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Stella s Christmas Lesson

Author : Tracey Randolph
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Stella is a French Bulldog who thinks Christmas is all about gifts. With the help of her friends and family she learns the true meaning of Christmas.

Winter at Cliff s End Cottage a sparkling Christmas read to warm your heart

Author : Sheila Norton
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A cosy, heartwarming Christmas read about the growing friendship between a young journalist and an old woman who lives in a house teetering on the edge of the Devon cliffs, by the bestselling author of The Vets of Hope Green and The Petshop on Pennycombe Bay Cliff's End Cottage is a local landmark. Perched on the South Devon coast, its garden has begun slowly toppling into the sea, yet the elderly and infamously stubborn owner Stella refuses to leave her home. When Holly, a young journalist and single mum struggling to make ends meet, decides to interview Stella about her life, at first she's given short shrift. However, helped by a slice or two of cake and a couple of friendly cats, a tentative friendship begins to develop between the two lonely women. Stella and Holly may live different lives, but over the cold winter nights, as Stella shares her story, the two women discover more and more in common. Time is running out for the house on the edge, but perhaps, together, Stella and Holly can find a new way forward. A heart-warming story by the author of The Vets of Hope Green, where two women from different generations find that a new friend - no matter how late in life they may appear - can mean everything Winner of the RNA Award for Best Holiday Read Praise for Sheila Norton's delightful books 'Thoroughly enjoyable' KATIE FFORDE 'A truly lovely read with delightful characters' PHILLIPA ASHLEY 'Like a plate of hot-buttered crumpets and a mug of tea - warm, comforting and utterly delightful!' ANNIE LYONS 'A charming and heartwarming book, that will bring a smile to every reader's face' CRESSIDA MCLAUGHLIN 'A charming read. Made me want to move to the country and buy a cottage with roses around the door' SARAH MORGAN

Christmas in Ritual and Tradition Christian and Pagan

Author : Clement A. Miles
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Reflect on the Christmas Season with a Celebration of Virtue 1900 “To be honest, to be kind--to earn a little and spend a little less, to make upon the whole a family happier for his is a task..” - Robert Louis Stevenson, A Christmas Sermon A Christmas Sermon is not necessarily a book about Christmas. In fact, it is a book that tries to educate the reader preaching the Christian values of morality, humility and kindness. It is also a book about how to approach the end of a year and the eve of a new one full of hope and optimism. ,This book has been professionally formatted for e-readers and contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

Christmas Customs and Traditions Their History and Significance

Author : Clement A. Miles
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Reprints the 1912 study of the origins, evolution, and meaning of Christmas rituals and practices of many nations, including caroling, Christmas drama, the manger, the Christmas tree, the Yule log, and the twelve days.

The Twisted Christmas Trilogy Boxed Set Complete Series Books 1 3

Author : Daniel Parsons
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ONE VICTORIAN CITY. ONE MAGICAL UPRISING. ONE BOY CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL. A dark Victorian fantasy adventure you won’t be able to put down. Fate has never been kind to twelve-year-old Toby. Not when he was abandoned on the steps of a workhouse as a baby. Nor when he escaped into the magical underworld that hides in London’s shadows. But when the futures of thousands of lives come to rest in his hands, Toby quickly realises that perhaps fate had a good reason. Perhaps it was preparing him. As the peacekeeper between both worlds, human and magic, can he find the inner strength to become a hero or does fate have darker intentions? This complete set contains all three books in The Twisted Christmas Trilogy about a young boy, an old man and a spellbinding troupe of magical performers, written by bestselling author Daniel Parsons. Over 700 pages of magic, mischief and cinematic creatures. Now, for a limited time, save over 50% by grabbing the entire series in this special bundle deal! This Boxed Set Includes Book One: The Winter Freak Show Book Two: Face of a Traitor Book Three: The Wrath of Oberon What Readers Are Saying About the Series ★★★★★ “A Christmas tale with a dark but magical twist which I thought was great.” ★★★★★ “A delightful combination of Charles Dickens, The Santa Clause, and The Polar Express.” ★★★★★ “Well paced, with loads of twists and full of action. The main character might be a boy but it is definitely a book for readers young and old.” ★★★★★ “This is a really fresh, nice interpretation of the St. Nicholas legend. I loved it.” ★★★★★ “I'm 70 and enjoyed it as much as I would have at 10.” ★★★★★ “I loved it, with all its twists and turns, never quite knowing who's really real and who you can trust.” ★★★★★ “I wished I'd read it slower to enjoy it longer - it really is THAT good.” The Twisted Christmas Trilogy is a fast-paced thrill-ride loaded with heart-warming charm, perfect for fans of Percy Jackson, Skulduggery Pleasant and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Pick up The Twisted Christmas Trilogy to discover this white-knuckle adventure today!

The Shamrock

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Cousin Stella or Conflict By the author of Violet Bank and its Inmates Mrs C Jenkin

Author :
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Angels in the Snow

Author : Sarah Morgan
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Indulge with these irresistible and heart-warming Christmas romances by USA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan! Featuring previously published titles Christmas Eve: Doorstep Delivery and Snowbound: Miracle Marriage. Do fairy lights and family make the perfect Christmas? Daniel is dreadful at tinsel, fairy lights and families. Put in charge of his brother’s kids, Daniel panics. Surely, he can’t ask Stella for help? It used to be her favourite season, until Daniel began — and ended — their engagement on Christmas Eve. Still, Stella can’t refuse a desperate plea. The children deserve the best Christmas ever! Meanwhile, shivering on the snowy doorstep of High Fell Barn, Hayley’s regretting her impulsive response to a job avert. It’s too late, the door is opening to reveal a rather cross — but impossibly sexy — man… Patrick hadn’t advertised for a housekeeper — Alfie, his ten-year-old son, has taken matters into his own hand. Still, Hayley might be the perfect gift. Alfie and his little sister are no angels. But they know a lot about the magic of Christmas — and they’re about to teach the grown-ups a much-needed lesson!

Christmas in Ritual Tradition Christian and Pagan Illustrated Edition

Author : Clement A. Miles
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Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan is a study of the history and folklore surrounding Christmas holidays in several countries. It is an amazing collection of Christmas-related traditions from the first introductions of Christianity to the early 20th century. The book covers the history of Christmas as a Christian feast day and how that developed. It also discusses pre-Christian festivals and observances and how a lot of them survived by being given a Christian veneer although the overt paganism disappeared. Clement A. Miles (1881-1918), an author and translator, was a member of the Folk-Lore Society. He had been for many years on T. Fisher Unwin’s literary staff and he was the author of an important work: Christmas in Ritual and Tradition. Miles possessed a wide knowledge of European languages, and translated numerous works from French and Italian.

Cousin Stella or Conflict by the author of Violet Bank

Author : Henrietta Camilla Jenkin
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