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Suddenly Love

Author : Aharon Appelfeld
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"Aharon Appelfeld is one of the subtlest, most unorthodox, and most exactingly perceptive novelists to make the memory of the Holocaust his abiding project." --Philip Gourevitch, The New Yorker A lonely older man and his devoted young caretaker transform each other’s lives in ways they could never have imagined. Ernst is a gruff seventy-year-old Red Army veteran from Ukraine who landed, almost by accident, in Israel after World War II. A retired investment adviser, he lives alone (his first wife and baby daughter were killed by the Nazis; he divorced his shrewish second wife) and spends his time laboring over his unpublished novels. Irena, in her mid-thirties, is the unmarried daughter of Holocaust survivors who has been taking care of Ernst since his surgery two years earlier; she arrives every morning promptly at eight and usually leaves every afternoon at three. Quiet and shy, Irena is in awe of Ernst’s intellect. And as the months pass, Ernst comes to depend on the gentle young woman who runs his house, listens to him read from his work, and occasionally offers a spirited commentary on it. But Ernst’s writing gives him no satisfaction, and he is haunted by his godless, Communist past. His health, already poor, begins to deteriorate even further; he becomes mired in depression and seems to lose the will to live. But this is something Irena will not allow. As she becomes an increasingly important part of his life—moving into his home, encouraging him in his work, easing his pain—Ernst not only regains his sense of self and discovers the path through which his writing can flow but he also discovers, to his amazement, that Irena is in love with him. And, even more astonishing, he realizes that he is in love with her, too.

Suddenly in Love

Author : Jamie Campbell
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She has landed her dream role in the next big teen television drama and scored the hottest guy in show business as her boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong? Bliss Watson may be the next big celebrity in Hollywood, but that doesn’t stop her worrying about her first kiss with the handsome Merrick Moon. When the script calls for a kiss to top all kisses, the only thing she can think about is her first kiss with her boyfriend will be onscreen. Desperately needing a plan to have her first kiss in private, Bliss has five days to make it happen. Otherwise, the whole world will see her personal moment on television. The only problem is she had no idea how to make a boy kiss her. In the romantic second story in the Suddenly Series, follow Bliss as she struggles to keep her personal and public life separate. Can she remain true to herself when the show demands otherwise? Other Stories in the Series: Suddenly Famous Suddenly in Love Suddenly in Demand Suddenly a Star

Suddenly in Love in Paris

Author : Christopher
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This is to all those adults who believe in love at any age. This story is about a French woman and an American businessman vacationing in France who unexpectedly meet. We invite you to take a traveling tour through different cities and countries of the world. Besides that, you will experience the feelings of many situations, such as family situations and happy or sad or romantic situations, which could revive memories to many persons and couples any time during the course of their lives. In any event, this book could be considered humoristic, kind, and picaresque, but overall, its very romantic. Enjoy! Christopher and Francesca

Love Suddenly Befalls the Sheikh

Author : Jun Togashi
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Raised in an orphanage, Laura sometimes daydreams about a prince from the desert whom she had met when she was a little girl. One day, her guardian arranges for her to serve as an interpreter for Prince Zaid of the Kingdom of Rhaza. She’s sure that he’s the prince that she has always been dreaming about. But there’s an unexpected secret between them…

Suddenly Home Mills Boon Love Inspired Suddenly Book 8

Author : Loree Lough
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THERE WERE TIMES WHEN ALEX WANTED TO GIVE UP.... BUT TAYLOR NEVER GAVE HIM THE CHANCE. Body and faith bruised, Lieutenant Alex Van Buren had one wish–to make it through another day. Then sprightly Taylor Griffith came into his life...and he began to wonder if it was time to face his future.

Suddenly There is God

Author : Veronica Mary Rolf
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Suddenly There is God plunges us into the key stories of biblical characters who find themselves caught up in the divine-human drama. With unique insight, it relates these stories directly to the distinct stages of our own lives: being created, falling from grace, leaving the childhood ark, hearing God’s call, gaining freedom, embracing covenant, praying the psalms, learning forgiveness, choosing love, and expecting resurrection. The scenes unfold before our eyes like a riveting play or film, as we discover with astonishment how closely the progression of Old and New Testament stories reflects our own spiritual journey. Packed with historical content and written with dramatic intensity, Suddenly There is God suggests contemplative ways for us to nurture an ardent expectation of encountering God. By identifying with the biblical characters—their conflicts, difficult choices, and realizations—we recognize how divine presence continually breaks into our own life story. This book is a valuable resource for clergy, students, and spiritual seekers who long to experience the drama of sacred Scripture as deeply personal revelation.

Suddenly Last Summer

Author : Sarah Morgan
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USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah Morgan introduces another irresistible O'Neil brother who's more tempting than dessert and twice as sinful! Fiery French chef Élise Philippe is having a seriously bad day. Not only have the grand opening plans for her beloved café fallen apart, but Sean O'Neil is back in town and looking more delectable than ever. Memories of the electrifying night they shared last summer leave Élise very tempted, but she knows all too well that eventually Sean will be leaving…again. Being back in Vermont—even temporarily—is surgeon Sean O'Neil's worst nightmare. Returning home to the Snow Crystal Resort means confronting the guilt he feels about rejecting his family's lifestyle years ago. But discovering that Élise is still in Vermont and still sets his blood racing is a very welcome distraction! Remembering last summer and how good they were together is going to make walking away more difficult than he could imagine….

Suddenly Carry Twins

Author : Hui WuGongDeXiaoHuLi
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pang xia does not go to the bar to work to transfer some living expenses, who knows to be framed unexpectedly let a person do? What? Is pregnant? He's a man! What? Twins? What? Who's the father? Come on! Is he better than anyone who wants to know who that son of a bitch is? ! Mr. Li smiled. I didn't hear who you were talking about, son of a bitch. Pang Xia: I ... I was talking about Xu Jian. If it wasn't for him, how could that bastard have ended up like this?! Mr. Li nodded. "Xu Chen, do you know what to do now?" Xu Xiang bent down at ninety degrees. 'This is an oversized present called Pang Xia, already packaged with drunk wine. Please accept it with a smile, little uncle!' Mr. Li nodded his head in satisfaction. "Well done, I will reward you with the African projects. Hurry up and go!" Xu Jun was in the shape of a shooting star: Ya Yu Dian ~

Love Me Little Love Me Long

Author : Charles Reade
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Isabel the Young Wife and the Old Love

Author : John Cordy Jeaffreson
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The Living Age

Author :
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Author : William Black
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This Time For Keeps Mills Boon Vintage Superromance Suddenly a Parent Book 18

Author : Jenna Mills
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A great husband and kids...

The Century

Author :
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Scribners Monthly

Author :
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The Cosmopolitan

Author :
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Suddenly Single

Author : Millie Criswell
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Wedded, bedded…and suddenly separated Unable to cope with her dangerously seductive new husband's uptight family (how did he get to be so hot coming from that bunch?), Lisa Morelli is back home. Too bad there's no peace there, either! Lisa vows to stick to her newly single life, despite every female relative's despair at letting a catch slip away (after all, she's hitting spinsterhood—at 27!). But there's one small detail she hasn't counted on. Alex Mackenzie likes being married to Lisa. And he's wooing his runaway bride with everything from tight T-shirts and torn jeans, to motorcycle rides and tattoos! With this kind of temptation, how will Lisa resist returning to wedded bliss?

Bluebeard s Keys

Author : Anne Thackeray Ritchie
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How Heroes of Fiction Propose and how Heroines Reply

Author :
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Good Words

Author :
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