as many of the techniques and scenarios in these books have come to pass. This book contains all of the material from each of the four books in the Stealing the Network series. All of the stories and tech from: How to Own the Box How to Own a Continent How to Own an Identity How to Own a Shadow Plus: Finally - find out how the story ends! The final chapter is here! A DVD full of behind the scenes stories and insider info about the making of these cult classics! * Now for the first time the entire series is one 1000+ page book * The DVD contains 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage * Readers will finally learn the fate of "Knuth" in the much anticipated Final Chapter

The big bad office wolf

Author : May Sage
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Stealing the General

Author : Russell S. Bonds
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In April 1862, 20 Union soldiers crossed Confederate lines to steal a locomotive called the General and destroy a critical Confederate supply line. In the aftermath half the team was executed; the half that escaped received the newly established Medal ofHonor. -- publishers description.