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Talking with Angels of Love

Author : Amanda Hart
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There was once a time in Amanda Hart's life when she did not know how to be secure in her own worth, was a stranger to self-love and found herself constantly trapped in a cycle of toxic relationships, coercive control and an overwhelming sense of lonliness. Somehow she summoned enough faith to form an astonishing connection with her guardian angels, which became the only remedy for emotional trauma she experienced from early childhood into adulthood. Amanda's angels taught her that we are all worthy of an authentic, non-judgemental love. Now she devotes her life to helping others open their hearts and receive angelic assistance. Talking with Angels of Love will show you how to accept your circumstances, love the skin you are in and recognise the difference between healthy love and toxic love. Filled with practical exercises, meditations to channel your angels' love, pages to record their loving messages and touching real-life stories about the healing power of love, this book will soothe your soul and help you to trust the goodness in others again. Amanda believes that if you open your heart to the angels their love is everlasting, and you will never be lonely again.

Talk With Angels

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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Talk with Angels introduces the seven archangels including Archangel Michael and the angels of protection, Archangel Raphael and the healing angels, Archangel Gabriel and the angels of peace, plus the archangels of forgiveness, wisdom, love, and joy. Learn powerful prayers and build life-changing personal relationships with angels today!

Talking with Angels

Author : Gitta Mallasz
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The true story of four young Hungarians seeking inner direction at a time of outer upheaval, the holocaust. The intense experience depicted in this book provides them with new direction and hope. In the darkest hours of World War II, these friends, three of them Jewish, seek orientation and meaning in their shattered lives. During seventeen months, one of them, Hanna Dallos, delivers oral messages which Gitta Mallasz and Lili Strausz record in their notebooks. These messages, or teachings as they came to be known, end abruptly with the deportation of Hanna and Lili to Ravensbrück in December of 1944. Gitta Mallasz, the only survivor of the quartet, first published the notes in France in 1976. The dialogues document an extraordinary light-filled spiritual resistance in the midst of Nazi darkness and barbarous cruelty. Hanna Dallos and Gitta Mallasz, both born in 1907, became friends at the School of Applied Arts in Budapest. Together with Hanna’s husband, Joszef Kreutzer, they later established what became a successful graphic arts atelier. The three were soon joined by movement therapist Lili Strausz. The dialogues presented in this document took place between June of 1943 and November of 1944 in Budaliget and Budapest.Hanna and Lili died in Germany during a prisoner transport and Joszef in a Hungarian concentration camp in 1945. Gitta emigrated to Paris in 1960, where she edited and published the record of their experience. This document has subsequently been translated and published in numerous languages throughout the world. Gitta Mallasz died in 1992 in France. Twenty years later, she was honored as a ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ by Yad Vashem for having saved more than a hundred Jewish women and children. I am deeply touched by the dialogues with the angels. - Yehudi Menuhin I could read it over and over again and never get tired of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this book with me. - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross I feel as though the message of the angels were especially intended for me. It places me in touch with Truth and enables me to hear the call more clearly. The angels teach me how to view the world through the inner smile. - Narciso Yepes

44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels

Author : Jayne Wallace
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Tune into angel messages and experience the power of love and healing. 44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels brings you traditional and not-so-traditional ways to meet your angelic guides. Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace unveil the signs of angelic presence and demonstrate the best ways to get closer to these celestial beings, with each tip illustrated by award-winning artist Sarah Perkins. Discover the signs and symbols that let you know your angels are nearby, and connect with them using colours, flowers and crystals to strengthen your connection with the angelic realms. Learn, too, how to ask angels for help with everyday needs and personal challenges such as healing a relationship rift, letting go of the past and sending healing to loved ones.


Author : Barbara Mark
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Your angels want to speak to you! It's important to them that you know who they are and that you receive their loving messages of guidance and support. It's easy to communicate with them. Now, in this simple, practical guide, Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold show you that the act of writing to your angels and receiving answers means that you can take the initiative and ask for help, for understanding, for love. In Angelspeake you will learn how rewarding and helpful it is to meet your angels. Barbara and Trudy give you clear step-by-step instructions on how to bring angelic teachings into your life using the Four Fundamentals for initiating spiritual assistance: Ask for the angels to be with you. Believe and trust that they will be there. Let It Happen and begin writing. It's the same loving voice you have heard many times before. Finally, Say Thank You. It's that simple! Angelspeake is filled with inspirational angel teachings and true stories of people whose lives have been changed by association with the angels. Barbara and Trudy teach that you can receive helpful personal information by talking with your angels whether you are in a personal crisis, looking for a new job or relationship, or want to buy a house. The angels will help!

