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Stochastic Optimization

Author : Johannes Schneider
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This book addresses stochastic optimization procedures in a broad manner. The first part offers an overview of relevant optimization philosophies; the second deals with benchmark problems in depth, by applying a selection of optimization procedures. Written primarily with scientists and students from the physical and engineering sciences in mind, this book addresses a larger community of all who wish to learn about stochastic optimization techniques and how to use them.

Sequential Stochastic Optimization

Author : R. Cairoli
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Sequential Stochastic Optimization provides mathematicians andapplied researchers with a well-developed framework in whichstochastic optimization problems can be formulated and solved.Offering much material that is either new or has never beforeappeared in book form, it lucidly presents a unified theory ofoptimal stopping and optimal sequential control of stochasticprocesses. This book has been carefully organized so that littleprior knowledge of the subject is assumed; its only prerequisitesare a standard graduate course in probability theory and somefamiliarity with discrete-parameter martingales. Major topics covered in Sequential Stochastic Optimization include: * Fundamental notions, such as essential supremum, stopping points,accessibility, martingales and supermartingales indexed by INd * Conditions which ensure the integrability of certain suprema ofpartial sums of arrays of independent random variables * The general theory of optimal stopping for processes indexed byInd * Structural properties of information flows * Sequential sampling and the theory of optimal sequential control * Multi-armed bandits, Markov chains and optimal switching betweenrandom walks

Convex and Stochastic Optimization

Author : J. Frédéric Bonnans
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This textbook provides an introduction to convex duality for optimization problems in Banach spaces, integration theory, and their application to stochastic programming problems in a static or dynamic setting. It introduces and analyses the main algorithms for stochastic programs, while the theoretical aspects are carefully dealt with. The reader is shown how these tools can be applied to various fields, including approximation theory, semidefinite and second-order cone programming and linear decision rules. This textbook is recommended for students, engineers and researchers who are willing to take a rigorous approach to the mathematics involved in the application of duality theory to optimization with uncertainty.

Stochastic Optimization

Author : Stanislav Uryasev
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Stochastic programming is the study of procedures for decision making under the presence of uncertainties and risks. Stochastic programming approaches have been successfully used in a number of areas such as energy and production planning, telecommunications, and transportation. Recently, the practical experience gained in stochastic programming has been expanded to a much larger spectrum of applications including financial modeling, risk management, and probabilistic risk analysis. Major topics in this volume include: (1) advances in theory and implementation of stochastic programming algorithms; (2) sensitivity analysis of stochastic systems; (3) stochastic programming applications and other related topics. Audience: Researchers and academies working in optimization, computer modeling, operations research and financial engineering. The book is appropriate as supplementary reading in courses on optimization and financial engineering.

Stochastic Optimization Methods

Author : Kurt Marti
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This book examines optimization problems that in practice involve random model parameters. It details the computation of robust optimal solutions, i.e., optimal solutions that are insensitive with respect to random parameter variations, where appropriate deterministic substitute problems are needed. Based on the probability distribution of the random data and using decision theoretical concepts, optimization problems under stochastic uncertainty are converted into appropriate deterministic substitute problems. Due to the probabilities and expectations involved, the book also shows how to apply approximative solution techniques. Several deterministic and stochastic approximation methods are provided: Taylor expansion methods, regression and response surface methods (RSM), probability inequalities, multiple linearization of survival/failure domains, discretization methods, convex approximation/deterministic descent directions/efficient points, stochastic approximation and gradient procedures and differentiation formulas for probabilities and expectations. In the third edition, this book further develops stochastic optimization methods. In particular, it now shows how to apply stochastic optimization methods to the approximate solution of important concrete problems arising in engineering, economics and operations research.

Stochastic Optimization

Author : Kurt Marti
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Numerical Techniques for Stochastic Optimization

Author : Jurij Michajlovič Ermol'ev
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First order and Stochastic Optimization Methods for Machine Learning

Author : Guanghui Lan
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This book covers not only foundational materials but also the most recent progresses made during the past few years on the area of machine learning algorithms. In spite of the intensive research and development in this area, there does not exist a systematic treatment to introduce the fundamental concepts and recent progresses on machine learning algorithms, especially on those based on stochastic optimization methods, randomized algorithms, nonconvex optimization, distributed and online learning, and projection free methods. This book will benefit the broad audience in the area of machine learning, artificial intelligence and mathematical programming community by presenting these recent developments in a tutorial style, starting from the basic building blocks to the most carefully designed and complicated algorithms for machine learning.

