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Taboo Or to Do

Author : Ross Clifford
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Today, some Christians--as part of their own personal growth--and some churches--as part of their desire to reach the 'spiritual but not religious'--are adapting spiritual practices that have their roots in East Asian religions or in disciplines that emerge from New Age and New Spirituality. Other voices within the Church are wary of, and in some cases condemn, involvement with such practices. This book sifts through some of the most popular practices and asks whether or not they should really be considered off-limits for Christians or incompatible with the way of Jesus. Each chapter provides a brief history of the alternative practice in focus, followed by an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses within a Christian framework, and a case study of a church interacting with the practice. Taboo or To Do? includes a Foreword by John Drane.

Sex is Taboo to Discuss But Not to Do

Author : Irmasanthi Danadharta
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Taboo Tabernacle

Author : A.W. Archer
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At the end of the day, Taboo Tabernacle isnt just about taboo topics like sex, drugs, rock n roll, religion, politics, faith, witchcraft, and cannabis. It isnt even about science, math, history, medicine, justice or apologetics; although, there is much of that in it. Its about connecting people to Christ in a way that can not only surprise them, but can electrify them. From the depths of space to the lowest sub-atomic particle in the human body, the sustainers fingerprint is everywhere. I want to help people get so excited about Gods amazing love that they cant stop talking about it. From the balanced believer to the super secularist, I believe that all people suffer from false presuppositions about life and the way things are at one point or another. Whether its from the way we were raised, something traumatic that happened to us growing up, or perhaps it is simply the default consensus opinion of the culture we are currently in; we all have presuppositions, some true and some false. I would like all of us to start breaking down the man made walls of false presupposition that separate us today, and replace them with bridges of truth and understanding from a biblical worldview that makes sense in both the physical world and spiritual realm. Get ready to look at life through a whole new lens.

What I Do Is Taboo Mocha Treasures Edition

Author : Yonder
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Find out what happens when the characters from What I do is Taboo meet the Black Bird Detective Series. Sparks will fly and lessons will be learned as Raven and Rourke finally meet.

Taboo Topics

Author : Norman L. Farberow
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 Why is it so hard to investigate taboo topics? A myriad of forces shape and fashion human action, reaction, thought, and feeling, and these are not always well understood. Norman L. Farberow argues that culture itself provides structure for its members, developing in a well-defined way the rules to which they will conform. Such rules find expression not only in written laws and regulations but include, and most often stem from, unwritten folkways, customs, and especially taboos, the subject of this book. The researchers reporting in this volume take no position on the nature of a taboo itself, but concentrate on the difficulty in investigating taboos. As members of society and human beings, they do make judgments and personal investments. Thus, when taboos continue or develop without useful society-enriching functions or facilitate self-destructive activities, they raise questions about why they persist. Such topics include many areas—some social, such as sex, death, and peace; others more academic, such as parapsychology, graphology, religion, and hypnosis. Peace and the public are included in the discussion because they are emotion-laden areas and powerful and important factors in a shrinking world and expanding universe. Peace, especially, has begun to be looked upon with suspicion—perhaps a real commentary on our times. This probing collection will be sure to interest sociologists, anthropologists, and all other social scientists.

Teaching the Taboo

Author : Rick Ayers
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Rick and William Ayers renew their challenge to teachers to teach initiative, to teach imagination, to “teach the taboo” in the new edition of this bestseller. Drawing from a lifetime of deep commitment to students, teaching, and social justice, the authors update their powerful critique of schooling and present classroom stories of everyday teachers grappling with many of today’s hotly debated issues. They invite educators to live a teaching life of questioning—to imagine classrooms where every established and received bit of wisdom, common sense, orthodoxy, and dogma is open for examination, interrogation, and rethinking. Teaching the Taboo, Second Edition is an insightful guide to effective pedagogy and essential reading for anyone looking to evolve as an educator. What’s new for the second edition of Teaching the Taboo! A deeper exploration of issues of white privilege and racism and war and peace. A more thorough examination of the problems with math and science education, including possible solutions. An expanded exploration of the importance of creative writing for validating individual and community experiences. A more thorough discussion of Freire’s work and comparison to the radical teaching projects of African American activists in the south during the Freedom Schools. An in-depth look at how students can be part of co-constructing historical narratives and analyses. An update on school struggles in Atlanta, Chicago, and Seattle. Praise for the first edition of Teaching the Taboo! “For those frustrated by the thrust of educational 'reform'…this book provides what can be described as both a challenge and a set of alternatives.” —Education Review “Drawing from a lifetime of deep thinking about education and courageous commitment to precious students, Rick and William Ayers have given us a marvelous book. Their devastating critique of the pervasive market models in education and their powerful defense of democratic forms of imagination in schools are so badly needed in our present-day crisis!” —Cornel West, Princeton University “Teaching the Taboo is provocative, challenging, funny in places, wild but sensible enough to be useful, inspiring, and practical for educators who are working to negate the educational madness that is infecting the schools.” —Herb Kohl, author of 36 Children and Painting Chinese Rick Ayers is a university instructor and founder of the Communication Arts and Sciences small school at Berkeley High School, and teaches at the University of San Francisco. William Ayers is a school reform activist and a Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