How to Talk to Angels

Author : Lucinda Gabriel
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Invite divine beings into your daily life and benefit from their loving guidance with How to Talk to Angels. Using easy-to-follow techniques and simple exercises, this practical guide shows you how to develop your intuition and your "clairs" to better communicate with angels and receive their sacred messages. Angels are more than willing to help improve your health and increase the love, abundance, and joy in your life. Learn how to connect with them and see their angelic signs all around you. Discover your heart's desires and how to attract what you want through meditation, prayer, and gratitude. Explore ways to release fear, raise your self-esteem, forgive yourself and others, manifest money, and take divinely guided actions. With angels by your side, you'll create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Conversations with Angels

Author : Marie Lise Labonté
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Talking through Marie Lise at conferences in Europe and Canada, CONVERSATIONS WITH ANGELS reveals the sacred transcripts of 12 lectures given by the Angels XEDAH. Among the subjects are "Forgiveness and Gratitude" Surrender to Grace", "Soulmates", "Astral Healing" and "Channeling, the Unknown Worlds".

Talk to Your Angels

Author : Catherine Wishart
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Angels love you and want to help you. You have at least 2 angels with you all the time. Your angels will love, protect and guide you. They will lead you to the perfect people, places and opportunities to best help you. Their only requirements is you ask them to. Many people want to receive angel messages. Learning how to talk to angels is like learning any language. It times time, effort and practice. This book is a workbook. A textbook on Angel Lingo. Within 30 days you will have learned how to see angels, how to feel them, how to talk to them, how to see, hear and feel other peoples angels. How to channel angels, how to find a good reader and you will meet ten archangels and know what to call on them for. You will also learn about 72 other angels. This is a fun workbook in bite size pieces. It is a day by day journal of your relationship with angels for you to use and reuse as often as you like. If you are holding it in your hands begin reading it and see what messages the angels have for you.

Angel Love

Author : Margaret Neylon
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Angels Talk

Author : Jan Wilson
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This special manual is sent as a gift of knowledge to you from the Angels Merlin, Maitreya and many others that you may know of. They have sent their Angels Talk to you so you can know the Meaning of Life. Also they tell of the role that all you advanced souls accepted before birth; to help the world in this trying time so that the prophesied Golden New Age can enter for your family and descendents, and their future. They also include information on what life is about including, how to live and manage without the stresses within all normal life. Also included is, the concept of karma and past lives, and how to manifest whatever it is you want in your life. Also there are many ideas to make your life as happy as it was meant to be, and how it is necessary to have love and respect for all. Heaven is reaching out to you, so please listen to the Angels Talk.

Conversations with Angels

Author : J. Raymond
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Based on refractions of earlier beliefs, modern angels - at once terrible and comforting, frighteningly other and reassuringly beneficent - have acquired a powerful symbolic value. This interdisciplinary study looks at how humans conversed with angels in medieval and early modern Europe, and how they explained and represented these conversations.

Your Angels Are Speaking

Author : Sharon Rahm
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For this new millennium, the Angelic Realm has messages about how to improve our lives with their loving assistance. The Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides are God's messengers and can give us perfect solutions to our problems and teach us how to manifest everything we need and want from the universe.

Angels Love Children

Author : Herbert F. Brokering
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Popular writer, poet, pastor, and international tour-guide leader Herb Brokering offers fresh glimpses of God and God's heavenly messengers. Drawn from his conversations with young children, Brokering begins each devotion by describing a child's drawing of angels. From those pictures and the children's comments, he spins exciting new insights about our relationship with God.

The Angels Healing Love Abundant Blessings from Above

Author : Laura L. Smith
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Life is about living as a LOVING and purpose driven soul guided by GOD and our ANGELS LOVE! It is also about knowing that love is the key to survival in the soul’s spiritual universal plan. This book offers spiritual information, answers, guidance and tools on how to awaken to our life purpose and heal our bruised spirit with GOD’S and our ANGEL’S LOVE. Along with CUTE CAT captioned photos, topics include: How we planned our life purpose before birth. Letting go of ego, pride, and fear. How the universe views the life people live on earth. Why we choose who are parents and siblings will be. How poor health is related to past lives. Understanding that childhood abuse, poverty and hunger are chosen lessons and how to SPIRITUALLY heal from its negative effects. How GOD’S LOVE can stop the never ending and expensive merry-go-round ride of dysfunctional love. How GOD, are ANGELS and spirit guides are with us 24/7 so we are never alone, and how we can hear what they are telling us. When we learn to love we let go of the fears, anger and negative ego, so the blessings of the universe will manifest!

