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Magickal Tarot

Author : Robyn Valentine
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Written by @TiredWitch creator Robyn Valentine, Magickal Tarot helps you tap into the energy of the cards for manifesting and amplifying desired outcomes in spells and rituals.

Tarot for Teens

Author : Marie-Jeanne Abadie
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An introduction to the ancient divination technique of Tarot includes interpretations for each card and provides sample card spreads and exercises to build familiarity with the Tarot symbolism.

The Visionary Tarot

Author : Rosemary Ellen Guiley
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Discover the power of the tarot to see the future, explain the present and develop your psychic skills. The Tarot excels as one of the most powerful tools for divination, spiritual growth, and psychic skill building. For centuries, its mysterious symbols have opened the gateways to the spiritual realms. This is a complete, comprehensive and universal guide to everything you need to use any Tarot deck. It covers the history and evolution of the Tarot, the meanings of the cards, and step-by-step instructions for using card spreads for readings and personal insights. In addition, you will learn how to use the Tarot in meditation and in the interpretation of your dreams. Easy to understand diagrams will guide you in the creation of your own unique spreads. An extensive glossary of symbols will aid your study and skill with any deck of your choosing. This is the perfect guide for both novice and advanced student on using the Tarot for personal growth and building a clientele.

Rituals and Practices with the Motherpeace Tarot

Author : Vicki Noble
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A spiritual guidance system with rituals to tap into and manifest feminine divine energy through the Motherpeace deck • Contains over 20 rituals, exercises, and readings that integrate tarot with spiritual practice, rites, and celebrations • Demonstrates how Motherpeace cards may be used to improve health, relationships, and personal insight; celebrate holidays; and commune with the divine forces of the universe • By the cocreator of the Motherpeace deck (more than 200,000 copies sold) First printed during the crest of the women’s spirituality movement, the Motherpeace deck created a sensation as a multicultural tarot designed specifically for women. Depicting people of color, older women, children, animals, and balanced roles for men and women, the Motherpeace deck embraces images from ancient cultures and contemporary tribal peoples to convey the fundamental principles of cooperation, relatedness, egalitarianism, and ecstatic communion. Rituals and Practices with the Motherpeace Tarot offers a deep spiritual practice that taps into and manifests the divine feminine through ritual readings, rites of passage, daily meditative practice, and seasonal celebration. Vicki Noble teaches how to use the imagery of the Motherpeace deck to read the past, present, and future; invoke good health on all planes; nurture healthy relationships; receive divine guidance during critical decision-making; and celebrate sacred holidays. Her book is a useful tool for both beginners and those with extensive knowledge of tarot.

Everyday Tarot

Author : Brigit Esselmont
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Using the methods of renowned reader Brigit Esselmont, Everyday Tarot blends mysticism with actionable self-help to create a method for building the life you want, using the ancient wisdom of Tarot. This approachable guide, from the founder of the incredibly popular website Biddy Tarot, brings the allure and guidance of Tarot to contemporary, goal-focused readers through relatable exercises and an emphasis on intuition. Everyday Tarot takes a fresh approach to a timeless art, giving modern soul-seekers the tools they need to access their inner wisdom and create an inspired life, using the cards as their guide. This contemporary approach to Tarot is empowering, uplifting, powerful, and practical -- instead of seeking to tell the future, this method allows readers to unlock their full potential by connecting more deeply to their own instincts. This unique book draws on the knowledge of Brigit Esselmont, the founder of Biddy Tarot. Her distinctive approach blends Tarot with personal growth, creating an actionable wellness practice that speaks to contemporary readers. Beginning with Esselmont's personal story of leaving behind a corporate career to pursue a more grounded, passionate life, this beautiful and useful volume explains how Tarot really works, with a focus on how we approach the cards and draw on our inner wisdom for guidance. Everyday Tarot moves through concrete areas of life (career, romantic relationships, major goals) and incorporates exercises and sample spreads, alongside a quick-start guide to reading the cards that reinforces big picture concepts and builds confidence as readers begin creating powerful and positive change.

Tarot by the Moon

Author : Victoria Constantino
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A Month-By-Month Guide to Spreads and Spells for Abundance, Protection, and Spiritual Transformation The energy of the moon has an undeniably powerful influence—on people, on plants and animals, and on the cycles and rhythms of the world. This book provides month-by-month tarot spreads, spells, and rituals to help you manifest the changes you want for yourself and your community. Author Victoria Constantino provides guidance for the ideal time, day of the week, or moon phase that best supports the specific spiritual work that you want to focus on. Explore spells and practices for home clearing and blessing, summoning a new career opportunity, finding your spirit animal, cutting cords, and many others. Delve into tarot with spreads for relationship renewal, connecting with your higher self, letting go, tapping into your potential, and more. Tarot by the Moon is a masterful guide to creating positive transformation with the cyclical magical energies that play such a powerful role in our lives.

