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Tarot Cards for Beginners

Author : Eva Gibson
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Discover the only guide you'll ever need to unlock the power of the tarot deck to help you decipher the present moment and take your tarot reading skills to the next level! If you've ever wanted to become proficient at using the tarot deck, but have no idea where to begin, if you have nagging questions about what current events in the present might mean for you, then this guide is just what you need. In Tarot for Beginners, Eva Gibson gets rid of the fluff and shows you how you can get started mastering the tarot deck. From forming a powerful connection with your tarot deck to completely understanding the various tarot spreads and when to use each one depending on the answer you're searching for, this guide has everything you need to accelerate personal growth and self-awareness. Among the insights contained in Tarot for Beginners, you're going to learn: All you need to know about the tarot deck, its history, the practice of tarot reading and the right way to work with tarot cards The different types of tarot decks and how to choose the one that is right for you and best suitable for your needs as a beginner Reasons why you should keep a tarot journal as a beginner Simple steps to help you get acquainted with your tarots cards and connect with them Step-by-step instructions to get started reading the tarot deck by practicing on yourself A concise guide to comprehending the major and minor arcana, as well as their interpretations The different types of tarot spreads and detailed information on when and how to use each one ...and more! Even if you're a complete beginner to the world of tarot reading and are looking for a detailed guide to help you get started, Tarot for Beginners contains tons of insights and practical advice that will help you on your journey to becoming a proficient tarot reader without being overly simplistic or intimidatingly complex. Scroll to the top of the page and select the "Buy Now" button to expand your tarot skills today!

Tarot for Beginners

Author : Barbara Moore
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This all-new edition of the popular Tarot for Beginners makes it simpler and more enjoyable than ever to learn how to read and interpret tarot cards. Award-winning tarot expert Barbara Moore clearly explains every aspect of the tarot so you can perform readings with ease and confidence. Discover the core divinatory meanings of all seventy-eight cards, clearly broken down by Major and Minor Arcana, suit, and number. A variety of spreads and sample readings will help you develop essential skills and ultimately create your own unique style. Card images are from three popular tarot decks that follow the classic Rider-Waite structure Follow easy step-by-step instructions for giving effective readings for yourself and others Learn about reversals, symbols, interpretive techniques, tarot journaling, and much more

Tarot For Beginners

Author : Shelly O'Bryan
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Tarot For Beginners will teach you the history behind Tarot Cards and the Symbolism represented in the decks. It doesn't matter if you're an absolute beginner or if you're looking to reconnect to the Tarot that you've known before. There are methods provided to teach you how to not only read the cards as you encounter them, but also how to make intuitive interpretations of each card individually as well as in their relation to the rest of the deck... Tarot Cards have been used for over 500 years for gameplay, divination, creative inspiration and spiritual practice. The practice of reading Tarot comes with a rich, complex history, full of mystical, philosophical, and religious mystery. As old as the art form may be, its popularity in modern culture is growing rapidly- Tarot decks and cartomancy play a significant role in many present-day metaphysical healing practices, spiritual training, as well as artistic and creative circles. No matter the reason you are drawn to the Tarot, with the information in this book, you can easily learn how to read and use the cards! This five-in-one series includes the following 5 books: 1. TAROT FOR BEGINNERS: Master the Art of Psychic Tarot Reading, Learn the Secrets to Understanding Tarot Cards and Their Meanings, Learn the History, Symbolism and Divination of Tarot Reading (Book 1) 2. TAROT READING MADE EASY: The Newbies Guide to Psychic Tarot Reading, Simple Tarot Spreads, Understanding Tarot Cards and Their Meanings, Become More Intuitive, and Discover Your True Purpose! (Book 2) 3. TAROT READING FOR DUMMIES: Beginner's Guide to Understanding Tarot Cards and Their Meanings, Psychic Tarot Reading, Simple Tarot Spreads, History, Symbolism and Divination (Book 3) 4. TAROT READING FOR BEGINNERS: The #1 Guide to Psychic Tarot Reading, Real Tarot Card Meanings & Tarot Divination Spreads - Master the Art of Reading the Cards and Discover their True Meaning (Book 4) 5. TAROT READING EASY GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS: Tarot Mastery, Psychic Tarot Reading, Common Tarot Spreads, Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Tarot Card Meanings, History, Symbolism, and Divination (Book 5) In this book you will discover how to create a connection to the Tarot and develop your skills of intuition as you work with the cards. It's this connection that you'll rely upon to form your own opinions and explanations of the readings you provide for yourself and others... Grab your copy of Tarot For Beginners now!