Stochastic Optimization for Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Grids

Author : Yuanxiong Guo
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This brief focuses on stochastic energy optimization for distributed energy resources in smart grids. Along with a review of drivers and recent developments towards distributed energy resources, this brief presents research challenges of integrating millions of distributed energy resources into the grid. The brief then proposes a novel three-level hierarchical architecture for effectively integrating distributed energy resources into smart grids. Under the proposed hierarchical architecture, distributed energy resource management algorithms at the three levels (i.e., smart home, smart neighborhood, and smart microgrid) are developed in this brief based on stochastic optimization that can handle the involved uncertainties in the system.

Multistage Stochastic Optimization

Author : Georg Ch. Pflug
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Multistage stochastic optimization problems appear in many ways in finance, insurance, energy production and trading, logistics and transportation, among other areas. They describe decision situations under uncertainty and with a longer planning horizon. This book contains a comprehensive treatment of today’s state of the art in multistage stochastic optimization. It covers the mathematical backgrounds of approximation theory as well as numerous practical algorithms and examples for the generation and handling of scenario trees. A special emphasis is put on estimation and bounding of the modeling error using novel distance concepts, on time consistency and the role of model ambiguity in the decision process. An extensive treatment of examples from electricity production, asset liability management and inventory control concludes the book.

Stochastic Optimization in Insurance

Author : Pablo Azcue
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The main purpose of the book is to show how a viscosity approach can be used to tackle control problems in insurance. The problems covered are the maximization of survival probability as well as the maximization of dividends in the classical collective risk model. The authors consider the possibility of controlling the risk process by reinsurance as well as by investments. They show that optimal value functions are characterized as either the unique or the smallest viscosity solution of the associated Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation; they also study the structure of the optimal strategies and show how to find them. The viscosity approach was widely used in control problems related to mathematical finance but until quite recently it was not used to solve control problems related to actuarial mathematical science. This book is designed to familiarize the reader on how to use this approach. The intended audience is graduate students as well as researchers in this area.

Stochastic Optimization and Economic Models

Author : Jati Sengupta
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This book presents the main applied aspects of stochas tic optimization in economic models. Stochastic processes and control theory are used under optimization to illustrate the various economic implications of optimal decision rules. Unlike econometrics which deals with estimation, this book emphasizes the decision-theoretic basis of uncertainty specified by the stochastic point of view. Methods of ap plied stochastic control using stochastic processes have now reached an exciti~g phase, where several disciplines like systems engineering, operations research and natural reso- ces interact along with the conventional fields such as mathematical economics, finance and control systems. Our objective is to present a critical overview of this broad terrain from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. In this attempt we have at times stressed viewpoints other than the purely economic one. We believe that the economist would find it most profitable to learn from the other disciplines where stochastic optimization has been successfully applied. It is in this spirit that we have discussed in some detail the following major areas: A. Portfolio models in ·:finance, B. Differential games under uncertainty, c. Self-tuning regulators, D. Models of renewable resources under uncertainty, and ix x PREFACE E. Nonparametric methods of efficiency measurement. Stochastic processes are now increasingly used in economic models to understand the various adaptive behavior implicit in the formulation of expectation and its application in decision rules which are optimum in some sense.

Fuzzy Stochastic Optimization

Author : Shuming Wang
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In 2014, winner of "Outstanding Book Award" by The Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics. Covering in detail both theoretical and practical perspectives, this book is a self-contained and systematic depiction of current fuzzy stochastic optimization that deploys the fuzzy random variable as a core mathematical tool to model the integrated fuzzy random uncertainty. It proceeds in an orderly fashion from the requisite theoretical aspects of the fuzzy random variable to fuzzy stochastic optimization models and their real-life case studies. The volume reflects the fact that randomness and fuzziness (or vagueness) are two major sources of uncertainty in the real world, with significant implications in a number of settings. In industrial engineering, management and economics, the chances are high that decision makers will be confronted with information that is simultaneously probabilistically uncertain and fuzzily imprecise, and optimization in the form of a decision must be made in an environment that is doubly uncertain, characterized by a co-occurrence of randomness and fuzziness. This book begins by outlining the history and development of the fuzzy random variable before detailing numerous optimization models and applications that include the design of system controls for a dam.

