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Stop Me If You ve Heard This A History and Philosophy of Jokes

Author : Jim Holt
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“Finally I understand what it is I’ve been laughing at all these years.”—Jimmy Kimmel From the best-selling author of Why Does the World Exist? comes this outrageous, uproarious compendium of absurdity, filth, racy paradox, and gratuitous offensiveness—just the kind of mature philosophical reflection readers have come to expect from the ever-entertaining Jim Holt. Indeed, Stop Me If You’ve Heard This is the first book to trace the evolution of the joke all the way from the standup comics of ancient Athens to the comedy-club Seinfelds of today. After exploring humor’s history in Part One, Holt delves into philosophy in Part Two: Wall Street jokes; jokes about rednecks and atheists, bulimics and politicians; jokes you missed if you didn’t go to a Catholic girls’ school; jokes about logic and existence itself . . . all became fodder for the grand theories of Aristotle, Kant, Freud, and Wittgenstein in this heady mix of the high and low, of the ribald and profound, from America’s most beloved philosophical pundit.

Look Stop Me If You ve Heard This One But There Was This TV Show

Author : Roy Bettridge
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The Avengers was a classic television show that lighted the sixties from 1961 to 1969. Its repeat runs have garnered a mass of fans. One such fan is Chris. He's a regular man and has had what everyone would call a regular life. But on one of these regular days, The Avengers burst into his world and set him on an interesting course that would lead him not only to a deep affection for the show as a fan but also towards a possible career. This semi-autobiographical work of fiction is fascinating reading from beginning to end.

Stop Me If You ve Heard It

Author : Soupy Sales
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Soupy Sales was a longtime host of an event at Friars Club called “Stop Me If You’ve Heard It” where a group of comics all seated on bar stools attempt to top each other by telling a joke. By the end of the evening it’s not all that clear who actually topped who since the audience is too busy brushing tears away, doubling over in laughter, and praying their bladders remain intact before making a beeline to the bathrooms. Hilarious doesn’t even begin to describe these evenings. This event with Soupy as top banana was as highly anticipated as The Friars’ infamous Roasts, and his comic legacy endures in this book of his favorite jokes. “There is never a dull moment when Soupy is in the room. The Friars are lucky—we just have to turn around and listen to Soupy tell his hilarious jokes. Thanks to this book, though, you’ve got the next best thing—if you can’t join him, read him. The Soup is on and he’s boiling over with laughs.” - Barry Dougherty of The Friars Club

A Dictionary of Catch Phrases

Author : Eric Partridge
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A catch phrase is a well-known, frequently-used phrase or saying that has `caught on' or become popular over along period of time. It is often witty or philosophical and this Dictionary gathers together over 7,000 such phrases.

We Can Stop the Rain if You Listen

Author : D.M. Hammer
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Noah warned them and they laughed, did not believe, and did not listen. They all died because they did not heed Noah's warning! Question. What is that part of Noah's story telling us? Answer. If they had listened to Noah, they would have lived! Noah left us a two-part warning because the flood is a reoccurring event that we can prevent! Noah's warning tells us what we need to know, and this book has the answers. Are we going to ignore Noah again?

The Smiths Complete Chord Songbook

Author : Wise Publications
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Every momentous Morrissey lyric and all the music by Marr, this terrific songbook contains every song ever recorded by The Smiths! Specially arranged in Complete Songbook format and all in the original keys, each song includes Chord symbols and guitar chord boxes with the complete lyrics. A playing guide and comprehensive discography is also included.

