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Studies in Ancient Persian History RLE Iran A

Author : P. Kershasp
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This volume lays the foundation of a “correct” view of ancient Persian history, which, in the author’s opinion, had hitherto been approached from a “biased standpoint.” It presents a survey of ancient and modern historians such as Gibbon, Malcolm and Rawlinson and critiques their work – either for having too much partiality for Greek and Latin writers, not being conversant with the literature of the East or not doing justice to the ancient Persians. Arab and Persian historians are also discussed and social, literary, legal, religious, economic and political questions examined.

Studies in Persian History

Author : Maria Brosius
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This volume contains thirteen studies on aspects of Achaemenid Persian History ranging from the Persian heartland to Asia Minor. The papers cover social, economic, political, linguistic, historiographical and artistic problems of Achaemenid History, in which David Lewis had a particular interest.

Studies in Persian Period History and Historiography

Author : Hugh G. M. Williamson
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For over 15 years, and with several significant works, Hugh Williamson contributed to the movement to recapture the importance of the biblical books of Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah. The most important of his historical and exegetical studies are collected together here for the first time, providing the scholar of the post-exilic period with a valuable resource in furthering research on this formative period in early Jewish history.

Studies in the History of Medicine in Iran

Author : Willem M. Floor
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Essays on the plague and cholera in Iran. As well as quarantine, influenza, medical infrastructure, geophagy, and early steps toward veterinary medicine in Iran.

A History of Ancient Persia

Author : Maria Brosius
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An innovative approach to the history of the First Persian Empire, offering an accessible historical narrative for students and general readers alike A History of the Achaemenid Empire considers archaeological and written sources to provide an expansive, source-based introduction to the diverse and culturally rich world of ancient Achaemenid Persia. Assuming no prior background, this accessible textbook follows the dynastic line from the establishment and expansion of the empire under the early Achaemenid kings to its collapse in 330 BCE. The text integrates the latest research, key primary sources, and archaeological data to offer readers deep insights into the empire, its kings, and its people. Chronologically organized chapters contain written, archaeological, and visual sources that highlight key learning points, stimulate discussion, and encourage readers to evaluate specific pieces of evidence. Throughout the text, author Maria Brosius emphasizes the necessity to critically assess Greek sources—highlighting how their narrative of Achaemenid political history often depicted stereotypical images of the Persians rather than historical reality. Topics include the establishment of empire under Cyrus the Great, Greek-Persian relations, the creation of a Persian ruling class, the bureaucracy and operation of the empire, Persian diplomacy and foreign policy, and the reign of Darius III. This innovative textbook: Offers a unique approach to Achaemenid history, considering both archaeological and literary sources Places primary Persian and Near Eastern sources in their cultural, political, and historical context Examines material rarely covered in non-specialist texts, such as royal inscriptions, Aramaic documents, and recent archaeological finds Features a comprehensive introduction to Achaemenid geography, Greek historiography, and modern scholarship on the Persian War Part of the acclaimed Blackwell History of the Ancient World series, A History of the Achaemenid Empire is a perfect primary textbook for courses in Ancient History, Near Eastern Studies, and Classical Civilizations, as well as an invaluable resource for general readers with interest in the history of empires, particularly the first Persian empire or Iranian civilization.

History and Literature in Iran

Author : Charles Melville
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The theme of this book is the wealth and diversity of Iranian culture. It traces the role in seventeen essays of the literature as a social force in Iran, and through this approach provides original insights into the political and social history of the region. The book examines a variety of topics from medieval to modern Iran: the rules of prosody in Persian poetry; Sadiq Chubak's short stories; the authorship of "The History of Shah Isma'il"; available sources for the study of social history in late Qajar Iran; European secondary studies on the Safavid period; Shah Abbas's policy of deporting and resettling Armenians; the conversion of the Mongol rulers to Islam; the Barmakid system of administration; and Baihaqui's account of the Ghaznavid vazir, Hasanak.

