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On the Energy Cycle in the Lower Stratosphere

Author : Abraham H. Oort
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Structure of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere

Author : Willis L. Webb
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Stratosphere Troposphere Interactions

Author : K. Mohanakumar
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Stratospheric processes play a signi?cant role in regulating the weather and c- mate of the Earth system. Solar radiation, which is the primary source of energy for the tropospheric weather systems, is absorbed by ozone when it passes through the stratosphere, thereby modulating the solar-forcing energy reaching into the t- posphere. The concentrations of the radiatively sensitive greenhouse gases present in the lower atmosphere, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, and ozone, control the radiation balance of the atmosphere by the two-way interaction between the stratosphere and troposphere. The stratosphere is the transition region which interacts with the weather s- tems in the lower atmosphere and the richly ionized upper atmosphere. Therefore, this part of the atmosphere provides a long list of challenging scienti?c problems of basic nature involving its thermal structure, energetics, composition, dynamics, chemistry, and modeling. The lower stratosphere is very much linked dynamically, radiatively,and chemically with the upper troposphere,even though the temperature characteristics of these regions are different. The stratosphere is a region of high stability, rich in ozone and poor in water - por and temperature increases with altitude. The lower stratospheric ozone absorbs the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and protects life on the Earth. On the other hand, the troposphere has high concentrations of water vapor, is low in ozone, and temperature decreases with altitude. The convective activity is more in the troposphere than in the stratosphere.

The Stratosphere and Mesosphere Principal lectures and seminars

Author :
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Some Meteorological Observations of the Southern Hemisphere Stratosphere and Mesosphere

Author : J. S. Theon
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Synoptic Analysis of the Southern Hemisphere Stratosphere

Author : Frederick G. Finger
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Measurement of Trace Gases in the Stratosphere with a Mass Spectrometer System

Author : Daniel Mark Murphy
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International Conference on Problems Related to the Stratosphere

Author : Wesley T. Huntress
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The Stratosphere

Author : Robert D. Hudson
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Ozone in the Troposphere and Stratosphere

Author : Robert D. Hudson
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Abstract: The papers presented at the 1992 Quadrennial Ozone Symposium held in Charlottesville, Virginia, cover topics in both tropospheric and stratospheric research. These topics include ozone trends and climatology, ground based, aircraft, balloon, rocket and satellite measurements, artic and antartic research, global and regional modeling, and volcanic effects.