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Stop Picking on Me

Author : Pat Thomas
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This approachable picture book explores the difficult issue of bullying in reassuringly simple term. The fears, worries, and questions surrounding this upsetting experience are made accessible to young children.

Stop Picking on Me A First Look at Bullying

Author : Pat Thomas
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For use in schools and libraries only. This approachable picture book explores the difficult issue of bullying among children. It helps kids accept the normal fears and worries that accompany bullying, and suggests ways to seek resolutions.

Bullying Stop Picking On Me

Author : Pat Thomas
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Stop Picking On Me looks at the causes and the effects of both physical and verbal bullying and encourages communication of fears and worries to those that can help. The superb A First Look At series consists of a number of reassuring picturebooks that give advice and promote interaction between children, parents, and teachers on a wide variety of personal, social and emotional issues. Notes for parents and teachers at the back of the book provide valuable advice for how to share this book with your child or class. Suitable for Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7), occasional prompts throughout the text give a chance to discuss the issue being raised. Written by trained psychotherapist, journalist and parent, and illustrated by an experienced children's book artist, this is a part of an acclaimed and successful, long-running series of picture-book non-fiction books for Early Years. Books in the series give advice and promote interaction between children, parents and teachers on a wide variety of personal, social and emotional issues. They are excellent tools for teachers to use during classroom discussions.

I m Telling the Truth

Author : Pat Thomas
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Explains to children why some people may lie and why being honest is a good thing even though it can be difficult at times.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Author : Susan M. Swearer
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Grounded in research and extensive experience in schools, this engaging book describes practical ways to combat bullying at the school, class, and individual levels. Step-by-step strategies are presented for developing school- and districtwide policies, coordinating team-based prevention efforts, and implementing targeted interventions with students at risk. Special topics include how to involve teachers, parents, and peers in making schools safer; ways to address the root causes of bullying and victimization; the growing problem of online or cyberbullying; and approaches to evaluating intervention effectiveness. In a large-size format with convenient lay-flat binding, the book features helpful reproducibles, concrete examples, and questions for reflection and discussion. This book is in The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series, edited by T. Chris Riley-Tillman.

The ABC s of Bullying Prevention

Author : Kenneth Shore
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In order to make meaningful and lasting progress in preventing incidents of bullying, schools need to implement school-wide anti-bullying programs in which staff, students and parents are all committed participants. This type of wide-ranging bullying prevention program, which addresses school climate and culture, has been found to be most effective way of significantly reducing school bullying, making schools safer for all children. The book consists of nine chapters, organized as follows: Bullying: An Overview (understanding bullying; forms of bullying; effects of bullying; bullying myths; signs of bullying; understanding the bully, the victim, and the bystander), Cyberbullying (new to the 2011 revised edition) A comprehensive program to prevent bullying (step-by-step guidance on building an effective program) The roles of the school administrator The role of the teacher The role of the paraprofessional or teacher aide The role of the parents Bullying: A Call to Action Bullying Resources This resource can be a major tool in the reduction and ultimate elimination of one of the most devastating and insidious problems facing our schools today.

Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents in Crisis Fourth Edition

Author : Nancy Boyd Webb
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"This book aims to provide professionals and clinicians-in-training with the latest forms of treatment for children and adolescents who have been impacted by crises and trauma. The various treatment options presented here include approaches that focus on the individual as well as many that include a parent in conjoint or filial therapy, and others that employ a family treatment model. Many chapters in this book demonstrate the use of a variety of creative methods with young people who have suffered traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse, bullying, immigration, natural disasters, and witnessing violence"--

My Secret Bully

Author : Trudy Ludwig
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THE SECRET'S OUT ON BULLYING Here is the all-too-familiar story of Monica. She and Katie have been friends since kindergarten. Monica loves being around her when she's nice. But there are times when Katie can be just plain mean. And Monica doesn't understand why. Monica is a target of relational aggression, emotional bullying among friends who will use name-calling and manipulation to humiliate and exclude. But with a little help from a supportive adult—her mother—Monica learns to cope and thrive by facing her fears and reclaiming power from her bully. Including a foreword by the founder of the The Ophelia Project, as well as helpful tips, discussion questions, and additional resources, My Secret Bully is a vital resource for children, parents, teachers, and counselors.

