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Superstars in Action Movies and TV

Author : Randal C. Hill
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System Markets Indirect Network Effects in Action or Inaction

Author :
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Retail Superstars

Author : George Whalin
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How small, one-of-a-kind businesses can break through among giants Megachains like Walmart, Starbucks, Home Depot, and The Gap attract Americans to thousands of outlets by offering a large selection of goods and services. But this doesn't mean that independent stores can't compete with the big guys-and win. Retail expert George Whalin identifies and explores twenty-five highly popular and profitable independent stores from around the country. Unlike the mom-and-pops of yesteryear, these businesses embrace technology and innovation, generate word of mouth, and turn their size into an advantage. They include: ? ABC Carpet and Home in New York City ? Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon ? The Junkman's Daughter in Atlanta ? Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield, Ohio Readers will be inspired by how these independent stores are thriving and take away lessons they can apply to their own businesses.

Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

Author : Mitch Meyerson
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Eager business owners gain access to the playbooks of 23 of today’s most respected and well-known online marketers, who reveal their most valuable online strategies and tactics for capturing new customers and influencing ongoing purchases from current ones. Each chapter is a coaching session designed to help business owners avoid the pitfalls and mistakes by the experts who have been there and done that. Readers learn how to develop a personal media brand, build a total online presence, and create a social media strategy that increases traffic. They also discover how to develop and use content that converts visitors into buyers and ultimately loyal customers, succeed with SEO, pay-per-click, and linking strategies that get websites ranked. Also included is information on leveraging social networking apps, including Facebook, online video, and Instagram, and avoiding the mistakes made by new online businesses.

Human Resources Management for Health Care Organizations

Author : Joan E. Pynes
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This book is a comprehensive guide to the essential areas of health care human resources management, and is an immediately useful practical handbook for practitioners as well as a textbook for use health care management programs. Written by the authors of Handbook for the New Health Care Manager and Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, the book covers the context of human resources management in the unique health care business arena from a strategic perspective includes SHRM and human resources planning, organizational culture and assessment, and the legal environment of human resources management. Managing volunteers and job analysis perfor­mance appraisal instruments, training and development programs, and recruitment, targeted selection and hiring techniques are covered. Compensation poli­cies and practices, employer-provided benefits management, implementation of training and organizational development programs, as well as labor-management relations for health care organizations and healthcare human resource information technology are covered, with practical examples and proven strategies amply provided in each chapter.

Wrestling Figure Checklist The Definitive Guide to the Action Figures of Professional Wrestling

Author : Harvey George
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Wrestling Figure Checklist is a definitive guide to the history of wrestling action figures and toys. The 1980s would see pro-wrestling explode internationally, with merchandise becoming heavily involved with the squared circle, leading wrestling figures to become some of the hottest toys at retail. The expansion of wrestling promotions in America, Japan and Mexico would mean that thousands of superstars would appear in toy collections across the world. This book is a chronological checklist of this history, comprised of almost 10,000 different action figures and playsets released from the 1960s to 2010s, including everything from the major lines, all the way to the independent figures and limited editions. This is a must-have guide for any wrestling fan or toy collector, and the biggest and most comprehensive wrestling figure checklist ever made.

Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars

Author : Mitch Meyerson
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Online marketing expert Mitch Meyerson presents you with an unmatched advantage into the world of social media – the priceless secrets, strategies, tactics and insights of more than 20 of today’s social media elite. Handpicked to cover almost every aspect of social media marketing, Meyerson and this distinguished team of experts open their playbooks and teach you how to create effective social media campaigns to cut through the clutter, reach out to millions and grow your business. Features: • Proven tips and tactics from 20+ top social media marketers • The biggest mistakes businesses make with social media and how to fix them • Actionable plans for all areas including social networks, blogs, web TV and mobile marketing • Real-world case studies, best practices and proven techniques from the experts • Detailed list of resources

The Roadmap to Freedom

Author : Chris McIntyre
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Delivering a tactical plan, complete with both downloadable and online support, Chris McIntyre rescues small business owners trapped in potholes littering the road to success, and provides a helping hand to freedom. Uniquely prepared to create and deliver their product or service, small business owners are far less equipped to effectively lead, let alone develop, their team. Their internal systems and processes are often informal and incomplete, limiting their freedom and their business growth. McIntyre provides a step-by-step, customizable solution to overcome this roadblock. Coached by McIntyre, leaders learn to craft the right team, create a consistent core message that enables the brand, and then, connect the two. Business owners are given a rock-solid process for attracting and keeping superstars, and dropping nightmares. They learn how to get their core message out of their head and into the heads of their superstar team. Supported by McIntyre, organizational leaders will define their core mission, and develop a distinct, systematic formula that enables their team to accomplish it. Leaders are aided with a thorough checklist to guide implementation, giving them everything they need for consistent performance from their team and ongoing success.

