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Sustainable Development Asia Pacific Perspectives

Author : Pak Sum Low
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The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing especially rapid development and population increase, and issues of global change and sustainable development are likely to be of particular importance in the coming decades. This book presents chapters by leading international experts on the major issues relating to global change and sustainable development from the perspectives of Asia and the Pacific. It also highlights the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development and poverty reduction within the changing ecological, social, cultural and economic environment in this region. The volume is an invaluable reference for all researchers and policy makers with an interest in global change and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.

Perspectives on Sustainable Development in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Syed Abdus Samad
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Accounting for Sustainability Asia Pacific Perspectives

Author : Ki-Hoon Lee
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This book advances the understanding of corporate sustainability and challenges and roles of sustainability accounting in the Asia-Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific region has shown fast economic growth for several decades which is expected to continue. In this context, Asia has become the “production engine” of the global economy. At the same time scientific reports reveal that some planetary boundaries are crossed, for example relating to biodiversity and climate change. Companies in the Asia-Pacific region are therefore increasingly challenged to reduce their environmental impacts, to document their social contribution and to contribute to sustainable development. Key approaches to identify sustainability problems and challenges, to support improvement processes and to back up sustainability contributions include accounting and reporting. In contrast to the high relevance of accounting and reporting for corporate sustainability for the Asia-Pacific region, academic research has so far been dominated by Western researchers and pre-dominantly dealt with Western and Japanese cases and approaches. It is thus time to take account of Asian perspectives on accounting and reporting for sustainability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Skills for Inclusive and Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development

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Service Sector Reforms

Author : Gloria Pasadilla
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This is a collection of studies on services, most of which were presented at the conference on "Reforming services for inclusive and sustainable development of Asia and the Pacific" held in Bali, Indonesia in October 2010. The collection provides an agenda for future empirical research and must be perceived as a start. Its aim is to pinpoint key research questions and policy challenges, for which more focused analytical scrutiny, better data and more fine-tuned modelling efforts can hope to produce findings to improve public policies. Work of this nature may underpin the formulation, conducting and implementation of trade and investment policies, both within the remit of domestic reforms and of international cooperation and preferential and multilateral negotiations.

Strengthening Community Competence for Social Development

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Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Author : Richard Welford
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Bulletin on Asia Pacific Perspectives

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Achieving Quality Education for All

Author : Phillip Hughes
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Due to the development of the international Education for All and Education for Sustainable Development movements, for which UNESCO is the lead agency, there has been an increasing emphasis on the power of education and schooling to help build more just and equitable societies. Thus giving everyone the opportunity to develop their talents to the full, regardless of characteristics such as gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity, religious persuasion, or regional location. As enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights over five decades ago, everyone has the right to receive a high quality and relevant education. In order to try to achieve this ideal, many countries are substantially re-engineering their education systems with an increasing emphasis on promoting equity and fairness, and on ensuring that everyone has access to a high quality and relevant education. They are also moving away from the traditional outlook of almost exclusively stressing formal education in schools as the most valuable way in which people learn, to accepting that important and valuable learning does not just occur in formal, dedicated education institutions, but also through informal and non-formal means. Thus learning is both lifelong and life-wide. This book brings together the experience and research of 40 recognised and experienced opinion leaders in education around the world. The book investigates the most effective ways of ensuring the UNESCO aim of effective education for all people in the belief that not only should education be a right for all, but also that education and schooling has the potential to transform individual lives and to contribute to the development of more just, humane and equitable societies.