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Talking to Ghosts

Author : Hervé Le Corre
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With his son Pablo's kidnapping still unsolved, and his marriage ruined by the torment of hope, the brutal murder of a single mother in her own home is an almost welcome diversion for Commandant Vilar. The woman leaves behind a son, Victor, thrown into the foster system with only his mother's urn for company. Struggling with bullies, trauma and the first pangs of teenage love, Victor carries a secret that followed his mother to her grave. Struggling for leads, Vilar is shaken when the colleague investigating Pablo's kidnapping disappears. When a sadistic caller claims to have information about his son, Vilar is torn between duty and a desperate chance of redemption.

Talking to Ghosts

Author : Philip Gardner
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Talking to Ghosts is Philip Gardner's fourth volume of poetry, and his second to be published in Newfoundland, where he has taught for nearly thirty years. The poems it includes are selected from a much larger number written over the last decade. Many have been published in magazines and anthologies; others make their first appearance here. Written in a wide range of forms, they refer to many places lived in and visited, address a variety of people, living and dead, and reflect the inevitable passage of time.

Interdimensional Communication

Author : Heather Anne Harder
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The Boy who Talks to Ghosts

Author : Benny Wong
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Talking to Ghosts

Author : Herve Le Corre
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Spirit Rescue

Author : Wilma Davidson
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Filled with heartwarming and enlightening stories, the author, who has guided numerous earthbound spirits to "the Light," shares her extraordinary experiences and delves into the paranormal, revealing little-known details about ghosts, near-death experiences, and reincarnation. Original.

Talking to Ghosts

Author : Deborah Vaughan
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Talking to Ghosts: Ask Spirits Questions & Get Real Answers With aDigital Voice RecorderCovering the basics of collecting EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

When Ghosts Speak

Author : Mary Ann Winkowski
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Meet Mary Ann Winkowski. She is just like you. She is a married mother of two grown daughters. She lives in a suburban town in Ohio. She goes to church every Sunday. And she sees and talks to ghosts. Mary Ann's grandmother noticed her unusual ability when she was practically a baby. By the time Mary Ann was four years old, she was attending neighborhood funerals to broker communication between those who had died and their living loved ones. Word of her extraordinary abilities spread, and Mary Ann was soon accompanying her grandmother on "social calls," visits where Mary Ann would confront earthbound spirits who were sharing homes with the living. This ability stayed with Mary Ann through her adolescence into adulthood, and the stay-at-home mom eventually had a side business: paranormal consultant. In this remarkable book, Mary Ann tells her incredible story. She talks about the difference between earthbound spirits and those who have crossed over; she tells you why spirits remain on the earthly plane and how long they have before their "White Light' disappears; she shares her most intriguing and infamous tales about the spirits she has encountered. And she divulges how to determine whether your house or your family is haunted--and what to do if there is a ghost around you. Full of no-nonsense advice, amazing anecdotes, and practical tips for navigating a paranormal phenomenon that is at once unbelievable and awe-inspiring, WHEN GHOSTS SPEAK is a must-read for any person who has ever heard something go bump in the night.

The Spirits Talk to Me

Author :
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Nature Spirits Spirit Guides and Ghosts

Author : Atala Dorothy Toy
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A specialist in interdimensional communication helps readers recognize the subtle energy all around them to become more in tune with Faeries, angels, ghosts, orbs and other spirits as well as offering explanations of time travel, portals and vortexes. Original.

Talk to the Entities

Author : Shannon O'hara
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Welcome the first book written by Shannon O'Hara, founder and creator of Talk To The Entities(r); a global company educating and empowering people in the area of entities using the amazing tools of Access Consciousness(r). Come along on Shannon's amazing journey growing up, talking with and seeing ghosts, as well as all the struggles, difficulties, joy and magic along the way. If you have ever had any curiosity about this subject at all, this book is for you. If you want to learn how to open up to your own abilities with entities, this book is for you. If you want to change the way you perceive the world, and also the way we think, feel and know about ghosts, then this book is for you. If you do not desire to open up to different possibilities, this book is not for you. You never know, this book may even show you something you have known all along and never realized you knew? This is a rare glimpse into a world that many know, but few rarely see. What if awareness could be your greatest ally? What is speaking to you?

Alissa and the Castle Ghost

Author : Jillian Ross
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Alissa has a great adventure as she learns about the castle ghosts.

