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String Theory and M Theory

Author : Katrin Becker
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String theory is one of the most exciting and challenging areas of modern theoretical physics. This book guides the reader from the basics of string theory to recent developments. It introduces the basics of perturbative string theory, world-sheet supersymmetry, space-time supersymmetry, conformal field theory and the heterotic string, before describing modern developments, including D-branes, string dualities and M-theory. It then covers string geometry and flux compactifications, applications to cosmology and particle physics, black holes in string theory and M-theory, and the microscopic origin of black-hole entropy. It concludes with Matrix theory, the AdS/CFT duality and its generalizations. This book is ideal for graduate students and researchers in modern string theory, and will make an excellent textbook for a one-year course on string theory. It contains over 120 exercises with solutions, and over 200 homework problems with solutions available on a password protected website for lecturers at

String Theory

Author : Meghan Rock
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String Theory takes on one of modern physics’ most complicated and enthralling candidates for the theory of everything—a possible universal answer to all applied sciences. By examining some of the fundamentals of physics such as electricity, magnetism, and light, as well as how these elements were discovered, the book analyzes how scientists have built the still unproven theory and seeks to effectively explore all the scientific opportunities its possible existence could provide.

Why String Theory

Author : Joseph Conlon
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Physics World's 'Book of the Year' for 2016 An Entertaining and Enlightening Guide to the Who, What, and Why of String Theory, now also available in an updated reflowable electronic format compatible with mobile devices and e-readers. During the last 50 years, numerous physicists have tried to unravel the secrets of string theory. Yet why do these scientists work on a theory lacking experimental confirmation? Why String Theory? provides the answer, offering a highly readable and accessible panorama of the who, what, and why of this large aspect of modern theoretical physics. The author, a theoretical physics professor at the University of Oxford and a leading string theorist, explains what string theory is and where it originated. He describes how string theory fits into physics and why so many physicists and mathematicians find it appealing when working on topics from M-theory to monsters and from cosmology to superconductors.

String Theory For Dummies

Author : Andrew Zimmerman Jones
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A clear, plain-English guide to this complex scientific theory String theory is the hottest topic in physics right now, with books on the subject (pro and con) flying out of the stores. String Theory For Dummies offers an accessible introduction to this highly mathematical "theory of everything," which posits ten or more dimensions in an attempt to explain the basic nature of matter and energy. Written for both students and people interested in science, this guide explains concepts, discusses the string theory's hypotheses and predictions, and presents the math in an approachable manner. It features in-depth examples and an easy-to-understand style so that readers can understand this controversial, cutting-edge theory.

Supersymmetry and String Theory

Author : Michael Dine
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This fully updated second edition provides a thorough overview of string theory and supersymmetry and includes the groundbreaking Higgs discovery.

String Theory and the Scientific Method

Author : Richard Dawid
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Explains why string theorists develop a strong belief in their theory despite the lack of empirical confirmation.

Recent Developments in String Theory

Author : Wolfgang Lerche
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The Emergence of Spacetime in String Theory

Author : Tiziana Vistarini
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The nature of space and time is one of the most fascinating and fundamental philosophical issues which presently engages at the deepest level with physics. During the last thirty years this notion has been object of an intense critical review in the light of new scientific theories which try to combine the principles of both general relativity and quantum theory—called theories of quantum gravity. This book considers the way string theory shapes its own account of spacetime disappearance from the fundamental level.

Progress in String Theory and M Theory

Author : North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Cargèse, France, May 24-June 5, 1999

The Birth of String Theory

Author : Andrea Cappelli
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Explores the early stages of the development of string theory; essential reading for physicists, historians and philosophers of science.