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Stimuli Responsive Gels

Author : Dirk Kuckling
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Stimuli-Responsive Gels" that was published in Gels

Handbook of Stimuli Responsive Materials

Author : Marek W. Urban
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Adopting a broad approach, this volume provides the scientific community with a much-needed overview of developments and scientific findings in stimuli-responsive materials. Its primary focus is on the designing, synthesizing, formulating, and processing of materials that lead to an understanding of the scientific principles governing response driven functions leading to future technologies. The highly experienced and internationally renowned editor has assembled a team of leading scientists from the interdisciplinary areas of: * polymers * biopolymers * biochemistry * biophysics * biomaterials * bioengineering * materials engineering * biotechnology * chemistry * physics * ceramics * metals * and materials science. A combination that guarantees a unique and high-quality handbook.

Stimuli Responsive Materials

Author : Marek W Urban
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The ability for a material to change properties in response to external stimuli is an attractive feature for numerous applications and as such stimuli responsive materials are gaining attention across many different fields. This book introduces the concepts of stimuli-responsiveness, including the fundamental materials properties required for design. It provides readers with comprehensive scientific principles and developments of stimuli responsive materials, as well as the recent technological advances. Written by a renowned expert in the field, this book is suitable for anyone interested in stimuli responsive materials working in polymers, biochemistry, biotechnology and materials science.

Functional Molecular Gels

Author : Beatriu Escuder
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There is much recent interest in the field of molecular gels because of their potential use in many different applications, including biomedicine and electronic materials. Functional Molecular Gels details the latest research on molecular gels from the fundamentals of molecular gel formation to their uses in a variety of fields. This book introduces the key concepts of designing molecular gels and their characterisation techniques, followed by chapters discussing different stimuli-responsive systems. Specific chapters are then dedicated to their diverse range of applications, including catalysis, tissue engineering, photonic materials and as templates for nanostructured materials. Written by active researchers in the area, this book gives a taste of the possibilities that molecular gels offer for those both new to and already working in the area.

Smart Stimuli Responsive Polymers Films and Gels

Author : Liang Hu
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Smart Stimuli-Responsive Poymers, Films, and Gels Discover the most important developments in synthesis, simulation, and applications of a fascinating compound class There exist a range of natural materials that respond to environmental changes by altering their physical or chemical properties, known as stimuli-responsive polymers, these substances are responsive to light, temperature, pressure, and more. The study of these so-called “smart” polymers is essential to a range of application fields, many of which have generated cutting-edge research in recent decades. A comprehensive introduction to the subject is therefore well-timed Smart Stimuli-Responsive Polymers, Films, and Gels provides an introduction to these polymers and their applications. It includes producing these polymers through synthetic approaches, simulating their responses to different stimuli, and applying these materials in different industries and research capacities. Written to serve the requirements of advanced students and senior researchers alike, this timely work will drive years of research in this vital field. In Smart Stimuli-Responsive Polymers, Films, and Gels readers will also find: Treatment of mechanoresponsive, photoresponsive, and ionizing-radiation responsive polymers Applications in emerging fields such as sensors, biomedicine, catalysis, and more Interdisciplinary research into the properties and responses of these vital compounds Smart Stimuli-Responsive Polymers, Films, and Gels promises to become a seminal work for chemists, materials scientists, and industrial researchers seeking to incorporate these materials into a variety of industrial and research areas.

Stimuli Responsive Interfaces

Author : Takeshi Kawai
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This book introduces recent progress in stimuli-responsive interfaces constructed on colloidal materials such as micelles and vesicles and on solid material surfaces. There is discussion of the effect of stimuli such as light, heat, pH, and electric field on changes in the morphology of the molecules at the interfaces and that of colloidal materials. The changes in the properties, such as gelation ability, dispersibility, and emulsification ability, of the resultant bulk materials containing these colloidal materials or those of the solid material are also covered. In addition, design criteria for high sensitivity, quick responsiveness, and high reversibility are presented. In each author’s original system, the correlations between molecular-level responses and bulk functional responses are described as well. This book serves as an excellent guide to designing and fabricating novel, functional, eco-friendly stimuli-responsive interfaces and related materials.

