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Taylor on Criminal Appeals

Author : Paul Taylor
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The newest edition of Taylor on Criminal Appeals provides a detailed guide to the practice and procedure with in depth analysis of the various procedural aspects and substantive grounds to challenges the decisions of the criminal courts, both in England and Wales as well as the Privy Council and European Court of Human Rights. The book addresses the various stages in a potential appeal from identifying grounds and forum for challenge, to setting out the procedure for launching, preparing for, and presenting the appeal. Each chapter contains a detailed analysis of the approach of the appellate courts in specific areas, and flow charts and references to online resources (such as the procedural rules and forms) aimed at assisting the practitioner involved in a criminal appeal, judicial review or case stated at each stage of the proceedings. The first and second editions have been cited variously in the House of Lords, Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland, Final Court of Appeal in Hong Kong, Court of Appeal of New Zealand, High Court of Fuji, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, and Caribbean Court of Justice. Written by specialist practitioners, led by Paul Taylor QC, this edition provides another invaluable practical guidance for use in preparation and in court.

Taylor on Criminal Appeals

Author : Paul Taylor
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Taylor on Criminal Appeals provides a detailed examination of the law and practice relating to all criminal appeals. It also includes comprehensive coverage of magistrates' appeals to the Crown Court, appeals to the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), Supreme Court, and Privy Council.

Taylor s Criminal Digest Including a Chapter on Criminal Bonds and Appellate Procedure

Author : David Gray Taylor
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Interlocutory Criminal Appeals in Australia

Author : Greg Taylor
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Interlocutory Criminal Appeals in Australia is a guide to the law and practice relating to appeals prior to or during a criminal trial. It is directed toward solicitors and barristers practising in criminal law in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, DPP's, Police prosecutors, Legal Aid and the Courts. It also contains scholarly analysis, comparative material and consideration of possible reforms. This work considers the topic of interlocutory criminal appeals largely from a practical perspective, but also with some consideration of history, overseas law and future possibilities. The book is designed to provide guidance to criminal law practitioners on how interlocutory criminal appeals function - at the stage of seeking leave to appeal (if necessary), the appeal itself and the aftermath.

United States of America V Taylor

Author :
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Sanders and Young s Criminal Justice

Author : Mandy Burton
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'Sanders and Young's Criminal Justice' is an engaging account and a rigorous critique of the criminal justice system, drawing on a wide breadth of research in the field.

Human Rights in Criminal Law

Author : Ben Douglas-Jones KC
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The law of human rights permeates every area of law. However, for many practitioners, students and academics it often presents the intimidating challenge of gaining a confident command of the specific principles that apply in any given context. This is particularly the case in domestic criminal law. This book focuses on the impact of human rights law at every stage of the criminal process. It traces the principal human rights issues that arise from protections that apply during an investigation prior to a suspect even knowing that they are a suspect, to powers of arrest and search, and treatment at the police station It then considers every stage of the criminal process up to any potential appeal before the domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights. It is divided into four parts. Part 1 covers the fundamental principles of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998 and their application in domestic law, particularly in relation to criminal appeal. Parts 2 to 4 address the three broad phases of a criminal case investigation, pre-trial and trial providing an analysis of human rights law. This dynamic and inter-disciplinary book offer a considered account of the often complex interactions between criminal law and human rights; with a wide range of contributors, marshalled by strong general editors. The team comprises high quality criminal practitioners (both solicitors and counsel), academics in the field and those whose work is focused on the nexus between criminal law and human rights, such as Liberty and Justice.

A Guide to the Criminal Appeal Act 1995

Author : Leonard Jason-Lloyd
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The Criminal Appeal Act 1995 has significantly changed the way in which criminal appeals will be dealt with in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Providing a brief guide to the provisions of the Act, this is a quick reference for practitioners and students on degree and equivalent courses.

Devils River

Author : Patrick Dearen
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In his newest book, Devils River, Patrick Dearen traces the 400-year history of the notorious river from the time of the first Spanish explorers to the modernization of southwestern Texas and the coming of the railroad. He vividly retells stories of Indian encounters, train robberies, and other horrific events that prove just how the name “Devils River” was coined. With his inimitable style, the author weaves together a variety of themes--military events, including the Civil War and stories about the Texas Rangers; the development of the first mail lines; and the introduction of cattle and sheep raising--into a comprehensive account of the violence and bloodshed surrounding the Devils River. The nature of the river’s history is such that very few anecdotes have happy endings, but Devils River contains stories of triumphs as well as disasters. Although this is an excellent account for historians studying the west, it is also very accessible to others with little or no background in early western history.

Comparative Capital Punishment

Author : Carol S. Steiker
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Comparative Capital Punishment offers a set of in-depth, critical and comparative contributions addressing death practices around the world. Despite the dramatic decline of the death penalty in the last half of the twentieth century, capital punishment remains in force in a substantial number of countries around the globe. This research handbook explores both the forces behind the stunning recent rejection of the death penalty, as well as the changing shape of capital practices where it is retained. The expert contributors address the social, political, economic, and cultural influences on both retention and abolition of the death penalty and consider the distinctive possibilities and pathways to worldwide abolition.