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Supersymmetry in Particle Physics An Elementary Introduction

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Supersymmetry in Particle Physics

Author : Ian Johnston Rhind Aitchison
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The first textbook to provide a simple, practical introduction to supersymmetry for graduates and researchers.

Supersymmetry in Particle Physics

Author : Ian Aitchison
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Supersymmetry represents the culmination of the search for fundamental symmetries that has dominated particle physics for 50 years. Traditionally, the constituents of matter (fermions) were regarded as different from the particles (bosons) transmitting the forces between them. In supersymmetry, fermions and bosons are unified. Intended for graduate students in particle physics, and researchers in experimental and phenomenological supersymmetry, this textbook, first published in 2007, provides a simple introduction to a previously formidably technical field. Its elementary, practical treatment brings readers to the frontier of contemporary research, in particular the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider. Theories are constructed through an intuitive 'trial and error' approach. Basic elements of spinor formalism and superfields are introduced, allowing readers to access more advanced treatments. Emphasis is placed on physical understanding, and on detailed derivations of important steps. Many short exercises are included, making for a valuable and accessible self-study tool.

Anticipating the Next Discoveries in Particle Physics

Author : Essig Rouven
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This volume is a compilation of lectures delivered at the TASI 2016 summer school, 'Anticipating the Next Discoveries in Particle Physics', held at the University of Colorado at Boulder in June 2016. The school focused on topics in theoretical particle physics, phenomenology, dark matter, and cosmology of interest to contemporary researchers in these fields. The lectures are accessible to graduate students in the initial stages of their research careers.

Introduction to Supersymmetry

Author : H. J. W. Mller-Kirsten
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The Coldest Night

The Ideas of Particle Physics

Author : James E. Dodd
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The fourth edition of this popular book is a comprehensive introduction to particle physics, including the latest ideas and discoveries.

Supersymmetry in Elementary Particle Physics

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These lectures give a general introduction to supersymmetry, emphasizing its application to models of elementary particle physics at the 100 GeV energy scale. I discuss the following topics: the construction of supersymmetric Lagrangians with scalars, fermions, and gauge bosons, the structure and mass spectrum of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM), the measurement of the parameters of the MSSM at high-energy colliders, and the solutions that the MSSM gives to the problems of electroweak symmetry breaking and dark matter.

New Era For Cp Asymmetries Axions And Rare Decays Of Hadrons And Leptons

Author : Ikaros I Bigi
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This book is dedicated to Lev Okun, who passed away in November 2015. He was a true pioneer in probing fundamental dynamics.The book has two objectives. First is to showcase Okun's impact for decades since 1963, when he published his remarkable book Weak Interaction of Elementary Particles. Second is to present the current progress of our scientific community in the studies of our Universe. New directions and possible future developments are discussed, often using the past as a guide. The authors mostly focus on CP asymmetries in the transitions of hadrons and leptons, but they also discuss their rare decays, and talk about axions and supersymmetry, and possible connections with dark matter, extra dimensions, baryogenesis and multiverse.This book is suitable for readers who know quantum mechanics and quantum field theories in general.

Supersymmetry Beyond Minimality

Author : Shaaban Khalil
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Supersymmetry (SUSY) is one of the most important ideas ever conceived in particle physics. It is a symmetry that relates known elementary particles of a certain spin to as yet undiscovered particles that differ by half a unit of that spin (known as Superparticles). Supersymmetric models now stand as the most promising candidates for a unified theory beyond the Standard Model (SM). SUSY is an elegant and simple theory, but its existence lacks direct proof. Instead of dismissing supersymmetry altogether, Supersymmetry Beyond Minimality: from Theory to Experiment suggests that SUSY may exist in more complex and subtle manifestation than the minimal model. The book explores in detail non-minimal SUSY models, in a bottom-up approach that interconnects experimental phenomena in the fermionic and bosonic sectors. The book considers with equal emphasis the Higgs and Superparticle sectors, and explains both collider and non-collider experiments. Uniquely, the book explores charge/parity and lepton flavour violation. Supersymmetry Beyond Minimality: from Theory to Experiment provides an introduction to well-motivated examples of such non-minimal SUSY models, including the ingredients for generating neutrino masses and/or relaxing the tension with the heavily constraining Large Hadron Collider (LHC) data. Examples of these scenarios are explored in depth, in particular the discussions on Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric SM (NMSSM) and B-L Supersymmetric SM (BLSSM).

Quantum Principles and Particles Second Edition

Author : Walter Wilcox
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This textbook offers a unique introduction to quantum mechanics progressing gradually from elementary quantum mechanics to aspects of particle physics. It presents the microscopic world by analysis of the simplest possible quantum mechanical system (spin 1/2). A special feature is the author’s use of visual aids known as process diagrams, which show how amplitudes for quantum mechanical processes are computed. The second edition includes a new chapter and problems on time-dependent processes, in addition to new material on quantum computing and improved illustrations. Key Features: Provides a completely updated text with expanded contents. Includes a brand new chapter on time-dependent processes and expanded coverage of recent developments in particle physics. Emphasizes a visual approach employing process diagrams and utilizing new figures. Incorporates quantum information theory in a new appendix, with other helpful supplements on notation, lattice models, weak flavor mixing, and numerical simulations.