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Tea Leaf Reading for Beginnners

Author : Caroline Dow
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Indulge in the age old custom of reading tea leaves.

Tea Cup Reading and the Art of Fortune Telling by Tea Leaves

Author : Health Research
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Handbook on the art of reading tea leaves, includes an entry on Aboriginal Australian emblems.

Tea Cup Reading Orion Plain and Simple

Author : Various
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A practical guide on the revealing art of tea cup reading. The art of reading tea leaves has been practised for centuries by everyone from Buddhist monks to Bedouins to Gypsies. Once very popular in Britain and Ireland and all the countries they settled, the practice has all but faded away. Now, this concise book provides quick, easy, and fun instructions for practising tasseography today. The book includes everything needed to become an accomplished practitioner: * a brief history of tea and coffee * advice on brewing and serving * basic rules of tea leaf and cup reading * handy tips for instant readings * an illustrated dictionary of 361 symbols with precise definitions Tea Cup Reading is an essential reference for this fascinating interpretive art.

Tea cup reading

Author : AA. VV.
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It is somewhat curious that among the great number of books on occult science and all forms of divination which have been published in the English language there should be none dealing exclusively with the Tea-cup Reading and the Art of Telling Fortunes by the Tea-leaves: notwithstanding that it is one of the most common forms of divination practised by the peasants of Scotland and by village fortune-tellers in all parts of this country. In many of the cheaper handbooks to Fortune-telling by Cards or in other ways only brief references to the Tea-cup method are given; but only too evidently by writers who are merely acquainted with it by hearsay and have not made a study of it for themselves.

Tea Leaf Reading

Author : Dennis Fairchild
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For centuries people have been fascinated with the age-old practice of predicting the future with tea leaves. In this engaging mini book, professional astrologer and fortune teller Dennis Fairchild presents a step-by-step guide to the art of tea leaf reading. It covers everything from preparing your pot and cup to selecting the right leaves for your reading to understanding every symbol hidden therein.

Tea Cup Reading

Author : Highland Seer
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Tea-Cup Reading Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves By A Highland Seer With Illustrations Melton's described methods of pouring away the tea and shaking the cup are rarely seen; most readers ask the querent to drink the tea off, then swirl the cup. Likewise, his notion that readers give intuitive interpretations reflects his unfamiliarity with teacup reading; most readers use the standard symbols that have been handed down through several generations. There are, however, many who prefer to read by feel and intuition, as stated by Melton. It is traditional to read a cup from the present to the future by starting along the rim at the handle of the cup and following the symbols downward in a spiral manner, until the bottom is reached, which symbolizes the far future. Most readers see images only in the dark tea leaves against a white or neutral background; some will also read the reverse images formed by seeing the symbols that form in the white negative spaces, with a clump of dark leaves forming the background. Some people consider it ill-advised for one to attempt tasseography using tea from a cut-open tea bag or to use a symbol dictionary. The reasons for these prohibitions are practical: tea-bag tea is cut too finely to form recognizable figures in the cup and tea-leaf reading has its own historic system of symbolism that does not correspond exactly with other systems, such as symbolic dream divination.

Tea Cup Reading and the Art of Fortune Telling by Tea Leaves

Author : A. Highland Seer
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Age old wisdom by a Scottish Seer on how to read tea leaves with 10 illustrations to help guide the beginning 'reader'. The information compiled in this gem of a book defies age in its visions. First written in the year 1881 by "A Highland Seer," it contains a list of omens, both good and bad, many of which are very familiar. Folklore, mystic paths, and enlightenment of the divine are laid out in simple terms to help the everyday person interpret patterns found in tea leaves.

Simply Tea Leaf Reading

Author : Jacqueline Towers
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Much older than tarot, tasseomancy (also known as tea leaf reading) is enjoying a much-deserved resurgence. And while it may seem forbidding to beginners, reading tea leaves and coffee grounds is relatively easy once you know the secrets. This latest volume in the indispensable Simply series takes you from tea sipper to fortune teller almost effortlessly. Find out which types of teas and cups are advantageous for readings (large leaves are better), how to properly "elevate” the tea (stir with a tall spoon) after brewing, and how to treat the dregs when the cup is empty. And, when you are ready to begin "reading,” this excellent reference includes an exhaustive guide to the meaning of dozens of shapes you may see in the leaves, from jugglers to chestnut trees.

Tea Leaf Reading

Author : Jacqueline Towers
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Previous edition published as: Simply tea leaf reading. New York: Sterling/Zambezi, c2008.

Tea Leaf Reading

Author : Jacky Sach
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The newest Little Giant� Encyclopedia is tea-licious--a tasty brew of tea information and history: an ABC of tea, from Assam and Black to Tikkam and Yunnan; tea ceremonies around the world; tips on tea’s health benefits; advice on preparing the perfect ∪ and entertaining sidebars, quotes, and quizzes. Over half the book is devoted to a "How to Read Me!”--an instruction manual on tea leaf reading, with guidance on symbols, meanings, and omens, as well as on which type of cup to use, how to swirl the leaves properly, and hints for the novice. It will turn you into an enlightened tea master with a renewed appreciation for the drink that has warmed hands and hearts for generations.