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Stinky Feet the Dragon

Author : Rhonda Stewart
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Once upon a time, there was a young dragon named Elvin. He was a beautiful dragon, with colors that shimmered and gleamed, and his scales looked like beautifully painted glass that sparkled. The most wonderful thing about Elvin, though, was that he was just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. But Elvin had one big problem. He had stinky feet, really stinky feet. In fact, his feet smelled so smelly that none of the kids would play with him, and his nickname became Stinky Feet. That made Elvin very sad. His mom, who loved Elvin so much, gave him a special gift that allowed him to play with his friends again. Stinky Feet, the Dragon, a picture book for children, tells the story of a special young dragon who discovers that problems don't have to control your life. With the help of family and friends, life's little issues can easily turn into rainbows.

Stinky Feet the Dragon

Author : Rhonda Stewart
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Once upon a time, there was a young dragon named Elvin. He was a beautiful dragon, with colors that shimmered and gleamed, and his scales looked like beautifully painted glass that sparkled. The most wonderful thing about Elvin, though, was that he was just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. But Elvin had one big problem. He had stinky feet, really stinky feet. In fact, his feet smelled so smelly that none of the kids would play with him, and his nickname became Stinky Feet. That made Elvin very sad. His mom, who loved Elvin so much, gave him a special gift that allowed him to play with his friends again. Stinky Feet, the Dragon, a picture book for children, tells the story of a special young dragon who discovers that problems dont have to control your life. With the help of family and friends, lifes little issues can easily turn into rainbows.

Erik and the Stinky Cheese Dragon

Author :
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Nothing exciting happens where Erik lives. All it does is snow. Then one day, there is the most horrible stink. Everyone thinks it's Erik's feet. But he knows it isn't. So, Erik, the bold and fearless Viking, once again, asks his dragon, Bert to join him on a quest to find out what is making everything so smelly. Together, they set off and soon discover a dragon with some extremely pongy cheese.

Best Dragon Son in law

Author : You LiaoDeYu
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"The sparrow flew onto a branch and turned into a phoenix. This kid is lucky." The King of the Underground World, after returning to the city, he became the laughingstock of the family. They wanted to see how he would conquer the cold and aloof CEO and regain his former glory ...

Ella and Owen 3 Knights vs Dragons

Author : Jaden Kent
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The third book in the Ella and Owen series sees the dragon siblings on the wrong side of Fright Mountain and coming face-to-face with knights in shining armor, who just happen to hate dragons. Uh-oh! Twin dragons Ella and Owen are on the wrong side of Fright Mountain--the side where there are castles and knights in shining armor. But these knights hate dragons! Will Ella and Owen find their way home before the knights catch them?

Dragon Keepers 2 The Dragon in the Driveway

Author : Kate Klimo
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The Dragon Keepers have a new mission! It's been raining for days, and dragon keepers Jesse and Daisy have been stuck inside with their dragon, Emmy. As soon as the rain stops, they are out of the house in a flash. First on their list of things to do? To find out what the villainous Dr. St. George—a dragon slayer in disguise—is up to. But Dr. St. George isn’t in his office at the college, and all of his stuff is gone! Jesse, Daisy, and Emmy quickly discover St. George’s latest evil plan: to take over the forest and find the magic golden ax that is buried there. To make matters worse, he has also enslaved the mythical beings that are returning to Goldmine City. Can the two dragon keepers and their dragon free the hobgoblins and dryads under St. George’s power and return the forest to right?

The Five Ancestors Book 7 Dragon

Author : Jeff Stone
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Long, the dragon-style warrior, saw his temple burned, his brothers killed, and his novice siblings fleeing to the four winds. But that was many months ago. Now the five young warriors have reunited with Ying, the redeemed renegade who put all of these events in motion, and ShaoShu, the mousy street thief, to prevent the wily mantis Tonglong from taking over China. Time is short and distances are great, and the future of China lies in the hands of five young monks.

M and K Tracking

Author : Kate Danley
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M&K Tracking is finally up and running, but business has been the pits for Maggie and Killian... that is until someone tries to open a portal to the pits of the Dark Dimension via Father Killarney's church. When it comes to vanquishing evil, who are you going to call? M&K Tracking. It is a hell of a job, but someone's gotta do it. WARNING: This book contains cussing, brawling, and unladylike behavior. Proceed at your own risk. Search Terms: elves, dragon, gargoyle, brownie, elf, bestseller, Los Angeles, light hearted, comic, funny, strong female, female detective, gargoyles, urban fantasy, Maggie MacKay

