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Rad Rides

Author : Gavin Lucas
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BMX bikes are iconic. There’s something about them that appeals to kids, adults and cyclists. And, of course, BMX is now an Olympic sport. Rad Rides is the most in-depth exploration of the world of BMX bikes through their riders and the culture that surrounds them. The introduction explains and contextualizes the birth of BMX culture and where it is now, while the main body features bikes ranging from those that are well-worn through years of riding to beautiful, sculptural works of art – gleaming, built-but-never-ridden keepsakes. The featured bikes are organized decade by decade and are BMXs drawn from the best collections in the world. There are also in-depth details of specifications and interviews with some of the collectors, many of whom have had their bikes exclusively shot for the book. This is the indispensable companion for anyone who loves the BMX.

I Write Scripts For God

Author : Si MaLanQiao
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After the accidental death of Gu Manqing, a third-rate online writer, she had transmigrated into the Department of Causality, a branch of the functional departments of God, which controlled the cycle of karma in the human world. Gu Manqing had been forced to become a temporary worker in this world. One day, her superior, Thirteen, suddenly said to her in all seriousness, "Your script still lacks a supporting role. Why don't you go on stage and play a guest role for a bit?" As a result, Gu Manqing fell from the clouds and took up the role of a lackey at the last minute. Damn it, if I knew that this person was custom-made for me, I would have shown mercy to him. From then on, Gu Manqing began to play the role of the best career advancement road.

Film Moments

Author : James Walters
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Film is made of moments. In its earliest form, the cinema was a moment: mere seconds recorded and projected into the darkness. Even as film has developed into today's complex and intricate medium, it is the brief, temporary and transitory that combines to create the whole. Our memories of films are composed of the moments we deem to be crucial: touchstones for our understanding and appreciation. Moments matter. The 38 specially commissioned essays in Film Moments examine a wide selection of key scenes across a broad spectrum of national cinemas, historical periods and genres, featuring films by renowned auteurs including Alfred Hitchcock, Jean Renoir and Vincente Minnelli and important contemporary directors such as Pedro Costa, Zhang Ke Jia and Quentin Tarantino, addressing films including City Lights, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, The Night of the Hunter, Wild Strawberries, 8 1?2, Bonnie and Clyde, Star Wars, Conte d'été, United 93 and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Film Moments provides both an enlightening introduction for students to the diversity of approaches and concerns in the study of film, and a dynamic and vibrant account of key film sequences for anyone interested in enhancing their understanding of cinema.

The Journey of Xiao Tao

Author : Yisheng Lan
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A red-haired naughty boy Xiao Tao saw that a silly hare had hit its head accidently against a tree trunk and died. He picked up the hare, gave it to his mom so she could make it into a delicious dinner. He then waited near the trunk everyday hoping hares would come continuously and hit their heads against the tree. His dad had gone to town on a trip and had told Xiao Tao to sow seeds in the farmland, but Xiao Tao only concentrated on his plan of catching hares and forgot about the sowing. Half a month later Xiao Tao suddenly remembered his dad's order. He then sowed seeds in a rush. Seedlings grew very slowly because of the delay in time. For fear of dad's rebuke, Xiao Tao quietly got up at midnight to “help” the seedlings grow more quickly by pulling them upward. When Xiao Tao's dad came back home, he saw all of the seedlings lying down in the field with their roots exposed in the air. He knew that Xiao Tao had done this. Dad asked Xiao Tao why he had made this mess, and wanted him to admit his fault. Xiao Tao did not acknowledge his mistake, but instead said that this had been the hares' fault. Lately, no hares had come to hit their heads against the tree trunk, and so he had to wait patiently for them; had it not been for the hares' fault, he would have remembered his task and would not have pulled the seedlings upward, and would not have been criticized by dad. Xiao Tao's dad was so angry that he slapped Xiao Tao's face. Xiao Tao did not cry. Instead, he decided that he would leave home to visit various scenic spots, and make a living wandering from place to place. In his adventurous journey Xiao Tao experienced more than a few strange affairs, met many interesting people and animals and learned a lot about the world. In the end, his trip turned the naughty boy into a good one. ************************ The Chinese language has become a popular subject to study in recent years. However, because it is not an alphabetic language and is quite different from other languages, it is not very easy to learn. Are there any knacks to quicken the learning process? The answer is YES! The key to success lies in learning Chinese idioms. Chinese idioms are not just a play on words; they are the heart and soul of the language. There are roughly one thousand very popular idioms in Chinese, and among them, about half are most frequently in use. Many of them are very vivid and interesting. Learning Chinese idioms can greatly increase readers' interest, and thus raise the speed of Chinese-learning. This story about a boy's journey connects a series of 366 most frequently used Chinese idioms. Through reading and remembering this interesting story, readers will be able to learn Chinese efficiently. An idiom a day kicks the Chinese-learning difficulty away. For understanding Chinese idioms, readers should read THE KEY OF THIS BOOK first and then use the notes that were inserted into the story. This book may function as a combination of a storybook and a textbook, with the story in the main body and the text in the notes. Readers can enjoy the story while they learn Chinese idioms at the same time and on the same page. Many books in Chinese have characters in only one form, either the simplified form or the standardized form (i.e. the traditional form or the original complex form), but this book has both forms. Many books in Chinese have only one kind of phonetic notation, which is the Chinese phonetic alphabet, or Chinese Pinying notation (mandarin pronunciations with four tones), but this book has both Chinese mandarin pronunciations with four tones and English pronunciations. For readers' convenience, the author has summarized all idioms mentioned in the story and placed them at the end of this book. For

