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Stick Together

Author : Jon Gordon
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Build a stronger team with this illustrated fable From bestselling author Jon Gordon and coauthor Kate Leavell, Stick Together delivers a crucial message about the power of belief, ownership, connection, love, inclusion, consistency, and hope. The authors guide individuals and teams on an inspiring journey to show them how to persevere through challenges, overcome obstacles, and create success together. Stick Together follows Coach David, a high school basketball coach looking to motivate his team for the new season. The team members are given sticks with words written on them and tasked with a number of missions: To find another player with the same word written on their stick To explain why that word is important for a team to be their best To render their sticks unbreakable As the players work together to complete their tasks, they discover how to make their team stronger and create an unbreakable bond. Perfect for student athletes and teams in all industries including business, education, healthcare, and nonprofit, and for readers of all ages, Stick Together will resonate with anyone looking to improve their team performance and excel in a group environment.

Let s Stick Together

Author : Harry Benson
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Are you a new parent, or about to become one? Learn three simple habits that will keep love alive and protect your relationship against the pressures that parenting brings. In the excitement and exhaustion of becoming parents, the first thing that can get overlooked is your relationship. You might spend less time together, argue over little things, drift apart... In the UK, one in five children see their parents separate before the end of their first year at school. One in two children experience family breakdown before they finish school. But it doesn't have to be like this. Most family breakdown is avoidable. In Let's Stick Together, relationship educator and father of six Harry Benson guides you through three simple habits that research shows make or break new mums and dads. Illustrated with real-life examples from Harry's own back-from-the-brink marriage and those of other couples, Let's Stick Together highlights simple principles that will make your relationship the best it can be and ensure you don't become just another statistic.

Stick Together and Come Back Home

Author : Patrick Lopez-Aguado
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"The distinction between the consequences of an act and the act itself is supposed to define the fight between consequentialism and deontological moralities. This book, though sympathetic to consequentialism, aims less at taking sides in that debate than at clarifying the terms in which it is conducted. It aims to help the reader to think more clearly about some aspects of human conduct--especially the workings of the 'by'-locution, and some distinctions between making and allowing, between act and upshot, and between foreseeing and intending (the doctrine of double effect). It argues that moral philosophy would go better if the concept of 'the act itself' were dropped from its repertoire. Book Keywords: action, allowing, consequences, consequentialism, deontological ethics, double effect, ethics, intention."--Provided by publisher.

Girls Stick Together

Author : Jean Ure
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Meet Polly, Keri, Frizz and Lily - they're the Gang of Four, and they're determined to be best friends for ever! Inevitably things have changed now the girls are all at different schools, and Polly has to take some hard decisions about remaining loyal to Frizz, or teaming up with her new friend, Chloe. Will she decide that friends have to stick together? The second story in this lively and humorous series perfect for junior girls facing the momentous change to secondary school.

PJ Masks Heroes Stick Together

Author : Editors of Studio Fun International
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Color and complete the stickers that come with this PJ Masks coloring-and-activity book! Kids will love the more than 200 stickers of the PJ Masks heroes, villains, vehicles, and more that come with this book! The pages are also chock-full of images to color, stickers to color, and activities to complete! Featuring all the latest characters and their adventures, PJ Masks: Heroes Stick Together captures all the excitement and energy of the popular TV show and offers fans hours of creative, hands-on fun!

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board

Author : United States. National Labor Relations Board
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Textiles Technology

Author : Barbara Lawler
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Covers information required for students taking the Design and technology : textiles technology GCSE examination. Follows the Edexcel examination specifications.

Molecular Adhesion and Its Applications

Author : Kevin Kendall
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This book sets out to describe the importance of adhesion in our Universe. Although we believe that the universe is expanding and flying apart, we can also see that the Earth and its parts are sticking together with great tenacity. Gravitation explains part of this attraction on earth, but is insufficient to explain why adhesives stick jumbo jets together or why our bodies do not fall apart. To understand the strong attractions between earthly matter we must introduce the idea of molecular adhesion; the fact that all molecules attract each other with a considerable force. This idea at first seems paradoxical because we can identify situations where adhesion is very strong, for example when paint sticks to a surface, but we can also see cases where adhesion is very weak, when sand flows through an hour glass. The objective of the book is to provide explanations for these apparently perverse effects.

English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate

Author : Michael McCarthy
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This reference and practice book contains 70 attractive two-page units featuring approximately 1,000 phrasal verbs. English Phrasal Verbs in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for students from good intermediate level onwards. Over 1000 of the most useful and frequent phrasal verbs are clearly explained and practised in typical contexts. The material is designed for self-study, as well as classroom use, and has a student-friendly answer key.

A Boy After God s Own Heart Action Devotional

Author : Jim George
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Go On an Awesome Adventure with God! Hey there! If you're like most guys, you know how tough it can be to live for Jesus. It can be a challenge and sometimes a struggle, but anything worth going for is like that, right? This book is going to be all about YOU—the things you deal with, the friends you hang out with, and the decisions you make. Everything that's BIG in your life. All the important stuff. God loves you and wants you to have a great life. All it takes is a minute or two each day to read these short chapters and learn how much He cares about you. You're super valuable to Him and He has big dreams and huge plans for you that He wants you to discover. Your journey with Him is the most important adventure that will ever happen to you. So what are you waiting for? It's time for action!