What I Do Is Taboo V

Author : Yonder
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Yonder- performs surgey via your mind as he explores everthing TABOO

Strictly Taboo

Author : Jaid Black
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Three sexy, original stories of men who are totally off-limits. From the author of the sizzling One Dark Night—three highly charged tales of unexpected desire, from the faraway past deep into the distant future... Here are three beautiful, daring women who find themselves succumbing to the forbidden, overpowering passion ignited by their arch enemies. Set in three different worlds-the past, the present, and the future-these stories will take readers way beyond their wildest imagination and into their most sensuous fantasies.

Taboo Or Not Taboo

Author : Ilona Nemesnyik Rashkow
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In a changing society, Christians and Jews have looked to the Bible to find values and models. But the Hebrew Bible does not offer just a single model for family behavior or relationships. This volume explores the positive and negative aspects of family life in ancient Israel as portrayed in the Bible. Rashkow examines the relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, and siblings, looking at the variety of conflicts that emerged: incest, rape, abuse, murder, and hatred. Ultimately, Rashkow's analysis provides a reflection on family, which is given texture and depth through her use of psychoanalysis and literary theory. This text traces the influence of the biblical images on later Western literature and society and provides comparative discussions of other ancient Near Eastern literatures. Also useful as a textbook for courses in Hebrew Bible, feminist studies, and psychological interpretations of the Bible.

Totem and Taboo

Author : Sigmund Freud
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Widely acknowledged to be one of Freud's greatest cultural works, when Totem and Taboo was first published in 1913, it caused outrage. Thorough and thought-provoking, Totem and Taboo remains the fullest exploration of Freud's most famous themes. Family, society, religion - they're all put on the couch here. Whatever your feelings about psychoanalysis, Freud's theories have influenced every facet of modern life, from film and literature to medicine and art. If you don't know your incest taboo from your Oedipal complex, and you want to understand more about the culture we're living in, then Totem and Taboo is the book to read.


Author : Shirley R. Steinberg
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Taboo: Essays on Culture and Education is a collection of 15 compelling and controversial articles from the pages of Taboo: The Journal of Cultural Studies and Education. Scholars including Henry A. Giroux, Deborah P. Britzman, and Lawrence Grossberg explore intersections of race, gender, sexuality, social class, and power by examining cultural icons such as Forrest Gump and Borat, and social phenomena including cheerleading and the depiction of Jewish mothers on television. Taboo: Essays on Culture and Education is an indispensable resource for cultural studies scholars and students alike.


Author : Wilfred Reilly
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You Can’t Say That! Do you have a right to be offended by the facts? Against all the evidence, the mainstream media insist that America has never been more racist and sexist. The police are waging a war on Black people. “White privilege” means minorities never get a fair shake. Although this narrative of oppression is demonstrably fictitious, it is taboo to question it, and those who do so risk being labeled racist or sexist themselves. America needs an honest conversation based on common sense and cold, hard facts. Honesty and respect for the facts are the specialty of Wilfred Reilly, the celebrated author of Hate Crime Hoax. In Taboo, he fearlessly examines ten forbidden truths that have been buried by political correctness. They include: -The Black rate of violent crime is roughly 2.5 times the white rate. When demographic variables are taken into account, there are no racial differences in the rate of police-involved shootings. -Interracial crime is remarkably rare, but 75 to 80 percent of it occurs against white people. -Minorities can be racist—take the Nation of Islam, which holds that white people are an inferior race created by a Black scientist. -Disparities between racial groups in IQ testing and SAT performance are the result of cultural variables, such as the presence of a father in the home, not racism. Reilly goes where most social scientists fear to tread, using objective statistics and common sense to tackle taboo topics. Taboo is an essential takedown of the lies you hear every day from ideological activists and lazy, biased media.

Taboo and Lust

Author : Jim Masters
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Excerpt: It was now late afternoon and just two students left. First was Eric. He had done really well at school and achieved high grades. Here at university he was head and shoulders above everyone else. He was a pleasure to teach and he worked hard with his studies. He produced top quality work and always on time. He would do well. We talked about the book he was currently studying and time flew. There was a knock at the door, my last student appointment of the afternoon. I looked up "That went fast" I said to Eric. "Come in" I shouted towards the door. It opened and Kylie came in. My heart fell. She was the original dumb blonde. Kylie was 19, strawberry blonde with huge blue eyes and a figure to die for. I might be more than twice her age, a widower and her tutor but I hadn't lost my libido. My mind sank at the prospect of a tedious session where nothing apparently went into her brain and my cock splendidly hardened as I looked at her. I think she tried her best but that just didn't cut the mustard and I often wondered how she gained her A Level grades to get to university.