Tarot Inspired Life

Author : Jaymi Elford
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Create a More Meaningful and Spiritual Life through the Cards Make tarot the centerpiece of your spirituality with this brilliant guide to incorporating the cards into your daily life. Tarot Inspired Life is the perfect workbook to help deepen your tarot practice, enhance your creativity, and find greater purpose each day. This book encourages you to befriend your deck, personalize your spreads, and create a tarot journal. It's not just filled with keywords, descriptions, or correspondences. Discover how to use the cards for creative writing, meditation, and connecting to spirit guides. Learn how your deck can be an agent of change through invocations and seasonal rituals. Jaymi Elford's guidance inspires you to think outside the norm, follow your own path, and honor your unique interpretations of tarot.

Tarot Rituals

Author : Nancy C. Antenucci
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Improve your connection to spirit, make special occasions more meaningful, and become a better tarot reader with nearly 100 rituals, spreads, and exercises. Tarot expert Nancy Antenucci presents the fundamentals of ritual practice and then applies them to all 78 cards, showing you how to enjoy a plethora of group and solitary tarot rituals. You'll even learn how to create your own rituals. Discover rituals for the solo reader, such as the Ritual of Expression. Explore group rituals, including the Icebreaker Ritual and the Seer Circle Ritual. This book also features rituals for giving readings, rituals for birthdays and sabbats, and rituals for formal events like blessings and weddings. Drawing on 30 years of experience, Nancy presents the alchemy of ritual and tarot--a powerful combination that can transform your practice and life.

Tarot Magic

Author : Donald Tyson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Say goodbye to ceremonial robes, incense, candles, and oils. Donald Tyson presents a new, easy way to perform ritual magic with only one tool: tarot. From manipulating elemental forces of nature to making potent charms, all ceremonial rituals can be performed with a standard 78-card deck. Tyson's efficient system of tarot magic is based on the Golden Dawn tradition, which corresponds with tarot imagery. He teaches how to work magic on the astral level by projecting one's awareness into the ritual tarot layout. Learn how to set up an astral temple, build an altar, cast a magic circle, and create a triangle through which to actualize your purpose. This innovative guide to tarot magic also includes rituals related to unions, banishing, and evoking elementals. Previously sold as Portable Magic (9780738709802).

Everyday Tarot

Author : Gail Fairfield
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Everyday Tarot, first published as Choice Centered Tarot, is an accessible, thorough introduction to the tarot. Gail Fairfield focuses on the psychological meanings that can be found in the symbolism of the cards. Rather than simply predicting a future in which we have no real choice, her clear, concise interpretations provide meaningful guidelines that will lead readers to powerful insights and greater self-understanding. She makes the tarot an easy-to-use tool for intuitive information gathering, personal empowerment, and self-discovery, all keys to making great choices about life's dilemmas. Fairfield explains everything needed to become a competent card reader#8212and offers invaluable tips on choosing a deck, designing layouts, and giving readings for individuals and groups.

Professional Tarot

Author : Christine Jette
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Whether readers want to begin reading Tarot cards professionally, or improve the success of their established business, here is the only book available on how to make money with Tarot. The author draws on her own vast experience to help set fees, advertise on a shoestring budget, make money on the Internet or by telephone, and more.

The Magic of Tarot

Author : Sasha Graham
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Empower your intuition, dive into your dreams, and get to the heart of the matter with this fantastic guide to creating a marvelous, magical tarot practice. Bestselling author and tarot expert Sasha Graham shows you how to bring tarot into daily life with easy-to-use exercises, spreads, and prompts. The Magic of Tarot opens your eyes to a richer, more enlightened style of divination. Sasha encourages you to flex your intuitive muscles, confidently use tarot magic and spells, and perform readings for other people. She also walks you through all the card meanings, introduces you to dream and shadow work, helps you interpret colors, numbers, and patterns, and so much more. This book lets you fearlessly jump in and enjoy magical experiences that you'll never forget.