Supramolecular Gels

Author : Tifeng Jiao
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Supramolecular Gels Discover a current and authoritative overview of the cutting-edge in supramolecular gels from a leading voice in the field A promising new class of materials shows potential and is receiving increasing attention as an intelligent material for multifunctional systems. In a work that is sure to be of great interest to a wide variety of researchers, chemists, and engineers, Supramolecular Gels: Materials and Emerging Applications delivers an application-oriented and focused book exploring the most recent applications of supramolecular gels. This interdisciplinary book presents the underlying fundamentals of supramolecular gels before discussing their assembly mechanisms and structures. It also introduces different material systems, including composite supramolecular gels, organogels, hydrogels, self-healing, and graphene-based supramolecular gels. The book discusses current and emerging applications of these materials in devices like sensors and actuators, biomedical tools, and environmental applications. The distinguished author also offers valuable insights with respect to the design and character of brand-new versatile soft materials. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of: A thorough introduction to the fundamentals of supramolecular gels, including their formation, classification, self-assembly, and mechanisms An exploration of supramolecular chirality and regulation in gel structures, as well as self-assembly and environmental applications of composite supramolecular gels Practical discussions of fluorescent organogels and hydrogels and their applications in analyte sensing An examination of self-healing and graphene-based supramolecular gels, and supramolecular gels for sensors and actuators Perfect for materials scientists, organic chemists, biochemists, catalytic chemists, and environmental chemists, Supramolecular Gels: Materials and Emerging Applications will also earn a place in the libraries of sensor developers and other professionals seeking a one-stop reference for this rapidly developing category of intelligent materials.

Chemoresponsive Materials

Author : Hans-Jörg Schneider
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Smart materials stimulated by chemical or biological signals are of interest for their many applications including drug delivery, as well as in new sensors and actuators for environmental monitoring, process and food control, and medicine. In contrast to other books on responsive materials, this volume concentrates on materials which are stimulated by chemical or biological signals. Chemoresponsive Materials introduces the area with chapters covering different responsive material systems including hydrogels, organogels, membranes, thin layers, polymer brushes, chemomechanical and imprinted polymers, nanomaterials, silica particles, as well as carbohydrate- and bio-based systems. Many promising applications are highlighted, with an emphasis on drug delivery, sensors and actuators. With contributions from internationally known experts, the book will appeal to graduate students and researchers in academia, healthcare and industry interested in functional materials and their applications.

Supramolecular Design for Biological Applications

Author : Nobuhiko Yui
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Supramolecular chemistry is the outburst topic of the next generation of science. While the majority of biomedical research efforts to date have centered on utilizing well-known polymeric materials, the recent progress in supramolecular chemistry has introduced a fascinating new field of macromolecular architecture. Supramolecular Design for Biological Applications focuses on modulating, altering, and mimicking biological functions with a new family of molecular assemblies. The authors provide innovative ideas and concepts for developing novel biomaterials that could be applied in diagnosis, drug carrier operations, and environmental protection. This reference is comprehensive, presenting principles, applications, recent advances, and future directions. Each chapter includes clear and informative illustrations of molecular architectures. The writing is scientific but allows for easy comprehension of the differences in molecular interactions, dimensions, and supramolecular architecture. Supramolecular Design for Biological Applications will advance the understanding of supramolecular-structured biomaterials and associated issues regarding biological functions. By explaining recent trends and molecular interactions, this book will enable you to initiate new research for nano-scale science and technology in the 21st century.

Polymeric Gels

Author : Kunal Pal
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Polymeric Gels: Characterization, Properties and Biomedical Applications covers the fundamentals and applications of polymeric gels. Particular emphasis is given to their synthesis, properties and characteristics, with topics such as natural, synthetic, and smart polymeric gels, medical applications, and advancements in conductive and magnetic gels presented. The book covers the basics and applications of hydrogels, providing readers with a comprehensive guide on the types of polymeric gels used in the field of biomedical engineering. Provides guidance for decisions on the suitability and appropriateness of a synthetic route and characterization technique for particular polymeric networks Analyzes and compares experimental data Presents in-depth information on the physical properties of polymeric gels using mathematical models Uses an interdisciplinary approach to discuss potential new applications for both established polymeric gels and recent advances