Introduction to Stochastic Programming

Author : John R. Birge
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This rapidly developing field encompasses many disciplines including operations research, mathematics, and probability. Conversely, it is being applied in a wide variety of subjects ranging from agriculture to financial planning and from industrial engineering to computer networks. This textbook provides a first course in stochastic programming suitable for students with a basic knowledge of linear programming, elementary analysis, and probability. The authors present a broad overview of the main themes and methods of the subject, thus helping students develop an intuition for how to model uncertainty into mathematical problems, what uncertainty changes bring to the decision process, and what techniques help to manage uncertainty in solving the problems. The early chapters introduce some worked examples of stochastic programming, demonstrate how a stochastic model is formally built, develop the properties of stochastic programs and the basic solution techniques used to solve them. The book then goes on to cover approximation and sampling techniques and is rounded off by an in-depth case study. A well-paced and wide-ranging introduction to this subject.

Adaptive Stochastic Optimization Techniques with Applications

Author : James A. Momoh
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Adaptive Stochastic Optimization Techniques with Applications provides a single, convenient source for state-of-the-art information on optimization techniques used to solve problems with adaptive, dynamic, and stochastic features. Presenting modern advances in static and dynamic optimization, decision analysis, intelligent systems, evolutionary pro

Stochastic Programming

Author : Kurt Marti
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Proceedings of the 2nd GAMM/IFIP-Workshop on "Stochastic Optimization:Numerical Methods and Technical Applications" held at the Federal Armed Forces University, Munich, Neubiberg/München, Germany, June 15-17, 1993

Stochastic Optimization Methods in Finance and Energy

Author : Marida Bertocchi
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This volume presents a collection of contributions dedicated to applied problems in the financial and energy sectors that have been formulated and solved in a stochastic optimization framework. The invited authors represent a group of scientists and practitioners, who cooperated in recent years to facilitate the growing penetration of stochastic programming techniques in real-world applications, inducing a significant advance over a large spectrum of complex decision problems. After the recent widespread liberalization of the energy sector in Europe and the unprecedented growth of energy prices in international commodity markets, we have witnessed a significant convergence of strategic decision problems in the energy and financial sectors. This has often resulted in common open issues and has induced a remarkable effort by the industrial and scientific communities to facilitate the adoption of advanced analytical and decision tools. The main concerns of the financial community over the last decade have suddenly penetrated the energy sector inducing a remarkable scientific and practical effort to address previously unforeseeable management problems. Stochastic Optimization Methods in Finance and Energy: New Financial Products and Energy Markets Strategies aims to include in a unified framework for the first time an extensive set of contributions related to real-world applied problems in finance and energy, leading to a common methodological approach and in many cases having similar underlying economic and financial implications. Part 1 of the book presents 6 chapters related to financial applications; Part 2 presents 7 chapters on energy applications; and Part 3 presents 5 chapters devoted to specific theoretical and computational issues.

Empirical Estimates in Stochastic Optimization and Identification

Author : Pavel S. Knopov
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This book contains problems of stochastic optimization and identification. Results concerning uniform law of large numbers, convergence of approximate estimates of extreme points, as well as empirical estimates of functionals with probability 1 and in probability are presented. Audience: Specialists in stochastic optimization and estimations, postgraduate students, and graduate students studying such topics

Learning Automata and Stochastic Optimization

Author : A.S. Poznyak
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In the last decade there has been a steadily growing need for and interest in computational methods for solving stochastic optimization problems with or wihout constraints. Optimization techniques have been gaining greater acceptance in many industrial applications, and learning systems have made a significant impact on engineering problems in many areas, including modelling, control, optimization, pattern recognition, signal processing and diagnosis. Learning automata have an advantage over other methods in being applicable across a wide range of functions. Featuring new and efficient learning techniques for stochastic optimization, and with examples illustrating the practical application of these techniques, this volume will be of benefit to practicing control engineers and to graduate students taking courses in optimization, control theory or statistics.

Lectures on Stochastic Programming

Author : Alexander Shapiro
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Optimization problems involving stochastic models occur in almost all areas of science and engineering, such as telecommunications, medicine, and finance. Their existence compels a need for rigorous ways of formulating, analyzing, and solving such problems. This book focuses on optimization problems involving uncertain parameters and covers the theoretical foundations and recent advances in areas where stochastic models are available.÷ In÷Lectures on Stochastic Programming: Modeling and Theory, Second Edition, the authors introduce new material to reflect recent developments in stochastic programming, including: an analytical description of the tangent and normal cones of chance constrained sets; analysis of optimality conditions applied to nonconvex problems; a discussion of the stochastic dual dynamic programming method; an extended discussion of law invariant coherent risk measures and their Kusuoka representations; and in-depth analysis of dynamic risk measures and concepts of time consistency, including several new results.÷