The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum Interpreted by the Tarot Trumps

Author : Eliphaz Levi
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"The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regum" is a 1896 occult book written by Éliphas Lévi focusing on tarot cards and their occult meanings. Éliphas Lévi (8 February 1810 - 31 May 1875) was a French author of the occult and ceremonial magician. Other notable works by this author include "L'assomption de la femme" ("The Assumption of Woman") (1841), "La mère de Dieu" ("The Mother of God") (1844), and "Le livre des Larmes" ("The Book of Tears") (1845). Contents include: "The Magician-Le Bateleur", "The Priestess-La Papesse", "The Emperor-L'empereur", "The Pope, or Hierophant-Le Pape", "The Chariot of Hermes-Le Chariot", "The Wheel of Fortune-La Roue de Fortune", "Death-La Mort", "Temperance-La Temperance", "The Star-L'etoile", etc. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new biography of the author.

The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum Interpreted by the Tarot Trumps Translated from the Mss of liphas L vi With Eight Plates

Author : W. Wynn Westcott
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First published in 1896, “The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum” is an interesting dissertation on the ruling of the world by the seven great archangels written by Éliphas Lévi, (1810 – 1875), a French author of occult literature and ceremonial magician. In this vintage volume, Lévi outlines how the world is ruled by one of the seven archangels, each for a period of 354 years. The archangels are represented by celestial bodies, with Michael being the sun, Gabriel being the moon, Samael, Mars, etc. This volume will appeal to those with an interest in the occult, and it is not to be missed by collectors of vintage esoteric literature. Contents include: “The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum”, “The Priestess – La Papesse”, “The Empress – L'imperatrice”, “The Emperor”, “L'Emereur”, “The Pope of Hierophant – Le Pape”, “The Lovers – L'amoureux”, “The Chariot of Hermes – Le Chariot”, “Justice – La Justice”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially-commissioned new biography of the author.

Tarot for All Seasons

Author : Christine Jette
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Weave a web of tarot magic, and celebrate the days and nights of power with the magic of tarot and ritual. Perfect for both solitary and group practitioners, Tarot for All Seasons is the only book that combines the ancient wisdom of the tarot with the solar and lunar celebrations of the pagan Wheel of the Year. Discover how to work with seasonal energies throughout the year to improve all areas of your life—relationships, health, finances, and career. The twelve original tarot layouts capture the spirit of the full moon Esbats, waxing and waning moons, and the eight solar Sabbats. Several three-card spreads are also included for further advice and clarification to help you hone your tarot reading skills. Sample readings offer a way to weave a story with the cards, showing how the cards relate to one another and how the same cards can describe diverse situations in various layouts. Ritual creates a sacred space between the worlds, an ideal environment for powerful and magical tarot readings. A list of corresponding scents, magical brews, and candles are included to help you design a personal tarot ritual. The special chapter "A Year and a Day" concludes your journey with suggestions for self-dedication to the magical study of tarot. The seventy-eight cards of the tarot form a unique system for divination, self-discovery, and magic. From the growing darkness of Samhain to the fertility and flowers of Beltane, weave a web of tarot magic as you celebrate the ever-changing world around you and within you. In the following excerpt, author Christine Jette describes the Lady of the Hunt spread. This spread is intended to be used near the time of the waxing moon. Lady of the Hunt In this spread, "project" means any creative endeavor or career/study plan. "Relationship" can be new love, coworkers, family, or friendships. You are the Lady of the Hunt and your question becomes your quest. If you have something specific in mind, ask your question while shuffling the cards. For example, "Tell me what I need to know about my new (love, work situation, etc.)." Breathe deeply and shuffle your tarot deck. When you are ready, lay the cards out in the shape of a waxing crescent moon. Position 1 - This begins your project or relationship: Your life experience, what you bring from the past into the new situation. What brought you to this moment? Position 2 - This shapes your project or relationship: Outside influences, significant events, other people that shape the situation. Position 3 - This is at the center of your project or relationship: The main theme, lesson, opportunity or challenge of the situation. The focus card; all other cards revolve around the center and it carries the most weight in the reading. Position 4 - What your project or relationship needs to succeed: The effort you will make, the "elbow grease" required for your goals and ambitions to be realized, the follow-up too your magical workings on the physical plane. Position 5 - The direction or path of your project or relationship: Where you are headed, the future outlook. Position 6 - Advice card: What is the best course of action to take with this new project or relationship? What do you need to know now? To complete the Maiden reading, you can meditate with the cards, write a journal entry, keep the cards on the altar until the next waxing moon, or simple close. Carry a card or two with you during the day to strengthen the connection between you and your Maiden Spirit's desire. Affirm your personal power to create your destiny: "I awaken to my own creative powers. This, or something better, is manifesting for me now, for the good of all, harming no one, according to free will. So must it be."

