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Supporting the Emotional Work of School Leaders

Author : Belinda M Harris
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This practical book deals with the emotional and moral dimensions of school leadership. The author sets out the intra-personal and interpersonal attributes, attitudes and behaviours necessary to develop emotional and moral leadership within the school community. The book provides a range of person-centred strategies for building communities of professionally committed, relationally competent, collaborative individuals.

The School Leader s Toolkit

Author : Mary Dawe
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'This is a practical, down-to-earth toolkit for a wide range of leadership areas, and the authors helpfully include practical examples and reflective exercises. Any new leader will appreciate this book' -Gillian Gee, GL Education 'This engaging and very practical book shows how leadership and management should "work" to help meet the challenge of raising pupil achievement' -Professor Peter Earley, Institute of Education This accessible and jargon-free book addresses key everyday topics faced by practising leaders. Providing hands-on examples and advice, the book shows you how to handle difficult decisions, resolve conflict, and prepare for Ofsted. Each chapter, written by a specialist in the area, contains: - bulleted chapter objectives - vignettes, thinking points, student quotes - case studies, figures and tables - ideas for best practice - further book and web reading This guide caters for leaders at any level, especially those undertaking further professional development and practice-based assessment. It will also be valuable to entry-level Master's students, and anyone on NPQH, Leadership Pathways and national programmes for headteachers and academy principals. Until recently Mary Dawe was Head of Leadership Development at The London Centre for Leadership in Learning at The Institute of Education, University of London. She is now an independent consultant.

Taking Responsibility for Learning and Teaching

Author : Chris Turner
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Being an effective teacher isn't just about what you do in the classroom; it's about working collaboratively to raise standards within the school and further afield. The author draws on evidence obtained from interviews with effective teachers in primary and secondary schools in England and Wales to explore what leading the learning means in terms of pedagogy in the classroom. Although rooted in a theoretical framework based on teacher leadership, this is a practical perspective on what a responsibility to lead the learning means in the reality of the classroom. The book contains action points and reflective questions, plus end of chapter summaries so you can quickly check your understanding. This book is for anyone who has been awarded a Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) or anyone seeking to gain one of these awards.

Improving School Leadership Volume 1 Policy and Practice

Author : Pont Beatriz
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Based on an OECD study of school leadership practices and policies around the world, this book identifies four policy levers and a range of policy options to help governments improve school leadership now and build sustainable leadership for the future.

Leading With Teacher Emotions in Mind

Author : Kenneth Leithwood
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This research-based study helps administrators create a school environment that responds to teacher emotions and results in higher teacher retention, instructional effectiveness, and student achievement.

Improving Schools Through Teacher Leadership

Author : Harris, Alma
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Focusing on the ways in which leadership can be fostered and enhanced, this text argues that teacher leadership is an instrinsic and important part of school and classroom improvement, as well as considering the roles, responsibilities and influences of teachers who lead.

Leadership Coaching for Educators

Author : Karla Reiss
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Empower your staff through coaching! There is an urgent need for school leaders to go beyond “top-down” supervision and coach educators to succeed. Use this comprehensive resource to design and implement an effective, school-wide coaching system that yields powerful results. Written by a veteran administrator and educational consultant, and aligned with the International Coach Federation’s Professional Coaching Core Competencies, this revised edition demystifies the coaching process and includes: Recent research projects, award-winning success stories, and trends in the field Graphic organizers and practical examples of coaching dialogue Guidance for school leaders on developing, designing, and implementing a successful coaching program

International Handbook on the Preparation and Development of School Leaders

Author : Jacky Lumby
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Sponsored by the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA), the British Educational Leadership, Management, and Administration Society (BELMAS), and the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM), this is the first book to provide a comprehensive and comparative review of what is known about the preparation and development of primary and secondary school leaders across the globe. It describes current issues and debates and offers an assessment of where the field of leadership development is headed. Key features include the following: Global Focus: this book provides the first comprehensive look at leadership preparation and development across the globe. The chapter authors are distinguished scholars, drawn from the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, and Africa. Topical & Geographical Focus: provides researchers and policymakers with critical descriptions and assessments of both topical and geographical areas. International Expertise: chapter contributors are drawn from a variety of theoretical perspectives and represent all major continents.

Improving School Leadership Volume 2 Case Studies on System Leadership

Author : Specialists Schools and Academies Trust
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This book explores what specialists are saying about system leadership for school improvement. Case studies examine innovative approaches to sharing leadership and to leadership development programmes for system improvement.

School mental Health Role of the Substance Abuse and mental Health Services Administration and Factors Affecting Service provision

Author : United States, Cynthia A Bascetta, Government Accountability Office
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Ethics Education of Business Leaders

Author : Tom E. Culham
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Events on Wall Street and Main Street reveal that some business leaders make dramatically unethical selfserving decisions that ignore the public interest. How can business schools educate future business leaders to make ethical decisions? Unfortunately, most business schools fail in teaching ethical decisionmaking. They erroneously assume that such decisionmaking is primarily conscious and reasonbased, reflecting the western cultural orientation toward science and logic. In this book, Thomas Culham cites neurological findings showing that unconscious processes and emotions play a much more significant role than reason in making ethical decisions. Culham urges business schools to teach a modified form of emotional intelligence, linked with researchsupported contemplative practices from the great meditative traditions. This book details the author's ethics curriculum and explains its successful application at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. This fascinating, interdisciplinary, and highly practical curriculum integrates philosophy (virtue ethics), Daoist thinking, psychology, and neuroscience. This curriculum intends to transform the way business schools teach decision making. Such an effort might just transform the way we do business.

