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Studying the Dead

Author : Nicholas G. Meriwether
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Although academic study of the Grateful Dead began shortly after the group’s formation, the dramatic growth of scholarly literature only occurred after the band’s formal retirement of the name in 1995. One major incubator of much of this work has been the Grateful Dead area of the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association. Inaugurated as a separate section in 1998 and nicknamed the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, it has produced almost three hundred papers over fifteen years, nearly a third of which have been revised for publication. Caucus presenters have also edited a dozen books and periodical volumes, all of which have drawn on Caucus presentations, some almost exclusively. Studying the Dead: The Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus provides an informal history of the Caucus and sketches its significance as a scholarly community, focusing on its increasing self-awareness, its ability to span diverse disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, and most of all, its contribution to our understanding of the Grateful Dead phenomenon. For the academy as a whole, the Caucus is a fascinating model for the development of discourse communities, from the role of orality to its interrogation of the texts that are derived from them. Remarkable for its interdisciplinary dialogue, the Caucus demonstrates how the nature of the art—and the phenomenon that it studies—can shape these discourses. Though ostensibly aimed at scholars of the Grateful Dead, others who will find this book of interest include students and teachers of popular culture, as well as fans of the band.

Exploring the Dead Sea Scrolls

Author : Hanan Eshel
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Among the most prominent hallmarks of the late Prof. Hanan Eshel (1958–2010) were his generosity, passion, and integrative approach. The eighteen essays in this volume were selected by Prof. Eshel shortly before his untimely death, to be printed as a collection aimed at contextualizing the textual finds of the Dead Sea Scrolls within their archaeological settings and within the contours of contemporary scholarship. The Qumran texts that stand at the center of these articles are correlated with archaeological and geographic information and with a variety of textual sources including epigraphic evidence and, especially, the Hebrew Bible, Josephus, and rabbinic texts. The essays are organized according to the provenance of the discovered material, with sections devoted to the Damascus Documentand the scrolls from Caves 1, 3, 4, and 11, as well as a final more general chapter. Half of the essays have been previously published in English, while the other half have been translated from Hebrew here for the first time. The book includes essays that have been co-authored with Esther Eshel, Shlomit Kendi-Harel, Zeev Safrai, and John Strugnell.

Chosen of the Changeling

Author : Greg Keyes
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A princess and a warrior battle deities in this “ambitious fantasy series . . . full of ghosts, gods, magic, and mischief” from a New York Times–bestselling author (Kirkus Reviews). Weaving a “richly detailed tapestry, steeped in American Indian myth and lore” (Booklist) as well as sword and sorcery, New York Times–bestselling author Greg Keyes has created an unforgettable “epic fantasy world of myth and magic reminiscent of Terry Brooks’ work” (Library Journal). The Waterborn: The destinies of a young princess with magical power and a barbarian warrior from another land armed with an enchanted sword come together as they battle a vengeful River god. “A satisfyingly robust, impressive debut that offers genuine surprises” (Publishers Weekly). The Blackgod: Fleeing for their lives, the princess Hezhi and the warrior Perkar find refuge in the domain of the River god’s brother, the trickster known as Blackgod. Caught between two warring deities, Hezhi must master her power—before all is lost in this “richly developed page-turner” (Booklist).

The Oracle

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Comprehending Antisemitism through the Ages A Historical Perspective

Author : Armin Lange
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This volume traces the history of antisemitism from antiquity through contemporary manifestations of the discrimination of Jews. It documents the religious, sociological, political and economic contexts in which antisemitism thrived and thrives and shows how such circumstances served as support and reinforcement for a curtailment of the Jews’ social status. The volume sheds light on historical processes of discrimination and identifies them as a key factor in the contemporary and future fight against antisemitism.

Primal Ancestor

Author : Dan Sterling Smith
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Book and Bio Sketch How often have you wondered about the meaning of life? Dan Smiths fictional saga Primal Ancestor will compel you to contemplate that ancient mystery and your place in the universe. The question about the meaning of life is different for everyone. The solution to that mystery can come easy for some and yet others might spend their entire lifetime trying to find that elusive answer. For many, the answer begins in a most unexpected placethe imagination. Primal Ancestor opens new doors of thought; you will find you have already begun a journey through time and space. Dan Sterling Smith has worked as a mechanic, welder, farmer, truck driver, soldier, house mover, construction supervisor, counselor, office manager, computer technician, and writer. He is a husband, father, uncle, brother, and grandfather. He lives with his best friend and wife, Rhonda, in the wilderness near Terra Bella, California.

Psychic Ability Plain Simple

Author : Ann Caulfield
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Unlock Your Intuition and Discover the Power of Perception Everyone is born with intuitive powers that range from normal to the intense. This book helps readers to discover and to expand their psychic abilities. Caulfield takes readers on an exciting journey that features stops at the most important psychic waystations. Included here are examinations of the following: Telepathy Dreams Chakras Dowsing Astral travel Scrying Mental mediumship This is a practical accessible guide that makes all things psychic easy to understand and practice.

Human Remains

Author : Helen Patricia MacDonald
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Until 1832, when an Act of Parliament began to regulate the use of bodies for anatomy in Britain, public dissection was regularlyand legallycarried out on the bodies of murderers, and a shortage of cadavers gave rise to the infamous murders committed by Burke and Hare to supply dissection subjects to Dr. Robert Knox, the anatomist. This book tells the scandalous story of how medical men obtained the corpses upon which they worked before the use of human remains was regulated. Helen MacDonald looks particularly at the activities of British surgeons in nineteenth-century Van Diemens Land, a penal colony in which a ready supply of bodies was available. Not only convicted murderers, but also Aborigines and the unfortunate poor who died in hospitals were routinely turned over to the surgeons. This sensitive but searing account shows how abuses happen even within the conventions adopted by civilized societies. It reveals how, from Burke and Hare to todays televised dissections by German anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens, some peoples bodies become other peoples entertainment.

On the Classification of Languages

Author : Gustav Salomon Oppert
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The Classical Weekly

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