Talking to Ghosts

Author : Mary Ellen Havens
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Real Ghost Stories Sightings Ouija Board Messages and Seances

Author : Craig Hamilton-Parker
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As seen on BBC 2 Everyman: Mediums Talking to the Dead American Television: Spirit of Princess Diana Bio Channel: Our Psychic Family Celebrated medium and newspaper columnist Craig Hamilton -Parker shares some of the best ghost stories witnessed on his TV shows and sent to his international newspaper columns. These are true stories, investigated and scrutinized by journalists, that leave even the most skeptical reader perplexed. With real ghost sightings from England, Ireland Scotland, Australia, South Africa and America this is an extraordinary collection of frightening and puzzling paranormal experiences. Writing over many years for dozens of top publications, Craig has collected unique stories from people of many cultures and age groups. Included are credible and intriguing accounts of real ghosts, phantoms and poltergeists told by ordinary people who make no claim to having psychic powers. These easy-to-read short accounts include phenomena such as ghosts, physical séances, stories about Ouija Boards turning nasty, frightening doubles and doppelgangers, weird encounters and many other strange stories from ordinary people who have had unexpected messages from the dead. The author helps the writers to understand the spirit communications and know what is real and what is not. Topics include: REAL GHOSTS - Accounts of ghosts and sightings with stories about real ghosts, spectres and phantoms. Real Ghost sightings from war-torn Britain and the Blitz, ghosts from history, haunted houses and true stories about ghostly encounters. POLTERGEISTS - Real experiences of poltergeists with rattling ghosts and objects being thrown around the room. SÉANCES AND OUIJA BOARDS - True stories about real problems with the Ouija board including evil spirits and real ghosts and spirits talking through the boards. MESSAGES FROM THE DEAD - Happy and uplifting spirit messages from people who have died. Included spontaneous clairvoyance and spirit connections by ordinary people who make no claim to having psychic powers. STRANGE SPIRITS - Weird stories of strange encounters with ghosts and spirits and some perplexing sightings. CROSSING OVER - Stories about ghosts and spirits from people who have lost a loved-one. DOUBLES AND DOPPELGANGERS - People who have seen their double. Unusual stories about ghostly look-alikes! ANIMAL ESP AND ANIMAL GHOSTS - Stories from people who have seen their dead pets make a comeback from the spirit world. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Your questions about real ghosts, spirits and your paranormal experiences.

Everything Ghost Book

Author : Jason Rich
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A collection of the scariest true stories of ghosts, haunted houses and otherunexplained phantoms and spirits. Illustrations.

Talking of Ghosts

Author : Eileen Wood
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Talking to the Spirits

Author : Kenaz Filan
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A guide to direct communication with the spirits and the Gods • Offers practices for seekers and groups to learn to hear and respond to the spirits and the Gods as well as what to do (and not do) if you receive a message • Explains how to authenticate spiritual messages with divination • Discusses how to avoid theological conflicts when someone’s personal gnosis differs from that of their Pagan group For our ancestors the whole world was alive with spirits. The Gods bubbled forth from rivers and springs and whispered in the breezes that rustled through cities and farms. The ground underfoot, the stones, the fire that cooked the food and drove off the darkness, these all had spirits--not just spirits in some other dimension, but spirits in them who could be spoken to and allied with. In today’s world we are led to believe that the spirits long ago went silent and that spiritual wisdom can only be gained through established religious doctrine. Providing a guide for opening two-way conversation with the spirits of daily life as well as direct communication with the Gods, Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera explore how to enrich your spiritual path with personal gnosis--asking your Guides for assistance or teachings and receiving a response. They explain how to develop your sensitivity to the voices of the Divine, discern genuine spiritual messages from the projection of internal psychodrama, and what to do (and not do) with the messages you receive. Confirming their own personal gnosis with Northern Tradition Pagan beliefs and Greco-Roman, Celtic, Egyptian, and indigenous hunter-gatherer lore, the authors discuss how to avoid theological conflicts when someone’s personal gnosis differs from that of their Pagan group as well as how to authenticate messages with individual and group divination. Offering practices and principles for seekers and groups, they reveal that the spirits never went silent, we simply forgot how to hear them.

California Ghost Notes

Author : Randall A. Reinstedt
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Ghosts Among Us

Author : James Van Praagh
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James Van Praagh knew he was different from a young age. Not only could he see ghosts, but he could talk to them and interact with them. He realised that whereas some ghosts can be full of malice, others actively want to help the living. In this extraordinary book, he tells his incredible ghost stories and reveals the lessons he learned from his amazing encounters with the spirit world. He explains what it is really like to see ghosts, how to recognise which sort of energies surround a person or place, ways to protect ourselves from negative presences, and techniques for becoming closer to those spirits who truly want to guide us. Uncovering the truth about the Other Side, Ghosts Among Us also shows us how to develop our psychic powers and how we can all transform our fears of the paranormal into a source of inner strength and support.

Talking with Ghosts

Author : Charlene E. Neel
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