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Stolen Tongues

Author : Felix Blackwell
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A romantic cabin getaway doesn't go exactly as planned.High up on the windswept cliffs of Pale Peak, Faye and Felix celebrate their new engagement. But soon, a chorus of ghastly noises erupts from the nearby woods: the screams of animals, the cries of children, and the mad babble of a hundred mournful voices. A dark figure looms near the windows in the dead of night, whispering to Faye. As the weather turns deadly, Felix discovers that his terrified fianc�e isn't just mumbling in her sleep - she's whispering back. Originally a contest-winning story on's horror community NoSleep, Stolen Tongues has received widespread acclaim and is now being adapted into a feature film.

Reading Native American Women

Author : In-S Hern/Ndez-Avila
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This new collection reveals the vitality of the intellectual and creative work of Native women today. The authors examine the avenues that Native American women have chosen for creative, cultural, and political expressions, and discuss the points of convergence between Native American feminisms and other feminisms. Individual contributors articulate their positions around issues such as identity, community, sovereignty, culture, and representation. This engaging volume crystallizes the myriad realities that inform the authors' intellectual work, and clarifies the sources of inspiration for their roles as individuals and indigenous intellectuals, reaffirming their paramount commitment to their communities and Nations. It will be of great value to Native writers as well as instructors and students in Native American studies, women's studies, anthropology, cultural studies, literature, and writing and composition.

Stolen Identity

Author : Marcella Ward
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Could it be that Satan, after his fall, had a plan to thwart God’s plan of salvation by stealing something very valuable to God and us? Has he been working overtime to accomplish his goal? This book will challenge you to be among those who will stand for who you are in Christ not letting the media, politicians, liberal culture, and political correctness ideology dictate or change who you are and meant to be as a reflection of God’s image. You will be guided on a journey falling deeper in love with God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit. Great men and women of faith throughout the Bible chose to stand for who they were as well as many modern-day men and women, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Corrie ten Boom, and many others. Their identity, given by God, guided their lives and changed the world. You can change the world as you encounter the tools you need to be who God created you to be. Let’s not live in an “identity crisis” world without showing the world the identity Christ is living in us!

African Voices

Author :
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Gifted Tongues

Author : Gary Alan Fine
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Learning to argue and persuade in a highly competitive environment is only one aspect of life on a high-school debate team. Teenage debaters also participate in a distinct cultural world--complete with its own jargon and status system--in which they must negotiate complicated relationships with teammates, competitors, coaches, and parents as well as classmates outside the debating circuit. In Gifted Tongues, Gary Alan Fine offers a rich description of this world as a testing ground for both intellectual and emotional development, while seeking to understand adolescents as social actors. Considering the benefits and drawbacks of the debating experience, he also recommends ways of reshaping programs so that more high schools can use them to boost academic performance and foster specific skills in citizenship. Fine analyzes the training of debaters in rapid-fire speech, rules of logical argumentation, and the strategic use of evidence, and how this training instills the core values of such American institutions as law and politics. Debates, however, sometimes veer quickly from fine displays of logic to acts of immaturity--a reflection of the tensions experienced by young people learning to think as adults. Fine contributes to our understanding of teenage years by encouraging us not to view them as a distinct stage of development but rather a time in which young people draw from a toolkit of both childlike and adult behaviors. A well-designed debate program, he concludes, nurtures the intellect while providing a setting in which teens learn to make better behavioral choices, ones that will shape relationships in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

African American Review

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As the official publication of the Division on Black American Literature and Culture of the Modern Language Association of America, African American review promotes an exchange among writers and scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences who hold diverse perspectives of African American literature and culture.

