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Stranger in Lagos

Author : Sally Kenneth Dadzie
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Halim Diobi is set to marry Eben Nosakhare, the perfect picture of a dream husband. Their wedding promises to be the talk of town, and all their plans seem to fall in place. Eniola Adeoye has plans of her own as well, centered on Eben Nosakhare and finding a new beginning in Lagos. Things don't go quite as intended for all three, as unexpected curves ahead get in the way of their goals and leave them facing new realities in Lagos. They become strangers to each other, even though they are so close. Stranger In Lagos is not your typical love story; neither does it follow the path of the usual Lagos story. Sally Kenneth Dadzie tells an enthralling and gripping tale of four young people, living their best lives and struggling with ghosts from the past in the city of vermin and lost souls.

In Search of the Afropolitan

Author : Eva Rask Knudsen
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A dissemination of the figure of the ‘Afropolitan’ from a critical literary angle. It attempts to explore a field of study which lacks a comprehensive literary approach to ways of being Afropolitan in the 21st century.

African Writers Series

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At the Crossroads

Author : Rebecca Jones
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SHORTLISTED FOR THE ASAUK FAGE & OLIVER PRIZE 2020 'Honorable Mention' for the ALA FIRST BOOK AWARD - SCHOLARSHIP 2021 A path-breaking contribution to the critical literature on African travel writing.

West Africa

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The SAGE Handbook of the 21st Century City

Author : Suzanne Hall
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Tackling the questions raised by twenty-first century urbanization, this handbook engages with contemporary debates and contributions to policy as well as looking at recent empirical and methodological shifts in the area

Bakassi Peninsula

Author : Okon Edet
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Bakassi Peninsula: The Untold Story of a People Betrayed essentially narrates the struggle of a people to retain ownership of their homeland; Bakassi Peninsula and the challenges encountered on that tortuous road, following the outbreak of hostilities between the Federation of Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroon over ownership of the Bakassi peninsula. The book provides a brief history of the Usakedet people; customary owners of the peninsula as well as presents a critical view of the administrative, legal and political measures taken by governments including Great Britain that have proved to be detrimental to the interest of customary owners of the peninsula. Bakassi Peninsula: The Untold Story of a People Betrayed equally takes a look at the ownership controversy between Cameroon and Nigeria and provides select legal opinions on the conflict before presenting the reader with un-edited extract of the judgment of the Internal Court of Justice at The Hague. The book finally presents reactions to that judgment by Cameroonians and Nigerians and concludes with a look at what the future might hold for the Bakassi Peninsula and its native population; the Usakedet people.

Research in African Literatures

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Alt 38 Environmental Transformations

Author : Ernest N. Emenyonu
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Investigates what literary strategies African writers adopt to convey the impact of climate transformation and environmental change.

All the Beautiful Strangers

Author : Paul Thompson
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Drawn from the author’s personal experiences and told in a humorous and anecdotal fashion, it tells of the dramas and humour involved in working over a period of fifteen years in more than a dozen countries all over Africa—from Nigeria, Ghana, and francophone countries such as Senegal and Ivory Coast in the west; to Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria in the north; and Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia in the copper belt in the east. All the Beautiful Strangers is a book for old Africa hands, aspiring Afrophiles and those who want their fears about travelling in that continent, especially by air, reaffirmed. Interspersed with descriptions of sites of natural beauty, such as the sacred place of a river god in Nigeria to the modern reproduction of St. Peter’s in Rome in Yamoussoukro, it describes being held at gunpoint at Kinshasa airport by unpaid military in Zaire, of arrest by police in Nigeria, and gunfire in Algiers at the start of the civil war. In between these dramatic episodes, there are tales telling of the drama of everyday life for the vast majority of Africans who continue to suffer from the economic disadvantage that is endemic in the region and the impact it has on them. We journey from the source of the Blue Nile in Uganda to the wonders of Cairo, through which it runs on its journey to the sea, and from the spectacle of the Victoria Falls to the arid safari scenery in Kenya. It is meant to be an entertaining read for those who love to travel as well as those who like to read about travel and adventure. All the Beautiful Strangers will draw nods of recognition and smiles from those who will recognize the situations, places, and people described.