True Angel Stories

Author : Diana Cooper
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This inspiration book of 777 true angel stories explores how angels can transform lives through exercises and visualisations that readers can practice on their own. Stories discuss guardian angels, feathers, signs, rainbows, prayers, numbers and names, unicorns, orbs and much, much more, making this the ultimate angel compendium.

Angels in Love Or The Perils of Purity

Author : Hugh Mills
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John Dee s Conversations with Angels

Author : Deborah E. Harkness
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John Dee's angel conversations have been an enigmatic facet of Elizabethan England's most famous natural philosopher's life and work. Professor Harkness contextualizes Dee's angel conversations within the natural philosophical, religious and social contexts of his time. She argues that they represent a continuing development of John Dee's earlier concerns and interests. These conversations include discussions of the natural world, the practice of natural philosophy, and the apocalypse.

Talking to Angels

Author : Shannon K. Murphy
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Andy Quinn is a shy twenty-one-year old college student studying to be a teacher. For most of his life, he’d suspected that he was gay, but being raised in the Bible belt kept him firmly in the closet—until he met Matt. Matt is an out and proud Boston attorney whose strength and confidence finally win Andy over. Deeply in love despite their differences, the two men make plans to marry. However, there is a dark shadow on their happy horizon in the form of a serial killer who is stalking young gay men in Boston. Even more terrifying is the fact that Andy begins having horrific nightmares in which he is experiencing each victim’s death. As a child, Andy’s mother told him he used to “talk to the angels.” Does that mean he is psychic? Or is he just going crazy? Matt is a diehard skeptic who refuses to accept a paranormal explanation. The only one who believes Andy is the relentless police detective in charge of the case. But he is battling his own homophobic feelings in his pursuit of the killer, and Andy can’t help but wonder if he will soon be under suspicion himself. The answer hits closer to home than anyone suspects, and Andy must find his strength or lose his very life.

The Angels are Talking to You

Author : Samantha Scantlebury
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Claudia is an intelligent kind natured young lady For the most part she was happy but at times sadness would prevail. Often she would worry about her years of being single, wondering why this would be the case. Her friend Cheryl sets her up on a blind date with Ricardo. This develops into a serious relationship that produces a child. But this once kind natured man turns into a horrible jealous person, so Claudia opts for single parenthood. One day a strange feeling comes over Claudia and in almost an instant, she begins to develop love for Ricardo. Claudia spends the next few years working on getting her man back by any means necessary. This obsessive love reduces Claudia into being a shadow of her former self. She then decides that if she cannot be with Ricardo then life is not worth living. Through Claudia’s journey, strange and shocking things are revealed to her. and those closest to her are not whom they seem. Does Claudia find the strength to overcome the haunting truth of her past and destroy this suicidal love or will it be the death of her. A truly riveting supernatural tale of things unseen and fascinating revelations of spirituality

Conversation with Angels

Author : Dror B. Ashuah
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It is our intention to help you realize your full potential by guiding you through the mechanism of spirit. From our perspective it is simple. You have two main tools and the rest is a variation on this theme. The first is love, and the second is intent. These two are the vehicle and the fuel. You contain all you need, and you create what you need when you are in the now. When you are walking hand in hand with your breath, feeling your heartbeat, you are powerful. The joy comes from being you with you. You are vibrating instruments. To yourselves, you appear solid, but to us you are a vibration. We see you in terms of your colors, we see you in term of your light, we see you in terms of the shapes that surround you, and we can hear your melody. You are a giant orchestra and pyrotechnic display, combined. You are beautiful to us; you are magnificent in every way. When a human plants a seed of enlightenment, all around will begin to see the light. Light does not have an agenda. Light does not try to convince anyone of its attribute. Light just reveals what is there. It is an awesome power to realize your oneness and to set an intention to vibrate at a higher frequency. Discovering your true purpose and your oneness will manifest a bridge of light that will open the path to a new consciousness. And so be it."