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Squirt Goes to Kindergarten

Author : Pamela Pierce Raymundo
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Squirt Goes to Kindergarten By Pamela Pierce Raymundo Squirt Goes to Kindergarten is a seven year journey that began when the Pierce zoo/house added a new pet. The first ferret they had was shy and small and seemed so calm compared to the three dogs and very large cat already in place. The next two ferrets were much larger and had bigger personalities. It continued until they found the perfect companion: Squirt. As a kindergarten teacher, it seemed so natural to introduce Squirt to the five- and six-year-olds. Having a unique class pet helped with both social skills and behavior. Squirt appreciated the attention and activity and the class loved the privilege of caring for a dear and fragile friend. Squirt Goes to Kindergarten is a culmination of adventures that took place weekly. Told from the point of view of Squirt the ferret, this book is a glimpse into kindergarten with an exciting class pet. It is about a ferret experiencing school on the first day and all that entails. Squirt has a dream just like her author that she keeps till the very end. This book is perfect for young readers due to the subject and perfect for teachers because of the content.

The Feisty Ferret

Author : Kelly Mathewson
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When a world famous artists named The Feisty Ferret becomes a school teacher, three children soon discover what this teacher has plans for his students outside of their education. Excitement for the arrival of the artist soon turns to terror as they unfold what he is up too. The artist's dark secrets will lead the boys down a path that could arrive at their demise. What will they do?

Frankie Ferret

Author : Harriet Paulk Hessam
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Frankie Ferret is everyone's favorite first grade teacher! She and her students are all furry female animals- Chinchilla, Mahaley Mole, Bonnie Bat and Eliza Ermine. Come inside their classroom and experience the fun and excitement of their first day of school!

Developing Teaching Skills In The Primary School

Author : Johnston, Jane
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This book will focus specifically on developing pedagogical skills and consider what these skills are, how they develop, how they impact on learning and how they differ for different ages and subjects

Teach Thrive

Author : Kristina Valtierra
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Teacher burn out contributes to the epidemic of early career exit. At least half of all new K?12 teachers leave the profession by the time they reach their fifth year of teaching. Conversely, there are urban teachers who survive burn out and thrive as career? long educators. This book results from an in?depth qualitative study that explored one 40?year veteran teacher’s career narrative, analyzing how she not only survived the burn out epidemic, but also thrived as a highly effective career?long urban teacher. Part 1 of this book uses a critical socio?political lens is used to guide readers through the complexities of career thrival. Framed within the story of one new urban teacher’s typical morning, the book begins with an overview of the socio?political forces that lead to urban teacher burn out. In spite of the obstacles, the more hopeful idea of urban teacher thrival is uncovered through narrative methodology. Part 2 is dedicated to the dynamic narrative of a veteran urban teacher career journey. This inspiring story is related to frameworks established in Part 1, as well as painting a picture of how public education has evolved over the last 40 years, and it’s impact on the lives of teachers. Part 3 takes a deeper dive into three salient themes that permeated throughout the participant’s story. First hope springs eternal is the idea that sustaining hope supported the teacher’s career thrival. Next, the extended education family is the notion that familial?like relationships at school nourished her longevity. The third theme, creative autonomy, reveals that by being empowered with opportunities for curriculum development and instructional decision?making the teacher maintained her passion. This book concludes with recommendations for teachers, educational leaders and teacher educators to develop and maintain thriving teachers.

Reform in School Mathematics and Authentic Assessment

Author : Thomas A. Romberg
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Today new ways of thinking about learning call for new ways for monitoring learning. Reform in School Mathematics builds from the vision that assessment can become the bridge for instructional activity, accountability, and teacher development. It places teachers in key roles while developing the theme that we cannot reform the way in which school mathematics is taught without radically reforming the ways the effects of that teaching are monitored. Among others, this volume addresses the issues of the specification of performance standards, the development of authentic tasks, the measure of status and growth or a combination, the development of psychometric models, and the development of scoring rubrics. The new models proposed in this book give teachers a wealth of non-traditional assessment strategies and concrete ways to obtain measures of both group and individual differences in growth.

You Can Teach Someone to Read

Author : Lorraine Peoples
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Step by step detailed directions to provide anyone the necessary tools to easily teach someone -- any age -- to learn to read. The author, a former elementary educator shows that teaching -- and learning -- reading can be fun and satisfying. Peoples shows the reader how to find and teach any missing skills. Ideal for parents, volunteers in literacy programs, teachers and friends. The book's 6 units include easy to follow lesson plans, tips on how to teach the way students learn best, series of unique yarns to make phonics memorable, appendices of sounds, rules and words.

Teaching Science to English Language Learners

Author : Luciana C. de Oliveira
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This edited collection explores how science can be taught to English language learners (ELLs) in 21st century classrooms. The authors focus on the ways in which pre-service and in-service science teachers have developed—or may develop—instructional effectiveness for working with ELLs in the secondary classroom. Chapter topics are grounded in both research and practice, addressing a range of timely topics including the current state of ELL education in the secondary science classroom, approaches to leveraging the talents and strengths of bilingual students in heterogeneous classrooms, best practices in teaching science to multilingual students, and ways to infuse the secondary science teacher preparation curriculum with ELL pedagogy. This book will appeal to an audience beyond secondary content area teachers and teacher educators to all teachers of ELLs, teacher educators and researchers of language acquisition more broadly.

Free School Teaching

Author : Kristan Accles Morrison
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Chronicles the author’s personal and professional journey within the American educational system.

The Good School

Author : Peg Tyre
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Award-winning education journalist Peg Tyre mines up-to-the-minute research to equip parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to get their children the best education possible We all know that the quality of education served up to our children in U.S. schools ranges from outstanding to shockingly inadequate. How can parents tell the difference? And how do they make sure their kids get what's best? Even the most involved and informed parents can feel overwhelmed and confused when making important decisions about their child's education. And the scary truth is that evaluating a school based on test scores and college admissions data is like selecting a car based on the color of its paint. Synthesizing cutting-edge research and firsthand reporting, Peg Tyre offers parents far smarter and more sophisticated ways to assess a classroom and decide if the school and the teacher have the right stuff. Passionate and persuasive, The Good School empowers parents to make sense of headlines; constructively engage teachers, administrators, and school boards; and figure out the best option for their child—be that a local public school, a magnet program, a charter school, homeschooling, parochial, or private.