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Stepping Up

Author : Lawrence W. Lezotte
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Stepping Up

Author : Sarah Wood
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Ever felt like you need an inspired action plan on how to step up? Stepping up could be about taking on your first leadership or management role. It could be about changing your career, or leaving employment to start up on your own. It could be about changing the way you run a team already under your management. Whatever your circumstances, you will face the same issues we all do: changing attitudes, changing technology and our fast-moving rollercoaster of a world. Stepping Up will inspire and equip you to understand and respond to that change and develop your ability to lead yourself and others through it. Follow the practical five point framework on how to step up and fulfil your ambitions: 1. Vision – How to reset your rules in a complex and changing landscape 2. Values – Develop your leadership mission by understanding why you want to lead 3. Velocity – Invest in yourself and build the skills and capabilities of a great leader 4. Votes – Invest in your team and bring together a fantastic team of people to take you on your journey 5. Victories – Deliver brilliant results and ensure you can deliver on your promises Accelerate your skills and potential, and take charge of your leadership career. “This book is so needed. A manual for the leadership generation that want to create their own future.” Kathryn Parsons. Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Decoded. ““Leadership can be practised at all levels. Step up or step out of the way.” Thales Teixeira, Professor at Harvard University "Sarah is one of the most inspiring leaders I know, anyone wanting to become one too should read this book." Baroness Martha Lane Fox, founder of, Chancellor of The Open University, Board Member of Twitter.

Stepping Up

Author : Alan P. Brache
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Stepping Up: A Game Plan for Leading Your Business to the Next Level...and Thriving Once You're There Revised 2011 Edition This book is unique in terms of: * The need it addresses: Universally, executives need to determine if their organizations can achieve future success only by stepping up to the next level of sophistication. Like the baseball player who goes from the minor leagues to the major leagues or the actor who graduates from dinner theater to Broadway, the next level represents the same game, but with a significantly higher level of competition, customer expectations, and complexity. Readers who determine that they need to step up are taken through a 7-step process for getting to the next level and succeeding once they've arrived. * Its audience: It is geared equally to CEOs and division heads in large and medium-sized organizations and to owners of small businesses for whom the next level may be more modest. * Its format: It is a workbook that poses questions and provides blanks in which readers/users record their answers. This process guides executives--or, in larger organizations, executive teams--to the decisions and actions needed to step up in their unique situations. Readers leave the book with a game plan that includes actions, responsibilities, and completion dates. * Its length and style: It is the length of a pop best seller and uses the language seen in that type of book. However, it doesn't leave the reader hungry an hour later; it has the substance of a book that is considerably longer and more difficult to absorb.

Stepping Up Facilitator s Guide CD ROM Included

Author : Miki Lane
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The Stepping Up Facilitator's Guide offers you the tools and guidance you need to prepare and implement an effective one-day workshop for first-time and aspiring supervisors. This proven workshop gives you the tools and materials you need to present an accurate, real-life picture of what it means to be a supervisor, the expectations for the position, the skills and knowledge required as a supervisor, and the path to effectively supervise others. The Facilitator's Guide is fully scripted and includes a step-by-step series of learning strategies that are supported by complementary workshop materials. For facilitators who are new to presenting, the materials can be used "as is" or the information can be customized to fit a facilitator's particular teaching style. At the end of the Stepping Up workshop, your participants will be able to: Understand the role of supervisor Effectively deal with the challenges that new supervisors face Implement the steps needed to get started as a new supervisor Apply the principles to build credibility as a supervisor Employ performance components when supervising Prepare a personalized road map to develop their supervisory knowledge and skills The Stepping Up one-day workshop is a must-have resource for human resource professionals, trainers, and consultants. It includes a Facilitator's Guide--complete with PowerPoint slides, supporting materials, and CD-ROM--and?an interactive Participant's Workbook with a useful self-assessed questionnaire that pinpoints areas for growth. Help your participants step up and become the effective supervisors they were meant to be. Praise for Stepping Up "Stepping Up thoroughly addresses the core competencies of front-line supervisors who make the greatest impact on employee effectiveness. This kind of training is a must?have for any organization's survival kit." --Roger A. Korman, Ph.D., chairman & CEO, Aptilon "This is a great piece of work. I like the way the authors wove 'research' with practical applications and case studies. Stepping Up will be a reference I'll want to get for my new supervisors." --Dr. Clare Elizabeth Carey, CPT, president, ISPI 2006-07 "What matters most to a new supervisor? In my view, having the know?how to accurately self assess and be able to draw upon a variety of resources to quickly become effective in the new role. Stepping Up is a resource I can turn to for sound advice and practical tools for building and sustaining a supervisor's performance." --Christine Westover, director, Learning and Development, Canada Post Corporation

Stepping Up to Spiritual Maturity

Author : Sara Hines Martin Mre MS
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If you've wondered how to become spiritually mature, this book explains what's needed to move forward on the path from being spiritual babes to having spiritual maturity.

Writing Lesson Level 4 Stepping Up Sentences

Author : Richard Gentry, Ph.D.
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Incorporate writing instruction in your classroom as an essential element of literacy development while implementing best practices. Simplify the planning of writing instruction and become familiar with the Common Core State Standards of Writing.

Stepping Up To Iso 9004

Author : Russell Westcott
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Congratulations. Your organization is registered to ISO 9001. Guess what? You've just taken the first step in your continual improvement journey. The next step is to step up to world-class status. More than 500,000 organizations around the world have registered their quality management systems to one of the ISO 9000 series standards. How will yours be different? ISO 9004:2000 is an excellent guide to moving beyond the bare basics outlined in ISO 9001:2000.

Stepping Up To Science and Math Exploring the Natural Connections

Author : National Science Teachers Association
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Stepping Up Skills in Urban Ghana

Author : Peter Darvas
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The Skills Toward Employment and Productivity (STEP) Survey is an initiative of the World Bank in cooperation with other development partners and nongovernmental agencies and carried out in more than 14 countries globally. In Ghana, the first phase of the survey focusing on adults in urban communities was carried out in cooperation with the University of Ghana’s Institute of Statistical, Social, and Economic Research (ISSER), the Ministry of Education, the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), and the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS).

Stepping up to the Second Year at University

Author : Clare Milsom
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Programmes in higher education tend to focus attention on the student’s first year (because of concerns about student transition and retention) and on their final year (because of student exiting for their future careers). The middle year(s) of programmes receive relatively little attention which can often lead to a slump in student development at a crucial point in their studies. Stepping up to the Second Year at University provides practical advice that can be implemented by staff throughout higher education institutions. Rather than providing a set of prescriptions to be slavishly implemented, it prompts practitioners to think constructively about curriculum design and delivery, and about maximising student potential within the context of their particular institution. Amongst the questions asked in this book are: In what way do students’ perceptions of their experience shift as they progress through the first two years of study? How do psychological factors bear on student engagement and performance in the second year? What in the second-year curriculum might need greater attention? How can the analysis of institutional data help? This book, builds on critiques existing international research on the mid-years experience and also features evidence from a significant new research project from Liverpool John Moores University, provides a number of starting points for institutions’ enhancement activities as they seek to make the experience of their students as rewarding as possible. It is a must read for institutional managers of higher academic programmes, higher education practitioners and anyone interested in the development of teaching at higher education level.