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Sunshine Jobs

Author : Tom Stienstra
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Provides information on fifty outdoor careers, discussing what they pay, training and education requirements, the benefits and drawbacks of each job, and strategies for getting hired, and includes first-person interviews with 100 people who work in the great outdoors.

Corporate Jobs Outlook

Author :
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Skills Development for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Developing Asia Pacific

Author : Rupert Maclean
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Focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, which in recent years has been the engine of global economic growth , this volume surveys trends and prospects in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) with particular reference to achieving inclusive growth and the greening of economies. Underlying the increasing pressure for new models of TVET provision is the rapid pace of technological change, demand for a work force which is highly responsive to evolving needs and a transforming market place that calls for higher order skills and lifelong learning. The book proposes a re-engineered, modernized TVET system that fosters an innovative approach which enhances the employability of workers as well as the sustainability of their livelihoods. The book includes contributions from leading policy makers, researchers, and practitioners, including those in the private sector in analyzing and forecasting the most urgent priorities in skills development. The book argues for creative approaches to TVET design and delivery particularly with a view to improve job prospects , and meeting the goals of inclusion, sustainable development and social cohesion. Addressing issues such as the chronic mismatches between skills acquired and actual skills required in the work place, the volume proposes diversified approaches towards workforce development and partnerships with the private sector to improve the quality and relevance of skills development . The new imperatives created by ‘greening’ economies and responses required in skills development and training are addressed. Developing TVET is a high priority for governments in the Asia Pacific region as they seek to achieve long-term sustainable growth since the .continued success of their economic destinies depend on it. The volume also includes an emerging framework for skills development for inclusive and sustainable growth in the Asia and Pacific region.

Journey of An American Muslim

Author : A. Opio Masud
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Journey of an American Muslim is an epic journey into the life of the author. It's a biography that is uncompromising in its authenticity and honesty. Muslims and non-Muslims will appreciate its candor as the author shares his experiences in the four phases of his development into his life as a Muslim in America. In this book you will discover: -The major influences that encouraged the Author to study and later become a Muslim. -How the Author transitioned from being a very "zealous" Muslim in the beginning; to discovering "spirituality" while taking more risks in his practice of the Muslim life; to becoming an open minded "truth seeker" who happens to be Muslim. -In candid detail how the Author survived multiple marriages (learning experiences), the loss of two good paying professional jobs, foreclosure of his home and working at Wal-Mart for 3 1/2 years earning what he considers "survival income." Journey of an American Muslim is a personal journey and an odyssey of major proportions for any human being. Muslim or non-Muslim, to have to experience. One wonders how one could survive such a personal drama, financial upheaval and professional setbacks. This author not only experienced the epic journey, but lived to tell about it.

The Best Job in the World

Author : Ben Southall
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The true story of the man with the Best Job in the World The Best Job in the World is the story of how following your passions can lead to life-changing opportunities. Adventurer Ben Southall shares his experiences and lessons learned as the winner of the inaugural Tourism Queensland's Best Job in the World campaign, and reveals how this has led to ongoing opportunities since. Part autobiography, part insight into the power of a unique marketing campaign, this book follows Ben's journey—from leaving the UK on his own expedition around Africa to his new role as caretaker of Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef. You'll learn about the skills and experiences that shaped Ben's path, together with the inevitable pitfalls that he faced along the way to living his dream. The sole winner of the Best Job in the World campaign, Ben's perspective is a unique one to share the serious challenges that arose from being catapulted into a high profile job in an idyllic location. Humorous and poignant, the story is as much holistic life guide as travel guide, providing a motivational and inspirational tale that may just be the push you need to: Get inspired—see the opportunities around you and grab them with both hands Embrace the unknown, overcome life's obstacles and challenge expectations Live out your dreams and be your authentic self Climb out of the rut and take part in the world around you In The Best Job in the World, Ben Southall answers the questions everyone is asking: "What is it like? Is it really the best job in the world?" You'll learn how to transform your interests and passions into a flexible, long-term career, and how following the road less travelled can lead to living your best life. If you're dissatisfied, stuck in a rut or merely curious, The Best Job in the World is a must-read tale of aspiration, inspiration and motivation.

Dangerous Secrets at SPRING VALE MANOR

Author : Margaret J. Carr
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Dangerous Secrets at SPRING VALE MANOR by Margaret J Carr An overnight success makes one young rapper very rich. His single mother has spent her life scrimping and working long hours and exhausting days to stay in their rented tenement flat and bring up her child. Now he can afford it, he decides to give her the sort of place she has always dreamed of, a large, modern ‘pile’ in the country. With the help of his manager he buys a piece of land, on the edge of marchland, close to a rural village and commissions the building of his mother’s dream home with landscape gardens, a tennis court, a swimming pool and, at the centre of the elegant driveway, a large ornate fountain. Once completed he drives his mother to see her new home only to find she hates it, everything, the size, stuck out in the middle of nowhere and wouldn’t live there in a million years. However when fate steps in and the young rapper’s fortunes change overnight, he has to sell the ‘unwanted’ manor to pay his debts. Enter the new owners. They are two brothers and their wifes, with dubious businesses and contacts. They can use the place for their nefarious businesses and as storage for goods kept away from the eyes of at least two interested police forces. A woman reputed to be a witch forecasts a disaster and a little girl asks one of the brothers too many innocent questions, questions he is unable or unwilling to answer. It has rained for weeks and everywhere is flooding. The surrounding marshes and ground is overwhelmed by water unable to drain away. The manor, built on land close to a disused quarry with a catacomb of old mines beneath its foundations, starts to sink taking with it the lives of so many people.