Easy Tarot Handbook

Author : Josephine Ellershaw
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Created especially for beginners, the Easy Tarot kit is the easiest way to learn to read Tarot cards. In the Easy Tarot Handbook, author Josephine Ellershaw shares tips, shortcuts, and time-saving techniques gained from more than thirty years of experience reading Tarot cards. Using the beautiful Gilded Tarot deck, you'll learn how the seventy-eight cards link to one another and provide insight as their unique energies merge in the Cross of Truth, the Celtic Cross, and other spreads. There is even a list of card combinations that commonly indicate specific events-such as pregnancy, a wedding, a new job, and more. Also included in the Easy Tarot Handbook: • A quick guide to card meanings • Sample readings, safeguards, and ethical guidelines • Tips on keeping a Tarot diary • Troubleshooting advice that addresses questions such as, "What if the cards don't seem to connect?"

Tarot Unveiled The Art of Tarot Reading for Beginners

Author : Serra Night
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Everything You Need To Know To Begin Working With The Tarot The world of Tarot card reading is rich with beauty, complex detail, symbolic imagery, spiritual significance, and arcane knowledge. Of course, this means that many aspiring tarot readers feel too overwhelmed early in their study of Tarot and never end up following through to the point of functional interpretation. Others may feel discouraged by their lack of inherent intuition or clairvoyant ability and wonder if they are even qualified to take up a practice like Tarot reading.. Rest assured, Tarot is for everyone, and that includes you, regardless of your natural intuitive gifts or level of experience! This book was written for beginners and novices, designed to be as accessible and easily digestible as possible. You’ll have no trouble understanding the symbolism and metaphysical correspondences of the cards. Memorization takes time, but you’ll find tips and tricks to help you shortcut or expedite the process; before you know it, you’ll be able to make instantaneous connections upon sight of any Tarot card in any context. Furthermore, you’ll be given tools and recommendations to enhance your intuition, awaken your subconscious mind, and tap into the magical energies of the universe. Even if you’re a skeptic, you’ll find it hard to deny the uncanny synchronicities that the Tarot deck will open your eyes to. All you need to get the most out of this book and the Tarot deck is an open mind. Within these pages, you will learn: ★All about the history and origins of the modern Tarot deck ★The history of cartomancy and divination ★Imagery, symbolism, interpretations, and correspondences for each of the twenty-two cards in the Major Arcana ★Imagery and interpretation of all the Court Cards and Minor Arcana ★How to store, care for, and cleanse your Tarot deck ★How to interpret upright and reversed cards in Tarot readings ★Shortcuts and quick tricks to decipher the meaning of cards without a guidebook or memorized database ★Advice on how to prepare for a Tarot reading, as a querent or cartomancer ★How to enhance your intuition and awaken your subconscious mind ★How to perform Tarot readings, with guides to several different traditional spreads ★How to interpret imagery in non-traditional or custom decks ★How to expand your esoteric knowledge and incorporate correspondences from other popular forms of divination, such as astrology, numerology, geomancy, and more ★How and why the practice of divination can be so eerily accurate … and so much more! Scroll up to the top of this page and click the Buy Now button and begin your quest into understanding and mastering the ancient art of Tarot reading today!

Learning the Tarot

Author : Joan Bunning
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A beginner's guide to the tarot, including a course of 19 lessons covering the basics and then moving gradually into more advanced concepts.

Tarot for Beginners

Author : Steven Marrey
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Do you want to learn how to use Tarot cards to divine your future and others'?This book will teach you everything you need to know about Tarot cards so that you can start using them for divination today. For hundreds of years Tarot cards have been used to help people make difficult decisions and avoid problems in life before they come up. By taking readers on a step by step journey into the exciting realm of tarot, this book will show you how to pick a tarot deck that suits you and take you all the way to starting a tarot business. What will this book teach you?-What is Tarot-How to pick a deck-Debunking many of the myths that surround Tarot-The meaning of the Major and Minor Arcana-What different Tarot spreads mean and how to use them-What card reversals mean-Obstacles to Tarot reading-How to start a Tarot reading business-And much more!You will learn the Major and Minor Arcana as well as how to use different Tarot spreads to achieve different results. This book will teach you why you choose certain spreads over others depending on the reading and more importantly it will teach you what reversals and other things that may come up during readings mean. Learning Tarot used to be a long, hard, arduous process, but unlike other books this one teaches you exactly what you need to know to be able to start doing readings today. It also uses easy to read language instead of esoteric terms to help you learn faster. If you want to learn how to do Tarot readings and start divining your future, à then you need this book today!