The Baha is of Iran

Author : Dominic Parviz Brookshaw
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The Baha’i community of Iran is the country’s largest non-Muslim religious minority. This collection of essays presents a comprehensive study of the social and historical development of the Baha’i community, and its role in shaping modern Iran. Central to this study is the pioneering character of the Baha’i community in the late 19th and early 20th century, with chapters examining the role of women in the Baha’i community; the impact of Baha’i-run schools on Iranian society, Baha’i contributions to public health initiatives; and the influence of Baha’i thought and the actions of individual Baha’is on the Constitutional Revolution of 1906-1911. Conversion to the Baha’i Faith is another important theme, as contributors investigate the phenomenon of large scale conversion to the Baha’i Faith from the Jewish and Zoroastrian communities. Finally, although persecution of the Baha’is has drawn the attention of the Western media, until now few scholars working in the field of Iranian studies have chosen to write on the history or details of this persecution. Here, five prominent figures in the field redress this balance and look at different aspects of this persecution, including its historical background, the attitude of secular Iranians, persecution before and after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, and human rights perspectives. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Iranian studies, Middle Eastern studies and comparative religion, and with many chapters authored by leading academics in Iranian studies, The Baha’is of Iran addresses both a gap in academic literature on the Baha’i Faith, and in the study of modern Iran in general.

Safavid Iran

Author : Andrew J. Newman
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"Andrew Newman offers a complete re-evaluation of the dynasty's place in history as it presided over these extraordinary developments and the wondrous flowering of Iranian culture. Safavid longevity, in Newman's analysis, derived from the success of court efforts both to give voice to the interests and 'agendas' of its many different groups of subjects and to portray the shah as the simultaneous spokesman for, and transcendent ruler over, the entire nation. Twelver Shi'ism emerges as a contested arena in this process but less intolerant than is often supposed." "Throughout, Newman questions the continued reliance on frequently contradictory and unevenly informed contemporary European accounts and on Persian language sources often written well after the events in question. Based on meticulous scholarship, he shows the extraordinary development and achievement of the period and offers a valuable new interpretation of the eventual demise of the Safavids in the eighteenth century."--Jacket.

The Persian Empire A Historical Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Mehrdad Kia
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This well-balanced reference on ancient Persia demonstrates the region's contributions to the growth and development of human civilization from the 7th century BCE through the fall of the Persian Sasanian Empire in 651CE. • Provides coverage of major events in ancient Persian history from the formation of the Median empire in the 7th century BCE to 65 CE • Includes photographs of various historical and archeological sites dating back to various periods of ancient Persian history

From Cyrus to Seleukos

Author : Pierre Briant
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The present volume is a collection of articles published in English by Professor Pierre Briant of the College de France, in various forms over the past three decades.

Pearls of Meanings

Author : Hans de Bruijn
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Pearls of Meaning' offers a collection of essays by J.T.P. (Hans) de Bruijn, a leading scholar in the field of Persian Studies, in which essential domains of Persian culture such as poetry and Sufism are analyzed in an exemplary fashion. While poetry plays a pivotal position in these essays, the reception of the Persian literary tradition in Europe is another focus of the volume. De Bruijn evaluates the works of a generation of scholars such as A. Reland (1676-1718), C.H. Ethé (1844-1917), J.F. von Hammer-Purgstall (1774-1856) and E.G. Browne (1862-1926) who devoted their attention to Persian culture.00.