Social Marketing Superstars

Author : Cydney O'Sullivan
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The internet arrived with a boom changing the landscape for business and opening up a global marketplace like nothing before. The pace of change has been building with exponential momentum, the impact has hit, and the game has changed. Businesses all over the world are asking two big questions. How do we adapt while protecting our brand, assets & Intellectual Property? How do we incorporate the new technologies, mobility and social media into our business? Cydney O’Sullivan has spent the last decade working with business owners grappling with the challenges of taking their business online. She knew there had to be a better way, and sought out the success stories. Cydney interviews 30 forward thinking CEO’s and entrepreneurs who have built large, profitable communities using the technologies and networks we’ve all been grappling with like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, eCommerce and Loyalty Programs. Learn how these seasoned entrepreneurs from around the world have adapted and applied technologies to become experts in their fields; many have created profits faster, more efficiently and more predictably than ever before in their businesses, as you answer these questions for your own business. What IS Social Marketing? Where does it fit in our business? How do we protect our Brand and Intellectual Property? How can we prepare our business for the future? With their success, for most of these entrepreneurs comes the opportunity to share this wealth of knowledge and experience to create a positive impact with their influence. This is the flame that fuels their entrepreneurial spirit beyond the quest for financial success alone.

Action Speaks Louder

Author : Eric Lichtenfeld
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An authoritative and entertaining history of the action film

Instructor and Teacher

Author :
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The EBay Price Guide

Author : Julia L. Wilkinson
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Provides lists of selling prices of items found on eBay in such categories as antiques, boats, books, cameras, coins, collectibles, dolls, DVDs, real estate, stamps, tickets, and video games.

Success Secrets of Sales Superstars

Author : Robert L. Shook
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Shook and Farber invite eager entrepreneurs to join 33 of today’s business and sales best as they share the details behind their greatest sales moves and ultimately, impart valuable lessons on how to sell your way to success. Crafted to cover a variety of industries, products, and services, this entertaining playbook urges entrepreneurs to reinvent their sales approach, illustrating proven techniques, tips, and tricks in each story and summarizing the unique take-away offered by its teller. Entrepreneurs uncover such pearls as how to ignite creativity to overcome sale barriers, how to create long-term customers, and how to sell what the customer wants (hint: it’s not always a product or service). Entrepreneurs also gain invaluable insight and encouragement as they turn from story to story, leaving the pages with lessons learned and the excitement of being privy to an exchange among the elite in their industry.

How to Be a Sales Superstar

Author : Mark Tewart
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Making the sale is tougher than. That's why sales professionals and business owners who want to be the best need more than just smooth talk to make it in the sales business. Selling is a job that requires an updated toolkit for real, lasting success. This practical guide teaches you all the specialized skills you need to be a sales superstar. You'll learn how to better understand prospects, master the skills to draw in new customers, and discover the secret to closing any deal.

Shocking Cinema of the Seventies

Author : Xavier Mendik
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The Necronomicon Shocking Cinema of the Seventies continues the acclaimed journal's exploration of film culture with a special edition devoted to film from this special era. In a series of innovative articles, leading critics and scholars consider the social and cinematic issues which shaped the films of the decade. Covering genres such as horror, the disaster movie, blaxploitation, and kung fu, the authors discover the truth behind one of the most prolific, turbulent, and challenging periods of cinema history.

Jet Li

Author : Sabrina Q Yu
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This is the first study of Chinese stars and their transnational stardom, examining the transnational Chinese actor Jet Li, probably the best martial arts actor alive.Jet Li's career has crossed numerous cultural and geographic boundaries, from mainland China to Hong Kong, from Hollywood to France. In Jet Li: Chinese Masculinity and Transnational Film Stardom, Sabrina Qiong Yu uses Li as an example to address some intriguing but under-examined issues surrounding transnational stardom in general and transnational kung fu stardom in particular.Presenting case studies of audiences' responses to Jet Li films and his star image, this book explores the way in which Li has evolved from a Chinese wuxia hero to a transnational kung fu star in relation to the discourses of genre, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and national identity. By rejecting a text-centred approach which prevails in star studies and instead emphasising the role of audiences in constructing star image, this book challenges some established perspectives in the study of Chinese male screen images and martial arts/action cinema.

Cheerleaders in Action

Author : Jen Jones
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"Simple text and photographs describe the origins of cheerleading and what today's cheerleaders do"--Provided by publisher.

The Asian Influence on Hollywood Action Films

Author : Barna William Donovan
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Filmmakers of the Pacific Rim have been delivering punches and flying kicks to the Hollywood movie industry for years. This book explores the ways in which the storytelling and cinematic techniques of Asian popular culture have migrated from grainy, low-budget martial arts movies to box-office blockbusters such as The Magnificent Seven, Star Wars, The Matrix and Transformers. While special effects gained prominence, the raw and gritty power of live combat emerged as an audience favorite, spawning Asian stars Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and martial arts-trained stars Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. As well as capturing the sheer onscreen adrenaline rush that characterizes the films discussed, this work explores the impact of violent cinematic entertainment and why it is often misunderstood. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Smarter Faster Better

Author : Karlin Sloan
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Arctic Superstars

Author : William Lowell Putnam
File Size : 28.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Arctic Superstars is a thoroughly researched account of the fascinating lives and harrowing journeys of Adolphus Washington Greely and George Wallace Melville, career military officers and Civil War heroes who explored vast reaches of the Arctic during the early 1880s. Greely was best known for commanding the ill-fated Lady Franklin Bay Expedition and Melville for exploring the bitter-cold reaches of Siberia. Both men were among the first five Honorary Members elected by The American Alpine Club shortly after the organization was founded in 1902.