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Stellar Atmospheres Beyond Classical Models

Author : L. Crivellari
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The theory of stellar atmospheres is one of the most important branches of modern astrophysics. It is first of all a major tool for understanding all aspects of stars. As the physical properties of their outer layers can now be found with high precision, firm conclusions can be drawn about the internal structure and evolution of stars. Moreover, improvements in our knowledge of the chemical composition of stars is shedding new light on the chemical evolution of galaxies and of the Universe as a whole. Because the outer layers of stars are among the best-understood astrophysical objects, the theory of stellar atmospheres plays an important role in the study of many other types of objects. These include planetary nebulae, H II regions, interstellar matter, and objects of interest in high-energy astrophysics, such as accretion disks (close binaries, dwarf novae, cataclysmic variables, quasars, active galactic nuclei), pulsar magnetospheres, and Seyfert galaxies. Finally, as stars provide a laboratory in which plasmas can be studied under more extreme conditions than on earth, the study of stellar atmospheres has strong connections with modern physics. Astronomical observations provided a vital stimulus in the early stages of quantum theory and atomic physics; even today topics such as low-temperature dielectronic recombination develop hand in hand with the interpretation of stellar and nebular spectra. Early work on MHD was similiarly motivated. Many such connections remain to be explored.

Stellar Atmospheres

Author : Lucio Crivellari
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Literature 1991 Part 2

Author : Astronomisches Rechen-Institut
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"Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts" appearing twice a year has become oneof the fundamental publications in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics andneighbouring sciences. It is the most important English-language abstracting journal in the mentioned branches. The abstrats are classified under more than a hundred subject categories, thus permitting a quick survey of the whole extended material. The AAA is a valuable and important publication for all students and scientists working in the fields of astronomy and related sciences. As such it represents a necessary ingredient of any astronomical library all over the world.

M A S S Model Atmospheres and Stellar Spectra

Author : Saul J. Adelman
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Radiative Transfer in Stellar and Planetary Atmospheres

Author : Lucio Crivellari
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An essential overview of the physical and mathematical background of radiative transfer, and its applications to stellar and planetary atmospheres.

The Stars

Author : Evry L. Schatzman
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Following an introductory chapter on stellar fundamentals, the story begins of the lives and deaths of the stars. The authors take us on a journey from the sun, a comparatively young star, to supernovae - manifestations of dramatic death. On the way, the reader, advanced undergraduate or beginning postgraduate, is presented with such topics as stellar evolution, the hydrodynamics of stellar interiors, variability, and solar and stellar activity. This comprehensive but rigorous text, building on the theoretical and observational advances of recent years - for instance, astrophysical theory in the light of Supernova 1987A - is required reading for all serious students of astronomy.

Advances in Solar Research at Eclipses from Ground and from Space

Author : Jean-Paul Zahn
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The space missions Yohkoh, SOHO and TRACE, together with complementary ground-based instrumentation, have in recent years given usa wealth of new results on the Sun, which are not readily available or digestible for the non-specialist. They are presented here in an organised, tutorial fashion by leading astrophysicists who gathered to observe the total eclipse of 11 August 1999 in Bucharest. Subjects covered range from the deep solar interior to the extended corona, with an emphasis on the diagnostic and on the physical interpretation of the spectacular phenomena represented by solar activity. Readership: Primarily graduate students. Senior scientists will appreciate the comprehensive update of solar physics. Amateur astronomers having an adequate knowledge of physics will also enjoy the book.

Stellar Atmosphere Modeling

Author : Ivan Hubený
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Stellar Magnetism

Author : Leon Mestel
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Ongoing studies in mathematical depth, and inferences from `helioseismological' observations of the internal solar rotation have shown up the limitations in our knowledge of the solar interior and of our understanding of the solar dynamo, manifested in particular by the sunspot cycle, the Maunder minimum, and solar flares. This second edition retains the identical overall structure as the first edition, but is designed so as to be self-contained with the early chapters presenting the basic physics and mathematics underlying cosmical magnetohydrodynamics, followed by studies of the specific applications appropriate for a book devoted to a central area in astrophysics.


Author : Walter F. Huebner
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This book covers all aspects of opacity and equations of state for gases, plasmas, and dust. The discussion emphasizes the continuous transformation of the equilibrium compositions of these phases as a function of temperature and density.

Space Astronomy

Author : COSPAR. Plenary Meeting
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The papers presented in this volume are taken from several meetings held during the World Space Congress. They include papers on X-ray and EUV astronomy research and results from recent space missions. A section on infrared and submillimeter astronomy also forms part of this volume.