Dragonlands Omnibus

Author : Megg Jensen
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A USA Today bestselling box set!!! Includes: Hidden: The mystery enshrouding Hutton’s Bridge is as impenetrable as the fog that descended at its borders eighty years ago. Each year, three villagers enter the mist searching for answers. No one ever returns. Then a dragon falls from the sky to the town square, dead—the first glimpse of an outside world that has become nothing more than a fairy tale to Hutton’s Bridge. Except to Tressa. Tressa grew up with Granna’s stories of the days before the fog fell. When Granna dies, leaving Tressa without any family, Tressa ventures into the fog herself, vowing to unravel the foul magic holding Hutton’s Bridge captive. What she discovers beyond the fog endangers the lives of everyone she loves. Hunted: The fog that trapped the people of Hutton's Bridge for eighty years has disappeared, but now so have the villagers. Fearing the worst, Tressa and Bastian must navigate a new and dangerous world in search of their people. Among their allies are a healer, a warrior, and even a dragon--but their enemies are far greater. Hutton's Bridge has long protected a powerful secret, one the dragonlords will kill to control. As the realms rise, Tressa and Bastian risk everything to save their people, until one must make the ultimate sacrifice. Retribution: Tensions are mounting in the Dragonlands. The dragon hordes are mustering, each with its own agenda. But Tressa must conquer her personal demons before answering the call to war. Gravely ill, her body undergoing mysterious and frightening changes, she travels to a distant land for the answers crucial to her survival. What she discovers rocks her to the core. As the battle begins, a long-slumbering magic--dark, powerful, and brutal--awakens. And Tressa learns the ones you love most can become your greatest enemies of all. Desolation: Tressa's army won the battle, but at a terrible cost. So many lives lost. So many lovers torn asunder. And that was just the beginning. An ancient beast rumbles beneath the Dragonlands, thirsting for blood. Dragon blood. Setting aside her heartbreak, Tressa ventures beyond the Dragonlands to the mysterious realm of Desolation, searching for allies and answers. There, she faces enemies more powerful and devious than she’s ever encountered before. Yet amid the violence and destruction, Tressa discovers a secret that’s been kept over eighty years. A secret that could be the key to saving the Dragonlands, once and for all. Reckoning: Tressa’s journey to Desolation ended in tragedy. After losing someone close to her, she retreats to the Charred Barrens, hiding underground and wallowing in self-pity… until prophesy rains blood upon the Dragonlands. Alone, Tressa embarks on a quest to heal all that have been hurt and defeat the enemy for good. With the fate of the Dragonlands in her hands, will Tressa succumb to the enemy’s manipulations, or will she finally succeed in ending a vendetta against the dragons that spans centuries?

Dragonmaster The Omnibus Edition

Author : Chris Bunch
File Size : 30.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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STORM OF WINGS: When the uneasy peace of the three kingdoms is threatened by war, Hal's dream of riding dragons becomes reality. For this is a conflict like no other. For the first time, wild dragons have become living weapons, ridden by men of cold daring and ruthless ambition. And the greatest of them is Hal Kailas. Dragonmaster. KNIGHTHOOD OF THE DRAGON: When he first dreamed of riding a dragon to war, Hal Keilas was laughed at. Then the war between the kingdoms of Deraine, Sagene and Roche compelled a solution daring beyond their people's wildest dreams. But Hal, Dragonmaster, knows that the war and the killing have only begun. THE LAST BATTLE: As predicted, with the end of the war both dragon fliers and dragons have been cast aside. However, what or who is savaging the dragons in their native lands? Hal embarks on a new crusade, and discovers a threat, not just to the dragons but to man himself.

The Chickencoop Chinaman And The Year of the Dragon

Author : Frank Chin
File Size : 39.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Two plays about the stereotypical Asian-American who is quiet, hardworking, and removed from the white community

Dragons Against Them

Author : Kyra Jacobs
File Size : 58.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Adelaide Miller’s life changed forever when she gave up all she knew to stay with Prince Zayne Godfrey. In his alternate reality, she’s the eldest princess of the prince of Edana’s rival kingdom, Forath. But royal life isn’t what she’d hoped it might be. And it’s even more suffocating since Rosalind has gone missing. Prince Zayne eagerly anticipates wedding Princess Addie, but their fathers are dead set on keeping them apart. And the longer Rosalind stays missing, the more both sides suspect the other of something malicious. But both kingdoms are at risk in the face of a new rival, one foretold by an ancient prophecy. In order to protect their future, Zayne and Addie will be forced to join forces with the person determined to destroy it.