Magic Animals

Author : Gwendolyn MacEwen
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The Untold Story

Author : Robert O'Driscoll
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The Golden Book Magazine

Author :
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Shamanic Warriors Now Poets

Author : J. N. Reilly
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Stolen Crown

Author : Dennis L. McKiernan
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“For classic fantasy, there is no better author” (Jennifer Roberson) than Dennis L. McKiernan, who created the legendary realm of Mithgar. Now the national bestselling author of Dragondoom returns to his most beloved fictional world to reveal the untold history of the rightful heir to the kingdom—the War of the Usurper.... For more than a hundred years, a bitter dispute over how the High King had been selected simmered in the dark halls of the royal family whose line had not been chosen. They held fast to their anger and bitterness through generations. Finally one of their sons, Arkov of Garia, seized the throne through treachery and by force of arms, claiming it as rightfully his. But in his haste to see the king and queen slain, Arkov failed to confirm the death of the young prince, Reyer, who was spirited away to safety. On a distant and mysterious island ruled by elves, where he was raised and trained by a trusted Captain of the slain High King, Reyer has now come of age. He has learned of his lineage—and those loyal to the bloodline of the true High King have rallied to his side. And though the forces of his enemy are far superior, Reyer will gather an army and lead them against the Usurper—to gain back the crown and kingdom stolen from him and to restore Mithgar to its rightful rule. From the Hardcover edition.

Speaking in Tongues

Author : Jeffery Deaver
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Two men of words... One seeking only peace. The other, violence. Tate Collier, once one of the country's finest trial lawyers, is trying to forget his past. Now a divorced gentleman farmer, land developer, and community advocate in rural Virginia, he's regrouping from some disastrous mistakes in the realms of love and the law. But controversy -- and danger -- seem to have an unerring hold on Tate. Even as he struggles to rebuild his life, his alter ego is plotting his demise. Aaron Matthews, a brilliant psychologist, has turned his talents away from curing patients to far deadlier goals. He's targeted Tate, Tate's ex-wife, Bett, and their estranged daughter, Megan, for unspeakable revenge. Matthews, ruthless and hell-bent, will destroy anything that inhibits his plans. When their daughter disappears, Tate and Bett reunite in a desperate, heart-pounding attempt to find her and to stop Matthews, a psychopath whose gift of a glib tongue and talent for coercion are as dangerous as knives and guns. Featuring an urgent race against the clock, gripping details of psychological manipulation, and the brilliant twists and turns that are trademark Deaver, Speaking in Tongues delivers the suspense punch that has made this author a bestseller. It will leave you speechless.

The Stolen Jew

Author : Jay Neugeboren
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This story is about Nathan Malkin who returns to New York from a premature retirement in Israel. He bears a heavy baggage of memory - his parents' marriage, the deaths of his wife and son, and his relationship with his brother. Central to his schemes is The Stolen Jew a novel he wrote years ago.

The Stolen Child

Author : Keith Donohue
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Seven-year-old Henry Day is kidnapped by fairy changelings living in the dark forest near his home - ageless beings whose secret community is threatened by encroaching modern life. They give Henry a new name, Aniday, and the gift of agelessness - now and forever, he will be seven years old. The group has left another child in Henry's place. This changeling boy, who has morphed himself into Henry's duplicate, must adjust to a new way of life and hide his true identity from the Day family. But he can't hide his extraordinary talent for the piano, and his near-perfect performances prompt his father to suspect that he is an impostor. As he grows older the new Henry Day becomes haunted by vague but persistent memories of life in another time and place. Both Henry and Aniday search obsessively for who they were before they changed places in the world.

A Stolen Chance

Author : Linda LaRoque
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Running from a violent ex husband bent on revenge, website designer Susan Lawton flees the Midwest, leaving no clues behind. She finds refuge at a small motel along old Route 66 in Siesta, New Mexico. But how long before her past catches up with her? Albuquerque police detective Carson Rhodes accidentally shot a child during a drug raid. The recurring nightmares, even after counseling, push him to resign from the force and go home to run his family's Siesta Motel and Cafe. Susan brings out all his protective instincts, and he persuades her to stay. It's as safe a place as anywhere, they hope. Mysterious Zuni Indian fetishes, the ghost of Carson's great-grandfather, a lost treasure, and preparation for battle against the relentless evil stalking Susan keep the pair busy even as they realize their attraction to each other. Can a lasting love be their reward for success against the odds?