A Medical Dental Pharmacy Job School Organization Guide

Author : Tony Kelbrat
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There are many subfields within the medical fields like doctor, physician or MD, the allied health professions, 100+ nursing specialties, holistic medicine, drugs and biotechnology, medical technician jobs, medical devices and products, genetics, care worker, medical administration, etc. I cover medical jobs and schools for many fields in this book. There is more info in my other medical books. One is a basic framework of medicine in the United States. Another is the medical infrastructure of the world. I created a book for cancer and one for holistic medicine. The 149 volumes are as follows: Volume 1. A Medical Career Exploration Guide Volume 2. A Medical Career Exploration Website Guide Volume 3. A Medical Job Guide 1 Volume 4. A Medical Job Guide 2 Volume 5. A Medical Job Guide 3 Volume 6. A Medical Job Guide 4 Volume 7. A Medical Job Guide 5 Volume 8. A Medical Job Guide 6 Volume 9. A Medical Job Website Guide 1 Volume 10. A Medical Job Website Guide 2 Volume 11. A Medical Job Website Guide 3 Volume 12. Medical Job Websites for Canada, U.S. and the World Volume 13. A Medical Job Website Guide at and Volume 14. A Health Profession Website Guide at Volume 15. A U.S. Job Website Guide by State at General, Med, Ed and Govt Jobs Volume 16. Use this Find a Doctor-Hospital-Clinic-Healer Guide to Find Jobs Volume 17. A Medical Profession Job Guide 1 Volume 18. A Medical Profession Job Guide 2 Volume 19. A Medical Profession Job Guide 3 Volume 20. A Medical Profession Job Guide 4 Volume 21. A Medical Profession Guide at 1 Volume 22. A Medical Profession Guide at 2 Volume 23. A Pediatrics (Children’s Medicine) Career Guide Volume 24. A Doctor-Physician-MD Career-Job Guide Volume 25. A Doctor-Medical Job Website Guide from a Dead Website Volume 26. An Obstetrics-Gynecology-Neonatal Nurse Career Guide Volume 27. A Nurse Career Guide Volume 28. A Nursing Blog Guide Volume 29. A Nursing Education-School Guide Volume 30 A Nurse Job Website Guide Volume 31. A Nurse Job Website Guide by U.S. State Volume 32. A World Nurse Job Guide Volume 33. A Canada Nurse Job Guide Volume 34. A Specific Nurse Category Job Guide 1 Volume 35. A Specific Nurse Category Job Guide 2 Volume 36. A Specific Nurse Category Job Guide 3 Volume 37. A Specific Nurse Category Job Guide 4 ...

Take This Job and Ship It

Author : Byron L. Dorgan
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Our trade deficit increases by $2 billion a day. Pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists have such influence in Washington that Medicare, by current law, is not allowed to negotiate lower drug prices. We import oil on an ever-increasing scale, putting ourselves into dept with the Saudis, the Kuwaitis, and other Middle Eastern nations. With their windfall profits, they continue to buy American assets. China's booming economy and abundance of cheap labor are threatening our economic survival. We have mortgaged our fortunes, our principles, and our way of life. In this comprehensive look at the real, human toll of America's unsound trade policy, Senator Byron Dorgan exposes the myth of "free trade." Indeed, free trade is not free; it is something that is slowly but surely draining away American prosperity. Sure, Chinese labor can drive down prices at Wal-Mart; at the same time, however, those saved wages-dollars that would have gone to buy these cheaper goods-are gone. Too soon, it will all come crashing down. Major U.S. corporations continue to ship jobs overseas by the millions and, because of their influence in Washington, avoid paying a king's ransom in taxes. Many billions of dollars that these companies fleece from the government and the American people go overwhelmingly to investments in expanding production capabilities overseas. In short, our government is in the grip of corporate and foreign interests, and the American worker has born the brunt of this culture of corruption. How can we stem the tide of outsourcing? Why has the White House done nothing? Will the middle class survive? From describing corporate profiteering to calling to action a lethargic, inactive government, Byron Dorgan exposes the truth about the destructive relationship between corporations and Congress and proposes strategies for what can really be done to preserve America's preeminence in the world.

Churchfolk s home magazine

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Author : George Eliot
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