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Talking Collective Action

Author : Ole Pütz
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An ethnographic study of anti-nuclear movement groups that both challenges assumptions of traditional social movement studies of strategic action and shows what can be gained through microanalysis of talk in meetings, this book advances social movement studies methodologically and theoretically through the application of a new method of sequential analysis. Drawing on both conversation analysis and objective hermeneutics, it builds on microanalysis to scale up from sequences of talk to meetings, from meetings to groups, and from groups to the anti-nuclear movement, thus addressing a common criticism of analyses of face-to-face interactions: that they fail to demonstrate how their findings are relevant for questions beyond the interaction itself and thus for a broader sociological audience. A demonstration of the ways in which strategic deliberations by activists are subject to dynamics of face-to-face interaction, Talking Collective Action shows how groups adopt different styles of planning to engage with their environment and affect the groups’ development over time. As such, it will appeal to social scientists with interests in social movements, organizations and conversation analysis.

Sweet Talk

Author : J. P. Singh
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Developed nations strive to create the impression that their hearts and pockets bleed for the developing world. Yet, the global North continues to offer unfavorable trade terms to the global South. Truly fair trade would make reciprocal concessions to developing countries while allowing them to better their own positions. However, five hundred years of colonial racism and post-colonial paternalism have undermined trade negotiations. While urging developing countries to participate in trade, the North offers empty deals to "partners" that it regards as unequal. Using a mixed-methods approach, J. P. Singh exposes the actual position beneath the North's image of benevolence and empathy: either join in the type of trade that developed countries offer, or be cast aside as obstreperous and unwilling. Singh reveals how the global North ultimately bars developing nations from flourishing. His findings chart a path forward, showing that developing nations can garner favorable concessions by drawing on unique strengths and through collective advocacy. Sweet Talk offers a provocative rethinking of how far our international relations have come and how far we still have to go.

Collective Action and Fundamental Freedoms in Europe

Author : Edoardo Ales
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Recent cases decided by the European Court of Justice have raised crucial issues regarding the scope for collective action in Europe. In this context, this collection of essays investigates treatment of the right to strike in seven Member States of the European Union: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Each national report examines how legal regulation seeks to address conflicting interests, namely those of employers, workers and the public at large. Each report also outlines the potential impact of EU jurisprudence in that country. Striking the balance between domestic entitlements to take industrial action and the protection of EU fundamental freedoms is far from straightforward. The problem of balance is considered further in three supplementary essays. The first of these assesses the position of those engaged in or affected by collective action under conflict of law principles stated in Rome II. The second essay provides a comparative analysis of the constitutional status (or otherwise) of collective action. The volume ends with an essay which subjects to scrutiny the assumptions made by the European Court of Justice in the Viking and Laval judgments, which would seem to be questionable, in the light of the national reports presented in this book. Comparative labour law emerging from this book [...] launches new ideas and sends new messages, well beyond close self-referential circles, out into the borderless community of scholars, social partners and economic actors, interested in pursuing social justice.-Silvana Sciarra

Wikipedia as Collective Action

Author : Benjamin Keith Johnson
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Speaking Our Minds

Author : Carly Megan Fox
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Forum Talk

Author : Steven Joseph Dick
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Small Town Talk

Author : Helen Kathleen Cook
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From Talk to Action

Author : Leadership Council for Inter-American Summitry
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Collective Violence

Author :
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Reading as Collective Action

Author : Nicholas Hengen Fox
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Reading as Collective Action examines literature's power to reshape our world in very public and very active ways. Whether through readers publicly posting poems of Shakespeare and Amiri Baraka to criticize the Bush administration, forming a community reading program using Grapes of Wrath to organize support during the recent Great Recession, or taking to public transit to talk with strangers about working-class literature, this book challenges dominant academic modes of reading. For adherents of the "civic turn," it suggests how we can create more politically effective forms of service learning and community engagement grounded in commitment to tactical, grassroots actions. -- from back cover.

The Pep Talk

Author : Hugh Rank
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Recognizing the proliferation of persuasive language in advertising and in politics, this guide explains how to analyze political language for its persuasive techniques and why it is important to do so. The first chapter of the book provides a rationale for analyzing persuasion, and an overview of the book. The remaining chapters explore various patterns of persuasion as follows: (1) benefit-seeking behaviors, (2) benefit-promising behaviors, (3) intensifying and downplaying good and bad qualities, (4) the advertising pitch, (5) the political pep talk, (6) the threat, (7) bonding, (8) good causes, (9) triggering a response, (10) images and issues in election rhetoric, and (11) lies and deceptions. Simplified teaching aids for use with this guide are appended. (Hth).

Talking Politics

Author : William A. Gamson
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William Gamson asks, how is it that so many people become active in movements if they are so uninterested and badly informed about issues?

Talking Back

Author : Shannon Skarphol Kaml
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Canada and the Third World what are the Choices

Author : Canadian Institute on Public Affairs
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Text Talk

Author :
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Locomotive Engineers Journal

Author :
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Straight Talk for Monday Morning

Author : Allan Cox
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Written by one of the foremost thinkers in the field of management consultation that shows managers how they can adjust their daily behavior (the ``little things'' they do) to foster vigorous, decisive, efficient and productive teams. Focusing on how managers need to behave, it tells them how to make their teams work faster and smarter and, at the same time, be more dependable. Very accessible and easy to read, it is organized around 100 parables knit together with commentary. Among the major themes is the author's rejection of consensus building because of its slow, tedious and cumbersome way of accomplishing a given task. You'll find out how you, the executive, serve as the catalyst for action, how to take decisive action, what nitty-gritty steps are necessary, and how to exercise vision both for you and your team—as individuals and for the organization as a whole.

How to Talk about COVID 19

Author : Jess Berentson-Shaw
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Promotion of Small and Medium sized Firms in Developing Countries Through Collective Actions

Author : Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques. Centre de développement
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Open Letter

Author :
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