The Stolen Village

Author : Des Ekin
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In June 1631 pirates from Algiers and armed troops of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, led by the notorious pirate captain Morat Rais, stormed ashore at the little harbour village of Baltimore in West Cork. They captured almost all the villagers and bore them away to a life of slavery in North Africa. The prisoners were destined for a variety of fates -- some would live out their days chained to the oars as galley slaves, while others would spend long years in the scented seclusion of the harem or within the walls of the Sultan's palace. The old city of Algiers, with its narrow streets, intense heat and lively trade, was a melting pot where the villagers would join slaves and freemen of many nationalities. Only two of them ever saw Ireland again. The Sack of Baltimore was the most devastating invasion ever mounted by Islamist forces on Ireland or England. Des Ekin's exhaustive research illuminates the political intrigues that ensured the captives were left to their fate, and provides a vivid insight into the kind of life that would have awaited the slaves amid the souks and seraglios of old Algiers. The Stolen Village is a fascinating tale of international piracy and culture clash nearly 400 years ago and is the first book to cover this relatively unknown and under-researched incident in Irish history. Shortlisted for the Argosy Irish Nonfiction Book of the Year Award


Author : Candace Camp
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Lord Thorpe’s new business partner is not what he expected. With her billowy black hair and creamy skin, Alexandra Ward is stunningly beautiful, brashly outspoken…and the perfect image of a wealthy woman long thought dead. Straight from America, Alexandra finds London fraught with danger. Her appearance on Thorpe’s arm sends shock rippling through society and arouses hushed whispers: is she a schemer in search of a dead woman’s fortune, or an innocent caught up in circumstances that she doesn’t understand? Someone knows the truth, someone who doesn’t want Alexandra to live long enough to learn anything. Only Lord Thorpe can help her now—if he can overcome his own suspicions.

The SEAL s Stolen Child

Author : Laura Marie Altom
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He's defended his country and upheld the code of the navy SEALs, but Garrett Solomon has never faced a mission quite like this. As teenagers, he and Eve Barnesworth were passionately in love. Eve's unplanned pregnancy only deepened his commitment to her. But Eve's powerful father, fearing a scandal, whisked her away. As far as Garrett and Eve knew, their baby had died--and with it, their love. Years later, the loss and betrayal still pain Garrett deeply. Then comes shocking news: the child is still alive. Determined to find their stolen son, Garrett and Eve join forces. Working together is strictly business...until it isn't. Because it seems their powerful attraction--like the child they once thought was gone forever--is still very much alive.

In Tongues of the Dead

Author : Brad Kelln
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Inspired by a real manuscript in the rare book library at Yale Universityand centering on the insights of an autistic childthis fast-moving mystery brings together the fields of cryptology, church history, and clinical psychology. As the tale begins, Father Ronald McCallum is a Vatican guard secretly placed to watch over a 400-year-old document written in a code that has never been deciphered. He is startled one day when a boy visiting the library appears to read from the manuscripts pages. After some consultation, the Vatican decides to send in an expertFather Benicio Valori, a priest and clinical psychologistto verify the boys surprising skills. These efforts are thwarted, however, when the manuscript is stolen by mysterious agents hoping to prevent its secrets from being exposed. Fearing for the childs life, Father Valori takes young Matthew and flees to Canada to consult his trusted friend, Dr. Jake Tunnel, a fellow psychologist; and soon the two men begin to unveil the biblical origins of the stolen manuscriptand to develop a theory of their own about why this autistic child can decode it so successfully.

The Red Tent

Author : Anita Diamant
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In The Red Tent Anita Diamant brings the fascinating biblical character of Dinah to vivid life. Her name is Dinah. In the Bible her fate is merely hinted at in a brief and violent detour within the verses of the Book of Genesis that recount the life of Jacob and his infamous dozen sons. Anita Diamant's The Red Tent is an extraordinary and engrossing tale of ancient womanhood and family honour. Told in Dinah's voice, it opens with the story of her mothers – the four wives of Jacob – each of whom embodies unique feminine traits, and concludes with Dinah's own startling and unforgettable story of betrayal, grief and love. Deeply affecting and intimate, The Red Tent combines outstandingly rich storytelling with an original insight into women's society in a fascinating period of early history and such is its warmth and candour, it is guaranteed to win the hearts and minds of women across the world. 'I genuinely fell into this rich and colourful world and Dinah and Leah have stayed with me as ancestors and sisters brought to life by Anita Diamant's imaginative novel' - Maureen Lipman. Adapted as a TV mini series starring Rebecca Ferguson and Minnie Driver.