The School Leader s Guide to Student Learning Supports

Author : Howard S. Adelman
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Based on an initiative endorsed by more than 20 professional groups, this guide for leaders provides the learning supports students need to succeed.

New Primary Leaders

Author : Michael Cowie
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New primary leaders face significant challenges worldwide and this book brings together the range of those experiences and challenges for the first time. It includes interviews with primary school leaders in the early years of leadership in 12 different countries. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the principal and the local context before the principal's own description of her or his experience as a new leader. The leaders discuss how they prepared for principalship, their experiences after taking up the post, the extent to which the job meets with their expectations and their hopes and fears for the future. The final chapter provides a comparative overview, exploring new principals' perceptions of key influences on schools and their communities, their reactions to the multiple, heightened and often-conflicting expectations, pressures and challenges they encounter and the implications for principal preparation internationally. The voices of principals from around the world provide a vivid and authentic picture of new school leaders in different contexts at the beginning of the 21st century.

Family Partnership Working

Author : Rita Cheminais
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Improving the quality and effectiveness of relationships with families is a key concern for all those working in education. Rita Cheminais provides an evaluation framework that will enable practitioners to review current practice, and further enhance and develop their partnership working with families. Six key themes of family partnership working are explored ethos, vision and policy; leadership, management and co-ordination; communication and information sharing; partnership in practice; early intervention; and effectiveness. Guidance on auditing your own work and action planning is included, and the book provides a range of practical resources which are available to download from the SAGE website.

Educational Management

Author : Harry Tomlinson
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Education management and leadership is a key area of study in education. Educational Management: Major Themes in Education brings together the most important literature in the field, exploring the historical context, the training and development of leaders and their roles in leading people and managing resources in education. The collection provides a focus on the major issues which are current in educational management throughout the world. The four volumes are arranged thematically, as follows: Volume 1: Educational Values Values and Religion Emotions and Gender Politics and Micropolitics Volume 2: Educational Theory Theory School of Effectiveness and School Improvement Financial Management and LSM Further Education Volume 3: Educational Leadership Leadership and Headteachers Learning Leadership Middle Leadership Volume 4: Educational Change History and Research Strategy, Marketing, Change and Culture A new introduction by the editor provides an overview of the field and guides the reader through this wealth of material. Titles also available in this series include, Literacy (June 2004, 4 Volumes, £495), Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education (August 2004, 4 Volumes, £495) and the forthcoming Early Years Education (2005, c.4 Volumes, c. £475)

Political Contexts of Educational Leadership

Author : Jane Lindle
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Co-published with UCEA, this exciting new textbook is the first to tackle the ISLLC Standard #6—the political context of education. This unique volume helps aspiring school leaders understand the dynamics of educational policy in multiple arenas at the local, state, and federal levels. Leaders are responsible for promoting the success of every student by understanding, responding to, and influencing the political, social, economic, legal, and cultural contexts in which education and learning reside. By presenting problem-posing cases, theoretical grounding, relevant research, and implications for practice, this book provides aspiring leaders with the background, learning experiences, and analytical tools to successfully promote student success in their contexts. Special features: Case studies - provide an authentic illustration of the political dynamics that emanate from individual, social, economic, and cultural issues surrounding all schools. Suggested activities - further aspiring school leaders’ understanding of political issues through experiences Companion website – includes shared resources relevant to all ISLLC standards, along with particular activities for ISLLC Standard #6

Effective Educational Leadership

Author : Nigel Bennett
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This book is an essential for providers and students of postgraduate level courses in educational management resource and for leadership development provision for head teacher induction programs, NPQH and LPSH. It is also suitable for short courses and for practitioners occupying or aspiring to leadership roles in schools, colleges and other educational organizations.

Teacher Leadership and Behaviour Management

Author : Bill Rogers
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In framing this book, Bill Rogers discusses `what changes' and `what stays the same' in teacher leadership and behaviour. Original chapters from well-known writers and practitioners set out current approaches in behaviour leadership, in terms of practical concerns about behaviour management and discipline. The emphasis on teacher leadership is intentional, as the authors believe that the kind of teacher leadership in a school significantly affects the effectiveness and humanity of discipline and management. All the contributors have a teaching background and all are directly involved with schools, in research and consultancy. Bill Rogers works in classrooms with teachers, as a coach/mentor. Each chapter demonstrates a commitment to support classroom teachers with practical action research in areas such as: - Teacher leadership - Effective teaching - Colleague support - Discipline and behaviour management - Working with students who show emotional-behavioural disorders. This book will be useful to teachers and other education professionals interested in behaviour management, discipline and colleague support issues.

Learning Focused Leadership in Action

Author : Michael S. Knapp
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In an educational context where school and district performance is of increasing focus, it’s essential for leaders at all levels of the educational system to focus on improving student performance. This volume zeros in on a promising set of strategies and practices for all leaders to motivate, support, and sustain learning in contemporary schools. Learning-Focused Leadership in Action explores what it means for educational leadership to be "learning-focused," what this looks like in practice at both the school and district level, and how such leadership changes can be set in motion. Drawing on extensive case study research in schools and districts that are making progress on learning improvement, this volume explores how leaders at all levels of the educational system can productively seek to improve the quality of learning opportunities and student performance, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Role Conflict Experienced by Teachers It s Relationship to Stress and Burnout

Author : Dr. Renee Peterson Hooper
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Teachers have been entrusted with the important job of providing a foundation for their students' educational journey. Their role is essential for providing an education that promotes lifelong learning, ensures motivation, and encourages a positive outlook on learning outcomes. Teachers must also encourage students to become proficient at the skills they need to be successful globally. By addressing the issues of burnout and stress, results could have the effect of improving academic achievement and preparation of students.