Gold Dragon

Author : Lindsay Buroker
File Size : 62.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Now that Trip’s siblings are safely back in the capital, he would like it if life got back to normal. As normal as possible for a half-dragon army officer learning to use his magical powers when he isn’t busy piloting with Wolf Squadron. But trouble keeps popping up, and the capital isn’t the safe haven Trip had hoped. More and more dragons are working together, with attacks growing frequent as they scheme to claim the country for themselves. Equally daunting, Rysha wants to introduce Trip to her parents, parents who want a proper nobleman for their daughter, not some odd commoner sired by a dragon. If Trip is to have any chance of bringing peace to the country—and impressing Rysha’s parents—he’ll have to finally and fully embrace what he is and what he can do. Before time runs out.

Rebirth of Sword Sovereign

Author : Bu HuiDunYun
File Size : 75.21 MB
Format : PDF
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Ye Feng, the good-for-nothing, died in vain in the mausoleum because he was expelled by his family because he could not cultivate. After being reborn into a Sword God from another world, she discovered that this body was actually a peerless physique that was rarely seen in a trillion people, the Limitless Chaos Body!

Save the Dragons

Author : Martin Berman-Gorvine
File Size : 52.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Seventeen-year-old Teresa thought she knew Philadelphia, but she stumbles into Gloria’s Gateway Books & Records and discovers a portal to parallel universe where Napoleon conquered Europe and Great Britain and where dragons still live. She also discovers Tom, whose Philadelphia is the capital of a Britain exiled from the Home Islands, now a part of Napoleon’s l’Empire. This Philadelphia boasts electric carriages (invented by Sir Benjamin Franklin), as well as airships for long-distance travel. However, Tom’s father believes dragons hold the secret to designing heavier-than-air craft—but dragons have almost died out. When his father is kidnapped, Tom and Teresa travel by airship to the subjugated Home Islands in search of answers. There they discover who kidnapped Tom’s father, and how to save the dragons!

Some Feet Smell

Author : Caitlind L. Alexander
File Size : 32.51 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Some feet can smell. We don't mean they stink. Some animals actually have feet that smell things like your nose does. Some animals even taste with their feet! Some animals eat with their feet, or use them to swim. Others use their feet to hunt or to dig holes. Even if they don't smell, feet are wonderful things. Take a fun and interesting look at all kinds of feet with this book. Ages 7 to 10. Reading level: 2.4 believes in the value of children practicing reading for 15 minutes every day. Our 15-Minute Books give children lots of fun, exciting choices to read, from classic stories, to mysteries, to books of knowledge. Many books are appropriate for hi-lo readers. Open the world of reading to a child by having them read for 15 minutes a day.

The Ravenous Gown

Author : Steffani Raff
File Size : 50.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In a day when princesses have been boiled down to beautiful ball gowns comes a new kind of fairy tale. Fall under the spell of a “Once upon a time . . . ” where beauty is bigger than a reflection, where wisdom makes girls extraordinary, and where curses are broken through the strength and character of unlikely heroines. A magnificent collection of short stories written in fairy tale prose The Ravenous Gown captures the essence of a stronger, smarter princess—the kind that actually lives happily ever after.

Dylan the Dragon

Author : Mary Kendal
File Size : 58.3 MB
Format : PDF
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If there's one good way to a dragon's heart, it is to let loose one ginormous, fiery fart. It needs to have a scent that smells a bit like smelly feet. With a little bit of mean in it, causing some heat. Join Dylan on his journey of life. A rhyming social story about being different & friendship for ages 3 to 8. Move over Dr. Seuss, Mary Lee Kendal is in town. During Mary's years as a teacher, she found the best way to teach was to be "entertaining without being entertainment." She saw how children and teens are extremely creative if you just give them a chance. Kids learn in many different ways. Some learn through reading, playing, singing, dancing, rhyming, or even drawing. They learn visually, and by writing poetry. They love to creatively express themselves and her classroom was one place they could do that. So how did she come up with fun Dr. Seuss type rhyming books? As a kid, she loved to rhyme. She was always encouraged to write, read, rhyme, play, act, sing, dance, and be as creative as possible by her parents. She feels her books bring in many of her favorite ways to learn. Her social stories are meant to be read aloud between adults and child bringing the bond between each other even closer. All of Mary's social stories are meant to educate in an entertaining way. "If I can help one child feel a little bit better about who they are; build self-confidence, increase self-esteem, help them understand that differences are a good thing, overcome shyness, anxiety, and help them realize they are not alone, then I have done what I have set out to do." Embrace Your Differences!

A Plague of Dragons A Dragon Anthology

Author : Katie Salidas
File Size : 78.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the visionary minds of six prolific authors comes a mesmerizing collection of dragons.

Dragon Rider

Author : Cornelia Funke
File Size : 67.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Brave young dragon Firedrake and his orphan friend Ben start a perilous journey to the legendary Rim of Heaven. But close behind is a heartless monster who aches to destroy the very last dragons on earth...