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Superb Steak Recipes

Author : Barbara Riddle
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Want to prepare a meal that will have all the hearty eaters waiting in line?There are not many foods as enticing as a well-cooked steak. In this recipe book, I am including all types of steak recipes and the cooking techniques you will need to know in order to make your steaks the best they can be, every time you prepare them.Trimming is important for steaks. Don't leave any more than 1/8" of fat on your steaks. After you trim, rub your steaks on each side with salt and pepper, as you desire. This will season the steaks and draw the moisture to the top. Be sure your grill is preheated so the steaks won't stick. You should also have a clean grate before you lay your steaks down on it. Oil the grate to keep steaks from sticking. After you have browned your steaks and they have a crust, don't move them right away. Once they sit for a few minutes, you can brown the other side. Always use a thermometer to get an accurate internal temperature. Remove from the grill when they are done as you and your family or guests prefer them. Lastly, set the steaks on a plate and cover them loosely, allowing them to rest for about five minutes so the juices can be redistributed. Slicing steaks right away means losing some of the tasty juices. Let's make steaks!

Bern s Steak House

Author : Joyce LaFray
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"Joyce LaFray, a close friend of the late Bern Laxer since 1973, narrates the incredible success story of a world-famous Tampa steak house names Bern's."--Page 4 of cover.

Keto Air Fryer Recipes Cookbook

Author : Cordelia Heller
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Do you have a very tight schedule, are you and/or is your family on a ketogenic diet and you don't have enough time to cook healthy food? Are you willing to go into ketosis or lose weight through healthy eating without stress and you don't know how to go about it? You don't have to bother anymore because this is the right book for you. It contains over 100 excellent low-carb, keto diet recipes which you can cook with an Air Fryer to help you attain ketosis within a short period of time while enjoying your meal. Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance that makes it simple to cook healthy meals swiftly so you can eat delicious low-carb foods. This means that it takes lesser time to put dinner on the table after a long hour/day at work Benefits of Keto Air Fryer Being on a keto diet and using an Air Fryer has so many benefits one can derive apart from its time-saving merits. Here are a few benefits of keto Air Fryer: It saves cooking oil usage It lowers the fat content in food It reduces the high risk of heart disease and inflation because it lowers the rate of vegetable oil intake. Migrating to an air fryer may be a simple means to reduce calories and endorse weight loss because it requires less oil. Swapping deep foods for air fried foods helps to trim waistline Acrylamide compound which usually leads to the development of cancer is formed during high-heat cooking methods like frying of carbohydrate-rich foods. The use of an Air fryer usually reduces the formation of such compounds. Regularly eating fried foods has been associated with conditions such as type II diabetes and high blood pressure, air-fried foods are recommended to cut your intake of all fried foods to help prevent type II diabetes and promote better health. It also helps to reduce the high risk of heart failure derived from eating deep fried foods always. It reduces the greater risk of obesity When you use this book, you stand a chance of living healthy, stay on keto; lose weight between your busy schedules, stay fit, save money and time.

The Taste of Portugal

Author : Edite Vieira
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A revelatory collection of mouthwatering recipes and fascinating anecdotes about the singular cuisine and storied history of Portugal. Revised and updated, this authoritative and fascinating cookbook traces the legacy of Portugal’s culinary excellence from medieval to modern times through a collection of recipes that are unforgettable, accessible, and completely authentic—all interwoven with a rich pageant of historical context. From simple and wholesome peasant fare to elaborate celebratory meals, ingredients include salt cod (bacalhau) in all its myriad variations, cumin and oranges redolent of the country’s voyaging past, and green coriander as the cuisine’s main flavoring herb. A vibrant Mediterranean cuisine alive with a vast global influence, poet and journalist Edite Vieira brings classic and modern Portuguese recipes to the modern dining experience.

Texas Home Cooking

Author : Cheryl Jamison
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Introduces the cooking of Texas, and provides recipes for barbecue, Tex-Mex dishes, chili, and ranch foods, as well as main and side dishes, breakfast foods, snacks, beverages, and desserts

100 Grilling Recipes You Can t Live Without

Author : Cheryl Alters Jamison
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Presents one hundred barbecue recipes for appetizers, meats, vegetables, and desserts, including recipes for chuck steak tacos, grilled French fries, Moroccan chicken wings, and honeyed figs.

Classic Italian Recipes

Author : Judy Bugg
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Selected Recipes from IVY Award Winners

Author : Jule Wilkinson
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Farm Journal s Best ever Recipes

Author : Elise W. Manning
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Readers' favorite recipes from past Farm Journal cookbooks are suited to all occasions and needs, providing simple treats and elegant delicacies for family meals, parties, and formal dinners

The New York Times Book Review

Author :
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Roadfood Sandwiches

Author : Jane Stern
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The authors of the best-selling Roadfood offer a culinary tour of America that features nearly one hundred recipes for the country's finest sandwich delights, from California's Grilled Gruyère with Braised Leeks, to the Muffuletta of New Orleans, to the Hot Truck of Ithaca, New York. Original.


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Favorite Brand Name Recipes

Author : Outlet
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Author :
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Even More Recipes from the Backs of Boxes Bottles Cans and Jars

Author : Ceil Dyer
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The Meat Producer and Exporter

Author :
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Consumers Index to Product Evaluations and Information Sources

Author : Pierian Press
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Health Food Recipes for Gourmet Cooking

Author : Carlson Wade
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Restaurant Business

Author :
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Our Best Low fat Low calorie Recipes

Author : Lisa Hooper Talley
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Presents three hundred recipes with a nutritional analysis of every dish