On the Air

Author : John Dunning
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Now long out of print, John Dunning's Tune in Yesterday was the definitive one-volume reference on old-time radio broadcasting. Now, in On the Air, Dunning has completely rethought this classic work, reorganizing the material and doubling its coverage, to provide a richer and more informative account of radio's golden age. Here are some 1,500 radio shows presented in alphabetical order. The great programs of the '30s, '40s, and '50s are all here--Amos 'n' Andy, Fibber McGee and Molly, The Lone Ranger, Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour, and The March of Time, to name only a few. For each, Dunning provides a complete broadcast history, with the timeslot, the network, and the name of the show's advertisers. He also lists major cast members, announcers, producers, directors, writers, and sound effects people--even the show's theme song. There are also umbrella entries, such as "News Broadcasts," which features an engaging essay on radio news, with capsule biographies of major broadcasters, such as Lowell Thomas and Edward R. Murrow. Equally important, Dunning provides a fascinating account of each program, taking us behind the scenes to capture the feel of the performance, such as the ghastly sounds of Lights Out (a horror drama where heads rolled and bones crunched), and providing engrossing biographies of the main people involved in the show. A wonderful read for everyone who loves old-time radio, On the Air is a must purchase for all radio hobbyists and anyone interested in 20th-century American history. It is an essential reference work for libraries and radio stations.

Jokes 102

Author : Alex Gall
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During your lifetime you will be meeting a lot of people in your extended journey and travels. The quickest and easiest way to make a favorable impression is to possess a quick, tactful and ready wit or possess a good sense of clean humor. A few examples may help. When discussing children, you can say, I gave my son a Spiderman costume as a gift and he said that he was Spiderman. I told him that he wasnt Spiderman, but I did not know how to get him off of the wall. Or, state trooper recruit to personnel manager: What kind of pay can I expect? Reply, I dont like to brag, but on this job you can write your own ticket. Or, a young lady dating a mortician said, Sometimes I dont think he knows that Im alive. Or, Doctor, when will I know something after my operation? Doctor Smoothy, That depends on what you knew before your operation. Or, two bees drank too much dandelion wine; they were not drunk but both of them had a buzz. Or, a different chicken joke based on that age old question, why did the chicken cross the road? Answer: She wanted to beat up a chicken who called her a dumb cluck. For now, enough is enough. If you want more humor of a similar questionable nature buy Jokes 102.


Author : Gerald Thornhill
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We all experience seemingly unimportant events throughout our lives like a dangerous childhood act, the coworker we can't get along with, a promotion we desperately want and worked hard for but didn't receive, a lost love interest, some simple expression a teacher said, the time we hurt someone's feelings, the awful thing we said to someone we care about but can't take back, or something horrible we regretted doing. When we recall them from the perspective of life's rearview mirror, we realize these snippets of memory, "snipories"""perhaps trivial at the time""have profoundly impacted the person we have now become. The genre of "snipories" is difficult to classify. It is likely best characterized as a mixture of self-help, introspection, invaluable LEDRSHHIP traits and qualities (that isn't spelled incorrectly, but you have to read the book to understand) along with great advice about how to live a happy and successful life. Snipories contains a powerful, thought-provoking, and compelling message. It is filled with wisdom this country needs to hear. Through Little Stories, the reader is provided sound biblical reasons based on real-life personal experiences they can easily identify with for following the Word of God and living a Spirit-guided life based on Christian tenets. This book is entertaining, thought-provoking, and humorous. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, religious persuasion, or lack thereof, you will see yourself and someone you know in this book. This book will make you think, and you will enjoy reading it. Snipories, Little Stories, Big Lessons is an absolute must read for everyone.

Brooklyn Justice

Author : J.L. Abramo
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Private investigator Nick Ventura knows trouble—but not how to keep his nose out of it. A pool of blood spreading across a casino poker table, a Buick plowing through a storefront with a dead detective aboard, a fatal rendezvous in the shadow of a Coney Island landmark, a childhood friend gunned down walking his dog in the wrong place at the wrong time, a film distributor who thinks he can get away with murder through intimidation and violence, a mob boss assassinated leaving a neighborhood restaurant, and the particular brand of retribution necessary to level the playing field in the fourth largest city in America—J.L. Abramo serves it all up with a vengeance.