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Stress and Coping of English Learners in the 21st Century

Author : Teresa Rishel
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Stress and Coping of English Learners addresses the many ways that ELs face academic and socioemotional stress in the K-12 school environment, the consequences of this stress at school, how they cope with this stress, and how school personnel and families can provide support and help. While enrollment in school programs offers assistance to many ELs, it often fails to provide the socioemotional support that ELs need as they navigate the rough waters of schooling. American schooling is often not prepared and/or unwilling to help ELs as they adapt to an unfamiliar language, culture, social norms, communication techniques, and teachers' expectations. Given the proper foundation and emotional support, ELs will be positioned for greater academic success, comfort at school, and a decrease in their sense of alienation in both the school environment and at home as they try to negotiate between two cultural environments.

Sources of Teacher Stress and Coping Strategies

Author : Seddiqa Jaffer Abdeen
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Stress and Coping Strategies

Author : Pawanrat Tangjui
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Enhancing English learning experience for ESL learners A nursing intervention

Author : Maria Clarisa Lucero-Ulrich
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English is becoming an important language for foreign students who do not have English as their mother tongue. English as a second language is difficult to learn. Most of the learners are on their university study and are considered adult learners. The study was made to improve the English learning experience of international students whose aim is to learn the language. This book is about factors that affect the learning ability of English learners. Stress is one of the major factors in learning. There are some other factors that affect the ability to learn. Some of those factors are peer, environment, academics and teachers. This study suggests nursing interventions for teachers to enhance the learning ability of their students. This book can help other researchers to improve their studies regarding adult learning.

Cultural Fit in the Stress and Coping Process

Author : Jonathan Samuel Kaplan
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Pronunciation Learning Strategies and Language Anxiety

Author : Magdalena Szyszka
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This book presents theoretical considerations and the results of empirical research on pronunciation learning strategies (PLS) deployed by pre-service trainee teachers majoring in English as a foreign language who experienced different levels of language anxiety (LA). The theoretical part focuses on the concepts of pronunciation learning, pronunciation-learning strategies and language anxiety and includes an overview of recent empirical research dealing with various related issues. The empirical section of the book presents the findings of a research project that investigated the interplay between PLS and LA, in which both quantitative and qualitative data were collected. Based on the findings, the author proposes two profiles of anxious and non-anxious EFL trainee teachers who support their pronunciation learning with an array of pronunciation learning strategies and tactics.

Chinese International Students Stressors and Coping Strategies in the United States

Author : Kun Yan
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This book explores how Chinese students abroad may suffer stress, and how they conceptualize and adapt to stress in the American higher education environment. To do so, it adopts a mixed methods design: the sequential explanatory design, which is characterized by the collection and analysis of quantitative data followed by the collection and analysis of qualitative data. To date, no empirical research has focused solely upon understanding the stress and coping processes of Chinese students in the United States. This book addresses that gap, enriching the body of literature on international students’ adaptation process in foreign countries.

Encyclopedia of Stress

Author :
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Stress is generally defined as a strain upon a bodily organ or mental power. Depending on its duration and intensity, stress can have short- or long-lasting effects: it has been linked to heart disease, immune deficiency, memory loss, behavioral disorders, and much more. These effects on the individual also have a major impact on health care costs and services, employee productivity, and even violent crime. The Encyclopedia of Stress is the first comprehensive reference source on stressors, the biological mechanisms involved in the stress response, the effects of activating the stress response mechanisms, and the disorders that may arise as a consequence of acute or chronic stress. While other books focus on specific aspects of stress, this three-volume set covers the entire spectrum of topics, with nearly 400 articles in all. In addition to the subjects traditionally associated with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (whereby the brain sends a message to the body to react), the Encyclopedia includes a wide range of related topics such as neuroimmune interactions, cytokines, enzymatic disorders, effects on the cardiovascular system, immunity and inflammation, and physical illnesses. It also goes beyond the biological aspects of stress to cover topics such as stress and behavior, psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders, workplace stress, post-traumatic stress, stress-reduction techniques, and current therapies. The Encyclopedia of Stress makes information easy to find and understand for a broad audience of researchers, clinicians, professionals, and students. Key Features * Presenting the first-ever encyclopedia on stress * Brings together the latest information on stressors, stress responses, and the disorders that can result * Covers stress from molecules to man to societies * Contains nearly 400 articles, covering a wide range of stress-related topics * Arranges topics in easily found alphabetical order * Supplements each article with a glossary and further reading list * Provides the most comprehensive coverage of stress available * Includes extensive cross-referencing between articles and a complete subject index * Covers hot topics, ranging from stress in the workplace and post-traumatic stress disorder to stress-related diseases * Edited by one of the world's leading authorities on stress * Written by more than 560 experts from 20 different countries * Appeals to a wide audience seeking information on topics within and outside their areas of expertise

Register of Educational Research in the United Kingdom 1992 1995

Author : National Foundation for Educational Research
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This latest volume of the Register of Educational Research in the United Kingdom lists all the major research projects being undertaken in Britain during the latter months of 1992, the whole of 1993 and 1994 and the early months of 1995. Each entry provides names and addresses of the researchers, a detailed abstract, the source and amount of the grant(where applicable), the length of the project and details of published material about the research.

Second Language Learning

Author : Virginia Gonzalez
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Gonzalez' (TESL, U. of Cincinnati) text developed from her own experiences as an international graduate student in the U.S., and her interest in mentoring international students when she became a college professor. She examines the effects of social, cultural, cognitive, affective/emotional, and linguistic factors on the adaption process of interna.