Banishing Bullying Behavior

Author : SuEllen Fried, ADTR, co-author, “Bullies, Targets & Witnesses, Helping Children Break the Pain Chain”
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Fried and Sosland bring their combined experiences together to present a blueprint to reduce the pain, rage and revenge cycle of bullying. Their strategies have been captured from hands-on interaction with educators, parents and students.

Creating Caring Classrooms

Author : Kathleen Gould Lundy
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dealing with Bullying in Schools

Author : Mona O'Moore
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Designed to work as a training manual, this book was developed from training courses run by the authors on dealing with bullying in schools.

Feasting on the Word Guide to Children s Sermons

Author : David Lyon Bartlett
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Feasting on the Word Guide to Children's Sermons equips church leaders and children's ministry volunteers to deliver children's sermons that are free of gimmicks and simplistic conclusions, that welcome children into the family of faith, and that give a foundation in God's good news for all people. This volume will address the common questions pastors have about the children's sermon, steps on avoiding common pitfalls, suggestions on how to use the children's time in a church following the lectionary, and sample Bible stories for use in the children's time.

My Manners Matter

Author : Pat Thomas
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Titles in the popular “A First Look At” series for pre-school and early-grades kids explore emotional issues, encouraging children to discuss things that bother them with trusted adults. The series also helps them begin to develop basic social skills. Written by a psychotherapist and child counselor, these books promote positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers. They are written in easy-to-comprehend language, and have child-friendly illustrations on every page. Boys and girls learn that good manners are a simple way of showing kindness and respect to people they know—and to people they don't know. They are shown that being polite makes working and playing together more enjoyable for everyone.


Author : Foong Kwin Tan
File Size : 40.89 MB
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Cool Stuff Your Parents Never Told You About Parenting is written by an early childhood education expert who is a mother, a kindergarten teacher trainer, an early childhood educator and a kindergarten curriculum developer. It provides parents with in-depth understanding on how and why children learn, think, and behave so differently from adults, so that parents can help their children develop the necessary skills required for meeting the demands of the twenty-first century. This book has a unique combination of research findings, underlying principles, step-by-step guides, and practical suggestions to some contemporary issues such as how parents can enhance their children's intelligence from infancy, selecting good-quality early childhood education programs, promoting creativity and character development, and dealing with overexposure to the screen culture. Specifically designed for parents, teachers, childcare workers, nannies, grandparents, parents-to-be, and all those who are passionate about young children up to age eight, this book will help them understand the true nature of young children and work with them effectively.

I Can be Safe

Author : Pat Thomas
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Educates readers about safety, including the value of fear as a warning of danger, the need to beware of people whose behavior creates discomfort, and the importance of learning how to stay safe.

Is it Right to Fight

Author : Pat Thomas
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Educates readers about the advantages and disadvantages of anger, and provides various ways a conflict can be resolved without fighting.

Bullying in a Cyber World

Author :
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Do I Have to Go to School

Author : Pat Thomas
File Size : 54.23 MB
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Describes the experience of going to school for the first time, including common fears, what happens at school, and how to behave there.

Tools for Teaching Social Skills in Schools

Author : Michele Hensley
File Size : 79.97 MB
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This book targets 28 social skills including following instructions, staying on task, working with others, accepting criticism, listening, ignoring distractions, making a good choice, sharing, and showing respect. It includes lesson plans, reproducible skill pages, techniques and examples for 'blending' the teaching of social skills into academic lessons, ideas for using bulletin board displays to motivate and monitor behaviour, and strategies for increasing parental support.

Acts of Courage

Author : Karen Haslett, Ms
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Bullying affects one out of every six children in school today. The effects can be long-lasting and painful. Acts of Courage is a tool to teach needed skills to kids before they encounter bullies. It can help you increase your students' abilities to stay safe at school and in their community. In one-act plays, they will rehearse new ways to show confidence, kindness, and empathy. Acts of Courage can be another tool in your kit to reduce bullying.