Language and Politics

Author : John E. Joseph
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Language, this book argues, is political from top to bottom, whether considered at the level of an individual speaker's choice of language or style of discourse with others (where interpersonal politics are performed), or at the level of political rhetoric, or indeed all the way up to the formation of national languages. By bringing together this set of topics and highlighting how they are interrelated, the book will function well as a textbook on any applied or sociolinguistic course in which some or all of these various aspects of the politics of language are covered.

Comforting the Fearful

Author : Leroy T. Howe
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Explains how readers who suffer from chronic fear and anxiety can find faith-based solutions, considering current psychological insight into anxiety, offering practical guidance to caregivers, and outlining a parish-based treatment program. Original.


Author : Franz Steiner
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Scholars have been trying to explain taboo customs ever since Captain Cook discovered them in Polynesia over 200 years ago. The subject has been treated at length, but none of the theories has more than a limited validity, so numerous are the taboos recorded and so diverse the societies in which they occur. This book contains chapters on: · Taboo as a Victorian invention · The complicated taboos in the Pentateuch · Taboos in Polynesia Originally published in 1956.

The Last Taboo

Author : Scott Simmie
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At any given time, three million Canadians are living with some kind of mental illness. But despite its prevalence, the public and even some health practitioners are badly misinformed about its causes and treatment. This book is an essential road map to hope and recovery. It tells the reader where to get help and what pitfalls to avoid. It defines the most common forms of mental illness, discusses the advantages and drawbacks of medication, and tackles the ultimate taboo of suicide. It offers coping strategies for consumers, family members, friends, and employers, and demonstrates how they can all contribute to the recovery of a person with a mental illness. Medication and psychotherapy only go so far – housing, meaningful activity, and friendships are as crucial to recovery as any drug. In The Last Taboo, Scott Simmie recounts his own battle with a serious mental disorder, and his partner, Julia Nunes, provides a care-giver and supporter’s perspective on living with a mentally ill loved-one. Throughout they include the real stories of other Canadians, who give their own perspectives on the successes and failures of the health care system. • In any given year, one in five Canadians will experience symptoms of mental disorder • The Last Taboo provides sympathetic advice and practical information on: the causes of mental disorder/mood disorders, including depression and bipolar affective disorder / anxiety disorders / substance abuse / eating disorders / personality disorders / schizophrenia / where to go for help / giving help / medication / psychotherapy / alternative medicine / stigma / suicide • Includes Appendix, Glossary, Useful Books, and Useful Websites From the Hardcover edition.


Author : Don Kulick
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Taboo looks at the ethnographer and sexuality in anthropological fieldwork and considers the many roles that sexuality plays in the anthropological production of knowledge and texts. How does the sexual identity that anthropologists have in their "home" society affect the kind of sexuality they are allowed to express in other cultures? How is the anthropologists' sexuality perceived by the people with whom he or she does research? How common is sexual violence and intimidation in the field and why is its existence virtually unmentioned in anthropology? These are but a few of the questions to be confronted, exploring from differing perspectives the depth of the influence this tabooed topic has on the entire practice and production of anthropology. A long-overdue text for all students and lecturers of anthropology, many post-fieldwork readers will find a resonance of issues they have previously faced (or tried to avoid) and those who are still to undertake fieldwork will find articles that refer to other kinds of personal and professional experience as well as providing invaluable preparations for coping in the field.

The Plague Dogs

Author : Richard Adams
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"Thousands and thousands of people will love this book!" THE BOSTON GLOBE A lyrical, engrossing tale, by the author of WATERSHIP DOWN, Richard Adams creates a lyrical and engrossing tale, a remarkable journey into the hearts and minds of two canine heroes, Snitter and Rowf, fugitives from the horrors of an animal research center who escape into the isolation--and terror--of the wilderness.

Corporate Denial

Author : Will Murray
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What do you do when ordinary becomes OK? Corporate Denial confronts head on everything that anybody who has ever worked in a company goes home and moans about, and helps do something about it. The vast majority of companies are in denial about the fact that they have become very ordinary places to be. As a result they are unchallenging, uninspiring, ineffective and generally listless. Corporate Denial helps companies of all sizes communicate and get to grips with the etiquette of inaction. It says the things you have longed to say, talks about the things you see on a daily basis and gives you a hammer to smash some corporate cows with. This is a manifesto for action for those who are just interested in the pursuit of good business. Read it and lead your organization out of denial. Corporate Denial comes with its very own antidote, Codenial, to relieve the pressures and pains of working. Codenial (tm) provides: Fast relief from the etiquette of inaction Treats meaningless corporate values Alleviates lost purpose and low corporate libido Restores sanity and clears up confusion Provokes effective communication