Tarot for Dummies

Author : Lisa Miller
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you've ever wanted to learn how to deal, interpret, and study reading Tarot cards, then this book is for you... Tarot for Dummies isn't just a list of cards and meanings; it's a comprehensive guide to learning about what it means to be a Tarot card reader in the age of technology. This book will show you how to handle skepticism, criticism, and stereotypes. It will teach you how to be both a reader of cards and a reader of people, how to prepare and practice to gain proficiency, and how to avoid being overcome with the emotions of those whose cards you're reading. This is especially important information not only for empaths and other highly-sensitive Tarot readers, but for everyone who wants to read Tarot or have a reading done for them... In this book you'll learn: The history of Tarot from its origins as a deck of game-play cards in the 14th century A look at the evolution of Tarot from a game to a tool for divination The contents of a modern Tarot deck explained The meanings of all 78 Tarot cards Information about the Tarot suits and their standard playing deck counterparts The differences and purposes of the Major and Minor Arcana Instructions and guidance on how to shuffle, deal, and interpret the cards Advice on talking to your subjects before reading their cards Lessons on intuition, demeanor, style, and aesthetics Encouragement on using intuition and 'gut feelings' A look at modern applications of Tarot A glimpse at how Tarot is portrayed in popular culture And so much more! Tarot for Dummies also addresses other modern concerns, like building a Tarot business or social media following online, how to approach having a brick-and-mortar business, or how to find a following on the fair and festival scene to earn income from Tarot as a side business. It also talks about the obligations of a Tarot reader to be accurate, honest, and informative in every reading to preserve the integrity of the art and gives tips on how to get your subjects to be specific in their queries and appeals... If you're looking for an easy-to-read, all-inclusive primer on the art of Tarot, then you need to look no further than Tarot for Dummies. It's sure to become your favorite reference for learning the meanings of Tarot cards and the true meaning of being a Tarot card reader. Get this book and start your Tarot journey today! Grab your copy of Tarot for Dummies now!

Tarot for Beginners A Step by Step Guide to Tarot Reading and Tarot Spreads Using Tarot Cards

Author : Vivienne Grant
File Size : 46.74 MB
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Is tarot something that has fascinated you for a long time? When some people think of tarot reading, an image of that woman with weird-colored lipstick and scary eyes seated in a dimly lit room comes into mind. It’s the kind of woman who seems to know more about you than yourself. That is not exactly true. Tarot reading should evoke images of a sacred place filled with peace and quiet where you can engage with the cards and understand yourself, your purpose, and your future better. Although there is an increasing acceptance of tarot reading thanks to the internet, there are still many misconceptions out there. In this guide, we will start in the past, looking at the history of tarot reading before observing the decks available. We will then look at cards in both the Major and Minor Arcana and what they mean before learning how tarot spreads and you can tarot read for yourself. As this is a practical guide, this book will provide you with information that you can apply while on your tarot reading journey. You can be certain that by the end of this book, you will be in a position to tarot read successfully and obtain answers to those questions that may be causing you anxiety. Here’s what you’ll learn inside Tarot For Beginners: - History of Tarot - the Modern Deck - The Meaning for tarot cards - Tarot for you - Faq - And much more! get your copy now!

Tarot Cards For Beginners

Author : Karen Brown
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Although it may appear that we have unraveled the mysteries of the Universe through our sciences, it is apparent that we have yet to unravel more. Even scientists are aware of the limitations of science. The world operates through various mechanisms that we do not fully understand yet. It is controlled by a force we cannot see. One thing is certain--whatever it is, its effect greatly affects our lives. People who know the secret to this operation have found a way to unravel it. Although few literature and books exist in the world today, some became a part of our lives. One of these, and the most effective, perhaps, is the Tarot cards. Tarot cards have the ability to illuminate and reveal the future as well as shed light on the aspects of present that could lead to the divined future.