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Subterranean Struggles

Author : Anthony Bebbington
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Over the past two decades, the extraction of nonrenewable resources in Latin America has given rise to many forms of struggle, particularly among disadvantaged populations. The first analytical collection to combine geographical and political ecological approaches to the post-1990s changes in Latin America’s extractive economy, Subterranean Struggles closely examines the factors driving this expansion and the sociopolitical, environmental, and political economic consequences it has wrought. In this analysis, more than a dozen experts explore the many facets of struggles surrounding extraction, from protests in the vicinity of extractive operations to the everyday efforts of excluded residents who try to adapt their livelihoods while industries profoundly impact their lived spaces. The book explores the implications of extractive industry for ideas of nature, region, and nation; “resource nationalism” and environmental governance; conservation, territory, and indigenous livelihoods in the Amazon and Andes; everyday life and livelihood in areas affected by small- and large-scale mining alike; and overall patterns of social mobilization across the region. Arguing that such struggles are an integral part of the new extractive economy in Latin America, the authors document the increasingly conflictive character of these interactions, raising important challenges for theory, for policy, and for social research methodologies. Featuring works by social and natural science authors, this collection offers a broad synthesis of the dynamics of extractive industry whose relevance stretches to regions beyond Latin America.

The Class Struggle in Latin America

Author : James Petras
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The Class Struggle in Latin America: Making History Today analyses the political and economic dynamics of development in Latin America through the lens of class struggle. Focusing in particular on Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, the book identifies how the shifts and changing dynamics of the class struggle have impacted on the rise, demise and resurgence of neo-liberal regimes in Latin America. This innovative book offers a unique perspective on the evolving dynamics of class struggle, engaging both the destructive forces of capitalist development and those seeking to consolidate the system and preserve the status quo, alongside the efforts of popular resistance concerned with the destructive ravages of capitalism on humankind, society and the global environment. Using theoretical observations based on empirical and historical case studies, this book argues that the class struggle remains intrinsically linked to the march of capitalist development. At a time when post-neo-liberal regimes in Latin America are faltering, this supplementary text provides a guide to the economic and political dynamics of capitalist development in the region, which will be invaluable to students and researchers of international development, anthropology and sociology, as well as those with an interest in Latin American politics and development.

From Enron to Evo

Author : Derrick Hindery
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Offering a critique of both free-market piracy and the dilemmas of resource nationalism, From Enron to Evo is groundbreaking book for anyone concerned with Indigenous politics, social movements, and environmental justice in an era of expanding resource development.

Landscapes of Inequity

Author : Nicholas A. Robins
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The Age of Johnson 1748 1798

Author : Thomas Seccombe
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Essays on Education and Culture

Author : C. F. Childs
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Struggles for Life

Author : William Knighton
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Latin American Perspectives on Globalization

Author : Mario Sáenz
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From the most prominent thinkers in Latin American philosophy, literature, politics, and social science comes a challenge to conventional theories of globalization. The contributors to this volume imagine a discourse in which revolution is defined not as a temporalized march of progress or takeover of state power, but as a movement for local control that upholds standards of material conditions for human dignity. Essays on identity, equality, and ethics propose models of transcultural and intercultural relations that replace center/periphery or world-systems approaches; they impel us to focus on building dialogic relationships rather than on accommodating universalized paradigms. Ultimately suggesting a reconstruction of the world in terms of the interests of one of the peripheral regions of the world, Latin American Perspectives on Globalization argues with cogency and urgency that no one within contemporary globalization debates can afford to ignore the Latin American philosophical tradition.

Observations on Metalliferous Deposits and on Subterranean Temperature

Author : William Jory Henwood
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Struggles and Triumphs

Author : Phineas Taylor Barnum
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An abridgment of the autobiography of one of America's first & greatest showmen.

Struggles and Triumphs or forty years Recollections of P T Barnum

Author : Phineas Taylor BARNUM
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Shadowy Hand Or Life struggles

Author : Henry Morgan
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Struggles in the Dawn

Author : John Campbell Oman
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The Marsdens or Struggles in life

Author : George Etell Sargent
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Struggles and Experiences of a Neutral Volunteer

Author : Sir John Furley
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Teachers in Nomadic Spaces

Author : Kaustuv Roy
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Annotation Applying philosopher Gilles Deleuze's constructivist ideas that stress potentialities posed by problems rather than solutions, Roy (curriculum and instruction, Louisiana State U., Baton Rouge) presents a case study and postmodern reconceptualization of how teachers in a new innovative urban school constructed their roles in a "nomadic" (i.e. nonhierarchical) learning space. The book is not indexed. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Struggles of the Nations Or The Principal Wars Battles Sieges and Treaties of the World

Author : Sarah Maria Burnham
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Guy Rivers Or A Boy s Struggles in the Great World

Author : Alfred Elwes
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The Struggles and Adventures of Christopher Tadpole

Author : Albert Smith
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Great Fortunes and how They Were Made Or The Struggles and Triumphs of Our Self made Men

Author : James D. McCabe
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