Asteroseismic Data Analysis

Author : Sarbani Basu
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Studies of stars and stellar populations, and the discovery and characterization of exoplanets, are being revolutionized by new satellite and telescope observations of unprecedented quality and scope. Some of the most significant advances have been in the field of asteroseismology, the study of stars by observation of their oscillations. Asteroseismic Data Analysis gives a comprehensive technical introduction to this discipline. This book not only helps students and researchers learn about asteroseismology; it also serves as an essential instruction manual for those entering the field. The book presents readers with the foundational techniques used in the analysis and interpretation of asteroseismic data on cool stars that show solar-like oscillations. The techniques have been refined, and in some cases developed, to analyze asteroseismic data collected by the NASA Kepler mission. Topics range from the analysis of time-series observations to extract seismic data for stars to the use of those data to determine global and internal properties of the stars. Reading lists and problem sets are provided, and data necessary for the problem sets are available online. The first book to describe in detail the different techniques used to analyze the data on stellar oscillations, Asteroseismic Data Analysis offers an invaluable window into the hearts of stars. Introduces the asteroseismic study of stars and the theory of stellar oscillations Describes the analysis of observational (time-domain) data Examines how seismic parameters are extracted from observations Explores how stellar properties are determined from seismic data Looks at the “inverse problem,” where frequencies are used to infer internal structures of stars

Geophysical Astrophysical Convection

Author : Peter A Fox
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Geophysical and Astrophysical Convection collects important papers from an international group of the world's foremost researchers in geophysical and astrophysical convection to present a concise overview of recent thinking in the field. Topics include: Atmospheric convection, solar and stellar convection, unsteady non-penetrative thermal convection, astrophysical convection and dynamos, dynamics of cumulus entertainment, turbulent convection: helical buoyant convection, transport phenomena, potential vorticity, rotating convective turbulence, and the modeling and simulation various types of convection and turbulence.

Molecules in Astrophysics Probes and Processes

Author : International Astronomical Union. Symposium
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Proceedings of the 178th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Leiden, The Netherlands, July 1-5, 1996

Modelling of Stellar Atmospheres

Author : International Astronomical Union. Symposium
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Solar Polarization

Author : Jan Olof Stenflo
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Much progress has been made in recent years in understanding the complex physics of polarized radiation in the sun and stars. This physics includes vector radiative transfer and spectral line formation in the presence of magnetic fields, scattering theory and coherence effects, partial redistribution and turbulent magnetic fields, numerical techniques and Stokes inversion, as well as concepts for polarimetric imaging with a precision limited only by photon statistics. The present volume gives a comprehensive and up-to-date account of this rapidly evolving field of science.

Pulsation Rotation and Mass Loss in Early Type Stars

Author : Luis A. Balona
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In this Symposium, researchers specializing in pulsation, rotation, magnetic fields and stellar winds are brought together for the first time in order to broaden our understanding of O and B stars. Thanks to advances in digital spectroscopy, new types of pulsating B stars have been discovered. The pulsations can be understood in terms of the recent revision of metal opacities, but the effects of rapid rotation and magnetic fields need further study. Observations in the UV and X-ray regions demonstrate that many B and Be stars show other activity, besides pulsation which is not yet understood. The reason for the enhanced mass loss in Be stars is a question which dominates the Symposium and which remains unanswered, although it is surely to be found in activity at or near the photosphere coupled with rotation. It is shown that the geometry of the circumstellar envelopes around Be stars is indeed a flattened disk as they can now be optically resolved. The variability of radiatively-driven winds from O and B stars are likely related to the rotation of the star. This underlines the central theme of the book: that the various phenomena seen in these stars cannot be studied in isolation.

Stellar Atmospheres Theory and Observations

Author : Astrophysics School 1996
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The 1996 Summer School of the European Astrophysical Doctoral Network dealt with the atmospheres of stars, the various theories that describe their structure and the interactions with the interior of the stars as well as with the interstellar environment, and the observations that support, modify and sometimes contradict these theories. This volume aims to provide the reader with an insight into problems related to stellar atmospheres both for cool and for hot stars. Furthermore it offers opportunities to deal with modern technologies in analysing observational data versus theoretical modelling.

Memorie della Societ astronomica italiana

Author : Società astronomica italiana
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Hydrogen Deficient Stars

Author : C. Simon Jeffery
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