Studies in Persian Art

Author : Basil William Robinson
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Over the last forty years, Basil Robinson has established a reputation as a leading authority on the art of Persia. His work on Persian manuscript illumination represents one of the most important contributions made in this century to the study of the development of this pivotal branch of Islamic art, which absorbed the influence of Arab and Chinese painting, and influenced in turn the miniature painting of Mughal India. This first volume concentrates on Persian painting. Seven papers examine the general evolution of painting in Persia from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries, "mostly preserved in manuscript illumination, with emphasis on that most characteristic of Persian manuscripts, "the Shah-Nameh, the national epic. Particular attention is paid to the Timurid period and the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Four reviews of exhibitions of Persian art follow. Thirteen studies are devoted to a later period, the school of painting that arose under the Qajar rulers, when Persian art flourished in such new and diverse media as oil painting and painted enamels. Vol I Contents: Preface A Survey of Persian Painting 1350-1896 Persian Painting and the National Epic Persian Miniatures and Manuscripts Persian Miniatures of the 16th and 17th Centuries Shah Abbas and the Mughal Ambassador Khan Alam: the Pictorial Record Areas of Controversy in Islamic Painting Book Illustration in Transoxiana: the Timurid Period Some Modern Persian Miniatures Persian Miniatures at the British Museum Persian Painting: A Loan Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum Persian Miniature Painting from Collections in the British Isles Qajar Art: An Introduction The Court Painters of Fath Ali Shah The Amery Collection of Persian Oil Paintings Persian Royal Portraiture and the Qajars Some Thoughts on Qajar Lacquer Qajar Lacquer Persian Lacquer in the Bern Historical Museum Persian Lacquer and the Bern Historical Museum Casket A Pair of Royal Book-Covers A Lacquer Mirror Case of 1854 Qajar Painted Enamels A Royal Qajar Enamel The Tehran Nizami of 1848 and other Qajar Illustrated Books Inde.

The Oxford Handbook of Iranian History

Author : Touraj Daryaee
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This handbook is a guide to Iran's complex history. The book emphasizes the large-scale continuities of Iranian history while also describing the important patterns of transformation that have characterized Iran's past.

Historical Studies and Recreations The ancient world The modern world

Author : Sasī Chandra Datt (raibahādur.)
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The Art of Empire in Achaemenid Persia

Author : Elspeth R. M. Dusinberre
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This volume in honour of Margaret Cool Root gathers seventeen contributions on Achaemenid Persian art, ranging from the European re-discovery of Persepolis, via Achaemenid glyphic art, evidence of polychrome sculpture, and Achaemenid impact in the satrapies, to possible reflections of Persepolitan art in Classical Greece. The contributors are colleagues and, in a number of cases, former students of Margaret Root. As a whole, the volume reflects the wide range of Root's interests and her impact on the field of Achaemenid studies.

Birth of the Persian Empire

Author : Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis
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This book explores the formation of the first Persian Empire under the Achaemenid Persians. It brings together a multi-disciplinary view of ancient Iran in the first millennium BC and concentrates on the art, archaeology, history and religion of a vast geographical area far beyond the present borders of modern Iran in the period beginning just before the formation of the Persian empire in the middle of the 6th century up to its collapse following conquest by Alexander the Great in the late 4th century BC. Eminent scholars offer a critical approach to some of the traditional interpretations and guide the reader towards a better understanding of the formation of the Persian empire. This is the first volume in the four-volume Idea of Iran series. Charting over 1000 years of history, The Idea of Iran series offers a significant new appraisal of one the most fascinating, but also (at least in the West) relatively little known, of the great civilizations of antiquity. Comprising four substantial volumes, which have emerged from a series of seminars held under the joint auspices of the London Middle East Institute and the British Museum, and supported by the Soudavar Memorial Foundation, the series explores the empires which have shaped the culture of Iran. Beginning with the Achaemenid dynasty of Cyrus the Great, which founded Persian imperial rule in the middle of the sixth century BCE, the series goes on to examine, amongst other key topics, the society, religion, and government of ancient Iran under the Parthians, Sasanians and the Arab rulers of the early Islamic period. The Idea of Iran will be mandatory reading for all serious scholars and students of ancient and early medieval Iranian history.


Author :
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Vols. for 1963- include the Director's report, 1961/62-

The Arabs Byzantium and Iran

Author : Clifford Edmund Bosworth
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This collection of studies on the Arab-Persian medieval Islamic world focuses on historical, religious, cultural and literary aspects of the region from pre-Islamic times to the 15th century. Topics include the Arab caliphate and the successor dynasties arising from it in the Iranian world; Muslim perceptions of other faiths in the Middle East; relations between the ruling Muslim institution and its internal, non-Muslim minorities; and the prolonged contacts and interaction of Islam and the Byzantine Empire.

Studies on the History of afawid Iran

Author : Roger Savory
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From Iran East and West

Author : Juan Ricardo Cole
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