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Taking Back My Voice

Author : Annette Smith Bisbee
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When you've reached the bottom, there's only one way to go-up. But how, when all your bridges are burned and there's nothing to hold onto? Annette comes forward in this very real book to reveal her abuse and her sins and the crushing guilt and shame they leave behind. These pages come to life in the sweet and innocent memories of childhood, sprinkled with love and fun, living in a family of four girls and four boys. Then when Annette is only six, she became scared, bashful, and insecure. At eleven, she faced sexual abuse from a member close to her family until she was in her late teens. She grew bitter and filled her days dreaming of the day she would leave for good. After a divorce and remarriage, even more darkness hovered. In her forties and married for the second time, Annette had a flashback, and a dark secret was revealed. She must now take back her voice and head home. She knows the direction, but she doesn't know it will be such a long arduous journey. You'll cry, you'll laugh, and you'll find the ultimate joy as Annette walks it all out.

Taking Back My Life

Author : Allison Gregory Daniels
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Allison Gregory Daniels has been performing in the areas of television, radio and stage for several years. She debuted her first poetry and inspirational book signing at Adelia's Restaurant in Takoma Park, Md in 1999. Allison G. Daniels is a native Washingtonian. She received her early education from the D.C. public school systems. She has been captivated by poetry virtually all of her life and has been writing poetry since age eleven. She is the author of 10 collection of poetry books, "Revitalizing Your Spirit", "Black Man I Love You", "Yearning For Love", and "Jesus A Joy To Call My Own". Allison is also the author of one collection of inspiration, a book entitled, "Facing Tomorrow". Over the past few years, she has authored over 1000 poems and had several published. She is also a Distinguished Member of the International Society of poets and was elected into the International Poetry Hall of Fame on March 3, 1997. Her poems have been well-published throughout the United States. Mrs. Daniels poems were created for the purpose of healing and comforting the spirit by means of expressive art poems. These poems are used in pictorial designs and appear on T-shirts, book marks, and greeting cards. Allison enjoys sharing messages of hope and love through her poetry. She has dedicated her life to the art of poetry. She has also donated several of her poems to the local newspapers throughout the Washington D.C. area. She envisions a progressive Christian and counseling center that will enable the youth of today and tomorrow to grow and develop spiritually and creatively.

Taking Back Hedy

Author : Hed Vann
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"Taking Back Hedy" is a true story about love and human triumph that unfolds as a woman's endless love for her children obligates her to stay in a marriage of forty-six years. Helen (aka Hedy) reveals her tremendous strength, courage and truth as she is able to stand in her power during times that would normally break someone in half. While in the U.S. Air Force, her verbally abusive husband admits to having had affairs with other women. In the fifteenth year of her marriage, completely taken by fate, she meets her soul mate, Bill Vann; a married man with a beautiful spirit. They experience love at first sight, have an affair but with gut-wrenching heartbreak, stay in their marriages; never knowing if they will ever see each other again. Twenty-nine years later, she receives a letter from the daughter she so painfully gave up for adoption. It is her daughter who brings her biological parents together for a timeless and passionate reunion that encompasses a lifetime. As the anchor to the family she refers to as The Circle of Love, she is left with exposing her true love story to her three full-grown children. Helen takes back her childhood name, "Hedy" and empowers herself to experience freedom and possibly her long-awaited, postponed love with Bill. The airport reunions leave crowds of spectators watching in celebration as Hedy leaps into Bill's arms and wraps her legs around his waist! Today, both in their mid-seventies they are married and just as in love as they were when they first met!

Taking Back Forever

Author : Karen Amanda Hooper
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Book 2 of The Kindrily series. Forever is worth the fight. Maryah erased all memory of her past lives, but she couldn’t erase her soul mate Nathan, or his undying love. Now, Maryah and Nathan have a second chance at a future together, but first Maryah must remember the person she used to be and embrace her supernatural gifts—more than one kindrily member’s life depends on it. Maryah’s power is Harmony’s best hope of finding her kidnapped soul mate, Gregory. But Harmony isn’t big on asking anyone for help, and she’s tired of waiting, so she’s taking matters into her own hands. Heaven help anyone who stands in her way. *Recommended for ages 15 and older due to mature content.* Keywords: young adult, YA, teen, romance, YA romance, paranormal romance, fantasy, supernatural, soul mates, reincarnation, magic, love story, series, saga, Kindrily, metaphysical, Sedona, spiritual, star-crossed,

