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Talking Funny for Money

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(Applause Books). Talking Funny for Money is a two-CD voice-over workshop (with demonstrations by professional voice-over performers), accompanied by an exercise manual and companion text. If you're a person who's been gifted with vocal variety, a hard working actor who wants to expand your casting potential, or just someone who's been told, "You have an interesting sound," you may wish to consider a career in the cartoon/character/looping area of voice-overs. Pamela Lewis, an accomplished voice-over artist and coach, has developed a CD workshop for people who are curious about breaking into the exciting world of "talking funny for money." In this workshop, you will learn: how to assemble a competitive cartoon/character voice-over demo; shortcuts to mastering the most requested dialects, age groups and celebrity impersonations; film looping/dubbing technique and terminology; and the varied employment opportunities in the cartoon/character/looping world. This workshop is an excellent introduction to a creative and lucrative area of voice-overs. As Ms. Lewis puts it, "What could be better than making funny noises for a living?"

Voice Onstage and Off

Author : Robert Barton
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Voice: Onstage and Off is a comprehensive guide to the process of building, mastering, and fine-tuning the voice for performance. Every aspect of vocal work is covered, from the initial speech impulse and the creation of sound, right through to refining the final product in different types of performance. This highly adaptable course of study empowers performers of all levels to combine and evolve their onstage and offstage voices.

Open Up

Author : Alex Holder
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This joyful manifesto takes the silence and shame out of money, and puts you in control of the conversation and your bank balance.

Self Storage Investments

Author : Richard Stephens
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Over the course of the past twenty years there has been an explosion in the amount of storage facilities that have been built and opened. The reality is that a tremendous number of men, women and business enterprises have found themselves in need of off-site storage facilities. At the outset, storage facilities were all rather similar. In simple terms they were rather like garages of different sizes, some as simple as a garage which had been divided up into small units. More recently, storage facilities have really differentiated and serve a variety of different functions and purposes. In this book you will be provided with in depth and useful information about the various types of storage facilities that are possible self-storage investments for you.

What in Hell Do You Want

Author : James Alfred Bradford
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What in Hell Do You Want? is taken from the parable of the rich man and Lazarus with a surprising twist. Hell can be in your mind. Hell can be in your job. Hell can be a living, breathing part of you. Hell can also be stopped. Good habits are learned just like bad habitsthrough practice. It brings awareness of the decisions and choices a person makes and their impact on his life. The power of knowing is what you live by. The rich man lived abundantly, and Lazarus lived in obscurity. Why?

When clauses and Temporal Structure

Author : Renaat Declerck
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Tense is one of the central issues of linguistics, and has been the focus of much attention in recent years. In this book, Declerck offers a detailed discussion of the temporal structures that are expressed by the combination of tense forms with the conjunction when.

Funny Money

Author : James Swain
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When last we saw Tony Valentine -- former cop, lifelong misanthrope, and legendary catcher of casino cheats -- he was just coming up for air after a close brush with the afterlife in his first outing, the acclaimed Grift Sense. This time around, it's personal. Tony Valentine's ex-partner Doyle Flanagan has been blown to pieces by a car bomb. Shortly before his death, Doyle had been filling Valentine in on the details of his latest, most baffling case -- an impressive $6 million blackjack scam at Atlantic City's legendary Bombay casino. Valentine determines that the only way to bring his friend's killers to justice is to crack the Bombay heist himself. But standing between Valentine and his goal is a head-spinning assortment of ruthless gangsters, crooked croupiers, eccentric millionaires, and Croatians with bad haircuts. His only ally: an irresistibly enigmatic female wrestler. With diamond-hard prose, triple-crossing plot twists, and a deliciously noir-inflected atmosphere, Funny Money finds James Swain more than living up to his promise as a razor-sharp storyteller with unlimited surprises up his sleeve.

Review of Issues Relating to the Peanut Program

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture. Subcommittee on Tobacco and Peanuts
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The Journal of the Senate During the Session of the Legislature of the State of California

Author : California. Legislature. Senate
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T f Benson and the Funny Money Mystery

Author : David A. Adler
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When phony five-dollar bills begin showing up around the neighborhood, Brian Benson, otherwise known as T. F., sets out, along with pal Sara, to find the counterfeiters. Original.