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Strangers Unite

Author : Dede Anderson
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Jillian is an attractive veterinarian with gorgeous root beer colored eyes. Ever since her family turned their backs on her, her only goal in life has been to help animals. Somehow, somewhere, that goal had gotten off track. Now, working with Brad Patterson at the upscale emergency vet clinic, Jillian was not happy. Why was Jillian unhappy when she had a handsome partner, a great practice, and pets to care for? What could be wrong? This was exactly the question Jillian needed the answer to. Her life had taken a wrong turn somewhere, and she was determined to find happiness again.

Emily and the Strangers Volume 2 Breaking the Record

Author : Rob Reger
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Emily--and her new band, the Strangers--won the battle of the bands and received a record contract with Awesomely Awesome Records, but can the girl who just figured out how to get along with her friends manage dealing with a major corporation? And what's the deal with the legions of stray cats around town? Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger reteams with cowriter Mariah Huehner (True Blood, Angel) and artist Cat Farris (Angry Birds) for a brand-new, full-color Emily the Strange story full of evil record companies, stray cat struts, science, and music!

The stranger s guide through the United States and Canada

Author : United States. [Appendix. - Miscellaneous.]
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The Stranger s Guide Through the United States and Canada With Maps

Author : United States
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Stranger Danger

Author : Paul M. Renfro
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Beginning with Etan Patz's disappearance in Manhattan in 1979, a spate of high-profile cases of missing and murdered children stoked anxieties about the threats of child kidnapping and exploitation. Publicized through an emerging twenty-four-hour news cycle, these cases supplied evidence of what some commentators dubbed "a national epidemic" of child abductions committed by "strangers." In this book, Paul M. Renfro narrates how the bereaved parents of missing and slain children turned their grief into a mass movement and, alongside journalists and policymakers from both major political parties, propelled a moral panic. Leveraging larger cultural fears concerning familial and national decline, these child safety crusaders warned Americans of a supposedly widespread and worsening child kidnapping threat, erroneously claiming that as many as fifty thousand American children fell victim to stranger abductions annually. The actual figure was (and remains) between one hundred and three hundred, and kidnappings perpetrated by family members and acquaintances occur far more frequently. Yet such exaggerated statistics-and the emotionally resonant images and narratives deployed behind them-led to the creation of new legal and cultural instruments designed to keep children safe and to punish the "strangers" who ostensibly wished them harm. Ranging from extensive child fingerprinting drives to the milk carton campaign, from the AMBER Alerts that periodically rattle Americans' smart phones to the nation's sprawling system of sex offender registration, these instruments have widened the reach of the carceral state and intensified surveillance practices focused on children. Stranger Danger reveals the transformative power of this moral panic on American politics and culture, showing how ideas and images of endangered childhood helped build a more punitive American state.

Making Nations Creating Strangers

Author : Paul Nugent
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This book explores the instrumental manipulation of citizenship and narrowing definitions of national-belonging which refract political struggles in Zimbabwe, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Somalia, Tanzania, and South Africa, where conflicts are legitimated through claims of exclusionary nationhood and redefinitions of citizenship.

The Stranger s Infallible East Indian Guide

Author : John Borthwick Gilchrist
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Cornish s Stranger s Guide through Birmingham Eighth edition improved and enlarged with a map and engravings

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The Presbyterian Monthly

Author :
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The Power of Strangers

Author : Joe Keohane
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When was the last time you spoke to a stranger? In our cities, we barely acknowledge one another on public transport, even as rates of loneliness skyrocket. Online, we carefully curate who we interact with. In our politics, we are increasingly consumed by a fear of people we've never met. But what if strangers, long believed to be the cause of many of our problems, were actually the solution? In The Power of Strangers, Joe Keohane discovers the surprising benefits that come from talking to strangers, examining how even passing interactions can enhance empathy, happiness and cognitive development, ease loneliness and isolation, and root us in the world, deepening our sense of belonging. Warm, witty, erudite and profound, this deeply researched book will make you reconsider how you perceive and approach strangers, showing you how talking to strangers isn't just not a way to live, it's a way to survive.