Magical Theurgy Rituals of the Tarot

Author : Oliver St John
File Size : 80.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Here is a complete course in Hermetic Magick, covering the extended use of elemental mudras or Godforms, meditation and Tantra-yoga, plus examples of simple and advanced magical rituals. The book also includes a complete guide on how to make and charge magical talismans, with illustrations of the Kameas or Magic Squares and sigils of the planetary spirits. When approached in the right way, divination is a magical means of opening and extending lines of communication between the temporal and eternal worlds. The most important function of the Tarot, however, is as an Initiatory device. The core of this book is the Grand Tarot Operation, a 30-day Theurgic operation aimed at mystical and magical Initiation.

Wicca Witchcraft and Tarot Mastery

Author : Astrology and Numerology Academy
File Size : 51.63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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⭐Are you looking to learn about Wicca?⭐ Have you ever asked yourself how to use plants or candles in a different way? Have you ever wondered about the magic of Tarot cards? Have you always wanted to understand how to cast a spell? 6 MANUSCRIPTS IN 1 ✔️ WICCA BOOK OF SPELLS ✔️ WICCA FOR BEGINNERS ✔️ WITCHCRAFT ✔️ WITCHCRAFT FOR BEGINNERS ✔️ TAROT ✔️ TAROT FOR BEGINNERS Written with the beginner in mind, this comprehensive and detailed guide offers you everything you need to know about the ancient practice of WICCA, WITCHCRAFT, AND TAROT. From learning to practice rituals to understanding Wiccan mentalities and philosophies, The Tarot experience, this friendly book will help you tap into the power and wisdom of the cards. Inside this complete guide, you'll discover: ✅ The Countless Benefits of Wicca ✅ The Philosophies, Mindsets, and Types of Wicca ✅ Common Myths and Misconceptions ✅ Wiccan Holidays and Festivals ✅ How Wicca Relates to Astrology, Meditation, and Tarot ✅ Initiation Techniques ✅ How to Construct a Ritual ✅ What is Magic and how it works ✅ The magic and its many forms ✅ The Magic in the Modern World, how to bring technology into magic and how to find your Magical space ✅ How to prepare yourself to the practice, the right centering and grounding and how to control your energy every day ✅ Small Daily Magical Practices with your spell bags ✅ The divination, with tarot, pendulum and more ✅ Many spells ✅ What is tarot? ✅ Why do we read the cards, and how do they work? ✅ The history and evolution of tarot ✅ Choosing a tarot deck ✅ Looking after your cards ✅ How to read the tarot cards ✅ Getting to know your tarot deck - some simple exercises ✅ The Major Arcana ✅ The Minor Arcana ✅ How to do a Tarot Card Reading ...And more once you learn to harness your natural talents as a witch, you'll discover that a whole new world of possibilities exists. ⚡So what are you waiting for? Buy now to join the millions of people already practicing Wicca!⚡

The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis

Author : Jean-Louis de Biasi
File Size : 52.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Take the first steps on the path of initiation using the universal power of the tarot. Jean-Louis de Biasi, Grandmaster of the Ordo Aurum Solis, presents the tarot as a complete system of High Magick. He pairs the symbolic components of the Hermetic macrocosm—the five elements, the seven ancient planets, and zodiac signs—with corresponding deities of the classical Greek pantheon, enabling you to channel cosmic energies. Using the tarot images as talismans, you'll connect with and invoke the unique energies of each card to reach higher states of consciousness through rituals that further your inner development.

A Magical Course in Tarot

Author : Michele Morgan
File Size : 87.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Traditionally, being able to give a reading with tarot cards has required the painstaking memorization of the details of 78 specific cards. Author Michele Morgan has now developed a method that taps into the user's intuitive and psychic abilities to discover a whole new way of interpreting ancient arcana. Illustrations.

Tarot Rituals and You

Author : Bonnie Cehovet
File Size : 87.40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Through ritual, we celebrate the significant moments in our lives – the passing of the seasons, birth/death, promotions, business opportunities... We mark them all with ritual so that they serve as a memory of what is and what can be. Small daily rituals – that morning cup of coffee, the table set just so, time spent in the backyard in the evening, or even making out the grocery list – all help us to stay grounded, centered, and on our path. The Tarot is meant for ritual, with its archetypal energy and beautiful imagery. Find here how to enter a Tarot card, record impressions, understand specific symbols, manage your dreamtime, utilize meditations and affirmations, and make quality decisions. Through combining ritual tools of empowerment, we strengthen who we are as individuals. What better way to maintain the courage to walk an individual path!