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Tarot of the 78 Doors Tarot de Las 78 Puertas

Author : Alligo Pietro
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Each aspect of our lives can be thought of as a journey, a portal, a door. Love, rancor, friendship, success, failure, birth, death . . . each card in this deck represents another facet of our infinite souls.

Tarot of the 78 Doors

Author : Pietro Alligo
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Llewellyn s Little Book of Tarot

Author : Barbara Moore
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Discover fun and easy ways to use the tarot cards with this hardcover, full-color guide. Llewellyn's Little Book of Tarot is an ideal introduction to using the 78 cards to enhance your life and build a successful divination practice. You'll find an impressive collection of activities, tips, and prompts that allow you to go at your own pace and explore what reading style works best. Tarot expert Barbara Moore provides a thorough interpretation of each card, explaining the most important elements of it. She also presents sample cards from a variety of decks, helping you understand how tarot symbols and imagery appear in different artists' work. You'll even delve into divination techniques outside the cards, such as bibliomancy, meditation, and more.

Tarot Temple of Paper House of Cards

Author : Carlos Escobel
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Tarot: Temple of Paper, House of Cards breaks new ground in the study of the Tarot. The primary goal of this book is not to provide a user manual or card interpretation guide. Nor is it an argument for any one school of thought in regards to the cards, their origin or intended use. Instead, the purpose is to help beginners and adepts alike appreciate the never yet ever changing Tarot in a genuinely new way. The thought exercise that creates this lens through which to understand the heart of the art includes techniques for internalizing the cards, their combinations and overlooked complexities in an immersive manner. These do not compete with prevalent methods but only enhance them. The Tarot is different things to different people. It has survived, and thrived through more than six hundred years of use because of its elastic evolution. This book encapsulates what it was and what it is while still adding to the methods available for its users. Additionally, new research is offered that is sure to surprise even those already well-read on the subject. And speaking of that subject, the practice of Tarot is fascinating on multiple levels including the historic, artistic, folkloric, psychological and spiritual. All of those and more are touched on in a work meant to revitalize not the Tarot itself, but the ways in which we can better understand and make use of it.

Behind Open Doors

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Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, the Acid Messiah of 101 Cromwell Road: His life and times. 101 has become legendary over the decades, being regarded as the hub of Swinging London, where the Beautiful People went to turn on and tune in. But NOT drop out! With a cast of thousands, including Beatles, Stones, aristocrats and secret agents, this colourful account of a brief moment that changed the world will entertain and enthral. Not only do we learn who took the acid, we also discover how - and why - it came to London in the first place. Conspiracy and control, liberation and love. All human life is here!

Never Fear The Tarot

Author : Heather Graham
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We asked twenty-six authors to write stories based on the Tarot, with the cards determining which stories the authors would write. Over the course of several months we reached out to some of the best genre authors and proposed our idea. Once we had our authors, we took a tarot deck and a list of all twenty-six names. We would read the author’s name, shuffle the deck, and draw a card. That tarot card and its traits were all the authors had to go on. The card was removed, the deck was reshuffled, and the next name was read off. This anthology contains twenty-six stories based on the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana and the four cards of the Minor Arcana. Award-winning and New York Times bestselling authors combine their talents to deal out twenty-six dark tales influenced by the Tarot.

The Tarot Spellbook

Author : Sam Magdaleno
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The Tarot Spellbook provides 78 magickal spells based on each individual tarot card’s theme. Each spell incorporates different magickal practices and spell work, such as candle magick, ritual bathes, spell jars, and more!

The Secret Language of Tarot

Author : Wald Amberstone
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Secret Language of Tarot sets itself apart from other tarot books by teaching readers how to translate the pictorial symbolism from one deck to another, strengthening the reader's ability to recognize specific icons in any deck and in the world around them. The Secret Language of Tarot can be used as both a reference book and as a series of guided meditations on the individual symbols. Each of the seven chapters contain a set of symbols that share a common theme. Extensive research provides readers with the lore and mythological meanings of the symbols to help foster intuitive powers. The explanation of imagery is both insightful and eclectic. When read from beginning to end, The Secret Language of Tarot reveals a hidden current of understanding and connection between the individual cards of the deck. Each chapter ends with an Integration Lesson and a special Symbol Spread to deepen the understanding of the cards. The Secret Language of Tarot brings imagery and intuition into a course of study of the tarot. It is a must-have for any serious tarot reader that is written in accessible language for the novice as well.

The Light Seer s Tarot

Author :
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78 Keys

Author : Kristin Marra
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Falling in love and saving the world are not in the cards, or are they? Devorah Rosten receives a pack of tarot cards for her Bat Mitzvah, hides them away, and forgets about them. Years later, she resurrects the cards and discovers her ability with tarot is anything but run-of-the-mill. She uses her extraordinary talents toreorganize' her wealthy clients' futures. Dev's ethically challenged efforts come to the attention of the cosmic powers. To her dismay, she is chosen as their next gladiator. Rich, brilliant, but flawed, Dev has no intention of becoming anybody's hero. Laura Bishop, a successful Seattle attorney, has information about her old boss, Senator Elizabeth Stratton. The secrets Laura carries have placed her squarely in the gun sights of Stratton's political movement, a movement that will tolerate no threat to its plan for dominating the country. Alone and endangered, Laura turns to Dev's talents to help her navigate to safety. Fighting for survival and unsure whether they are prey or predators, Dev and Laura realize their growing desire for each other. Reluctantly, Dev must decide if she will use her unique skills to save Laura, herself, and even humankind from a force called The Malignity.