Taking Back God

Author : Leora Tanenbaum
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In Taking Back God Leora Tanenbaum recounts the stories of women across the United States, starting with herself, who love their religion but hate their second-class status within it. If you've witnessed the preferential treatment of men in America's houses of worship, you will not be surprised to learn that there is a surge of women in this country rising up and demanding religious equality. More and more, religious women—Christian, Muslim, and Jewish—are declaring that they expect to be treated as equals in the religious sphere. They want the same meaningful spiritual connections enjoyed by their brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons. They embrace the word of God but are critical of their faith's male-oriented theology and liturgy. They reject the conventional interpretations of religious traditions that give women a different—and, to their minds, lesser—status. Rather than abandoning their faith, they are taking it back and making it stronger, transforming religion while maintaining tradition. Tanenbaum relates the experiences of Catholics, evangelical and mainline Protestants, Muslims, and observant Jews. The conflict they face—honoring tradition while expanding it to synchronize with modern values—is ultimately one that all people of faith grapple with today.

Taking Back Mary Ellen Black

Author : Lisa Childs
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A starter marriage hadn't been the first act Mary Ellen Black had meant to script for herself, but bowing out provided hard-won perspective: The most important things in life were not things at all, but the people she held dear. In her case, the lovable eccentrics she called family, the ones who were more than ready to support her leading role—if only she'd step into the spotlight. So now Mary Ellen's drafted act two—her return home—and she's pretty sure she's ready for the performance of Her Life, starring a strong, single mother of two. She's all dressed up and ready to take on the world…and take back the woman she was meant to be.

Taking Back the River

Author : Sheila A. O'Quirke
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Just a Girl

Author : Ellie Cahill
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In this pitch-perfect novel from the author of When Joss Met Matt (“One of those books that make you forget everything around you.”—Sophie Jordan), a rock ’n’ roll diva must choose between her career and her heart. After getting kicked out of her own band—by her own boyfriend—Presley Mason finds herself back in Wisconsin, helping her parents run their renowned music store. Instead of belting out powerhouse vocals to sold-out crowds in L.A., she’s stocking shelves and inspecting rental violins. But the shop isn’t all bad: When she’s vacuuming up late one night, she bumps into the guitar teacher with the smoldering amber eyes and the killer tattoo. And that’s when things take an interesting turn. Presley soon finds that Paul Kellerman is as good in bed as he is on guitar. So why isn’t he stoked to share his band, Jukebox Bleu, with her? Turns out Paul has crippling stage fright, which he’s been self-medicating without much success. But when Jukebox Bleu’s lead singer gets called for military service, the other members beg Presley to front them. Even though she swore never to mix men with music again, the temptation to perform is almost as intense as her chemistry with Paul. Now Presley must decide what’s more important: a second chance at love . . . or rock stardom. Praise for Just a Girl “I found Just a Girl by Ellie Cahill to be exactly what I was looking for: a romance about people in their young twenties who live and behave like they are in their young twenties. . . . I really liked this book.”—Smart Bitches “Ever since reading my first book by Ms. Cahill, I’ve been looking forward to reading another of her stories . . . this was a very entertaining, fast-paced, amusing read that had me captivated from start to finish.”—Harlequin Junkie “Just a Girl is one of those books that really pulls you onto the scene and makes you feel like a part of the action! . . . Ellie Cahill is always such a delightful author to read! . . . If you’re in the mood for some fun romances, her books are exactly what you need!”—Book Addicts Guide “An easy and lighthearted read. I liked the story and the humour that popped up every now and then.”—Romance Between the Sheets Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


Author : Michael Ivie
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This book tells the story of a proud and determined Sion of a Mormon pioneer to work to restore his ancestor's tarnished image and have his excommunication reversed.

Sex Teens and Everything in Between

Author : Shafia Zaloom
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The only book you need to start a conversation with your kids about sexual harassment, consent, #metoo, and more Many American teens are steeped in a culture that sends unsettling messages about sex, through everything from politics to music to the normalization of porn. In today's environment, it's crucial that teens be able to ask hard questions about how to take care of themselves, make decisions that reflect their values, and stay safe. In Sex, Teens, and Everything in Between, veteran teen sex educator and mother of three Shafia Zaloom helps you discuss a wide variety of sex-related topics with your teens, including: How to get and give consent What it means to have "good" sex How to help prevent sexual harassment and assault How to stay safe in difficult situations The legal consequences of sexual harassment and assault, and what to do if a teen experiences assault or is accused of it Stories from survivors of sexual assault Approachable, engaging, and with real-life scenarios and discussion questions in every chapter, Sex, Teens, and Everything in Between is a must-have resource that gives parents and educators the tools they need to have meaningful conversations with teens about what sex can and should be.