Painting Faith

Author : An-Yi Pan
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Drawing from previously untapped Buddhist sources, this book contextualizes Li Gonglin's Buddhist faith and art through the Chan environment in his hometown (Longmian) and the prevailing Tiantai, Pure Land, Huayan and Chan schools of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Service Robot Applications

Author : Yoshihiko Takahashi
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The aim of this book is to provide new ideas, original results and practical experiences regarding service robotics. This book provides only a small example of this research activity, but it covers a great deal of what has been done in the field recently. Furthermore, it works as a valuable resource for researchers interested in this field.

Legend of Demonic Pheonix

Author : Li GouHai
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A thousand years of war, two opposing empires, blood soaked the vast continent, hatred spanning endless time and space. Wearing red clothes, he had been infected with so many evils. A black umbrella was holding up a part of heaven and earth. The young generals whose wives and children were unknown, the mysterious young ladies of bizarre origins, the ancient mythical beasts, the loyal knights, all of them would perform a fantasy drama of going against the heavens and being punished by the heavens, unveiling the mysterious veil of ancient legends. Li Doggy, another of Hai's works, the legendary life of Miss Kong.

The Activist s Tao Te Ching

Author : William Martin
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Change and anger are in the air. “We are the 99%,” “black lives matter,” and “love is love” have become part of the lexicon. Previously unquestioned institutions (police, military, the NSA) are under scrutiny. Heat waves, floods, and earthquakes seem to be increasing. Could there be a silver lining? William Martin turns to the Tao Te Ching and finds that while Taoism is known for its quiet, enigmatic wisdom, the Tao can also have the cleansing force of a rushing river. Martin elucidates these revolutionary messages condemning power seeking and greed. He emphasizes that humans have a “Te” that can help them heal the planet; shows how Taoism’s “simplicity” can be subversive and its flexibility a potent force; and reassures us that “When injustice is the rule, justice lies in wait.” Provocative and stirring, Martin’s Tao flows within and through those who ride the waves of anger and frustration, “and gently guides [them] to true freedom.”

Life Of Cannon Fodder

Author : Xing LuoNi
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Yu Su's marriage of ten years could not be compared to the first love's one word of regret. She took her son out to wash up, only to discover that the university students who were incomparably popular back then were merely one piece of paper more than others.Time after time, he was rejected for a job. Just when he was about to despair, he accidentally entered the Wishing Studio. As long as he helped the original owner live for another year, he would be able to obtain 10,000 credits.

Self bunning Lady

Author : Ran Xiaohu
File Size : 21.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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one comb two combs three combs free four combs clean five combs strong six combs jinlan sisters in love seven combs great eight combs unstoppable when i was eight years old i poisoned my father and went to my great-aunt's house to be a self-grooming woman from then on i stepped into the world of real self-grooming girls