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Surface Modification Technologies XV

Author : T. S. Sudarshan
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Surface Modification Technologies XV presents the reviewed and edited proceedings of the SMT conference held in November 2001 in Indianapolis, USA.

Surface Modification Technologies X

Author : T. S. Sudarshan
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Topics covered include tribology; laser processing; thermal spray; CVD/PVD; emerging coating technologies/diamond films; application testing; corrosion, biomedical coatings; ion implantation.

Surface Modification Technologies Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies

Author : T. S. Sudarshan
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Surface Modification Technologies

Author : T. S. Sudarshan
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Laser Processing Surface Treatment and Film Deposition

Author : J. Mazumder
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Synthesis of nonequilibrium metallic phases has been an area of great interest to the materials processing community since early 1960. Inherent rapid cooling rates in laser processing are being used to engineer non-equilibrium microstructures which cannot be rivaled by other processes. This lecture will discuss the phenomena involved and its application in designing materials with tailored properties. What is non-equilibrium Synthesis? This is a synthesis method to produce binary or higher order materials where kinetics of the pro cess affects the transport of the constituent elements during phase transformation resulting in a composition or crystallographic configuration which is different from what is observed when the elements arranges themselves with the lowest possible Gibbs Free energy, which is the equilibrium condition. Figure 1 illustrates the phenomena. Phase diagram under equilibrium condition is illustrated by the solid line whereas the no-equilibrium phase diagram is represented by the dotted line. One can observe the shrinkage of the phase field under non-equilibrium condition. Any alloy composition between the solidus lines of the equilibrium and non-equilibrium phase diagram will be a non equilibrium alloys with extended solid solution.

Surface Modification Technologies V

Author :
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Surface Engineering of Light Alloys

Author : Hanshan Dong
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The growing use of light alloys in industries such as aerospace, sports equipment and biomedical devices is driving research into surface engineering technologies to enhance their properties for the desired end use. Surface engineering of light alloys: Aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys provides a comprehensive review of the latest technologies for modifying the surfaces of light alloys to improve their corrosion, wear and tribological properties. Part one discusses surface degradation of light alloys with chapters on corrosion behaviour of magnesium alloys and protection techniques, wear properties of aluminium-based alloys and tribological behaviour of titanium alloys. Part two reviews surface engineering technologies for light alloys including anodising, plasma electrolytic oxidation, thermal spraying, cold spraying, physical vapour deposition, plasma assisted surface treatment, PIII/PSII treatments, laser surface modification, ceramic conversion and duplex treatments. Part three covers applications for surface engineered light alloys including sports equipment, biomedical devices and plasma electrolytic oxidation and anodised aluminium alloys for spacecraft applications. With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Surface engineering of light alloys: Aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys is a standard reference for engineers, metallurgists and materials scientists looking for a comprehensive source of information on surface engineering of aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys. Discusses surface degradation of light alloys considering corrosion behaviour and wear and tribological properties Examines surface engineering technologies and modification featuring plasma electrolytic oxidation treatments and both thermal and cold spraying Reviews applications for engineered light alloys in sports equipment, biomedical devices and spacecraft

Surface Treatment in Bonding Technology

Author : Anna Rudawska
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Surface Treatment in Bonding Technology provides valuable advice on surface treatment methods, modern measuring devices, and the appropriate experimentation techniques that are essential to create strong joints with a reliable service life. The book's focus is on the detailed and up-to-date analysis of surface treatment methods for metallic and polymer substrates. An analysis of factors affecting the surface preparation stage, together with advice on selection, is also provided. Essential theory is combined with experimentation techniques and industry practice to provide a guide that is both practical and academically rigorous. Including a general introduction to bonding, as well as coverage of mechanical, chemical and electrochemical methods, this book is the ideal primer for anyone working with or researching adhesive bonding. Provides detailed descriptions of surface treatments and their mechanisms that will help readers build a deep understanding of these fundamental techniques Includes a thorough survey of recent advances in research in surface treatments of metals and polymers Provides technical advice on experimental testing methods throughout the book

Proceedings of the Symposium on Compatability of Biomedical Implants

Author : Electrochemical Society. Corrosion Division
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Reconstruction of the Knee Joint

Author : S. Niwa
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More than 20 years have passed since the International Symposium on Total Knee Replacement was held in London in 1974. Prosthetic design and operative technique have been greatly improved since then, and there is now an accepted standard concept of total knee arthroplasty. Thirteen years after the London symposium, another international symposium on total knee replacement was held, this time in Nagoya, Japan, in 1987. Its ambitious objective was to push forward the frontiers of continuous investigation and improve ment of total knee replacement. The fruits of the individual efforts presented at the Nagoya symposium were published in a volume of proceedings entitled Total Knee Replacement. In the years since 1987, further investigations have been conducted in various parts of the world regarding prosthetic design, fixation, long-term radiological follow-up, biomechanical evaluation, and biomaterials research. In knee ligament reconstruc tion, rapid progress has been made in the past five years in clinical practice and fundamental research by means of arthroscopic surgery and tissue transplantation, and we have come close to establishing a standard treatment. Under these circumstances, an international symposium on knee joint reconstruc tion was planned for 1994, again to be held in Nagoya, to provide ample opportunity for exchanging information and sharing clinical experience from around the world.