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Teachers Matter But How

Author : Ninni Wahlström
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Global processes are transforming educational policy around the world in complex ways, with different implications for different local arenas. Over the last two decades, a global neoliberal policy paradigm has emerged, placing the teacher at its centre. Two well-known examples are the OECD report on education and training policy, ‘Teachers Matter’, and the McKinsey & Company report entitled ‘How the World’s Best-Performing School Systems Come Out on Top’. It now seems more important than ever to highlight some alternatives that might contribute to a broader understanding of the meaning of being a teacher. In a time of standardised performance and accountability, this special issue raises critical questions about the space for teachers’ agency and teachers as curriculum agents. The different articles from some of our most distinguished researchers in the field provide essential perspectives on the question of where, when and how teachers matter. Our interest is not primarily to understand the scope of teachers’ agency but rather to understand what becomes important for teachers in their everyday activities, such as teaching students, handling educational norms and rules, working in a local as well as a global society etc. A common theme throughout the articles is that teachers matter in spaces where they can act as moral subjects in their profession in the present, drawing on collective and individual experiences of the past whilst imagining a desired future. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Curriculum Studies.

Teachers Matter Connecting Work Lives And Effectiveness

Author : Day, Christopher
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Based on a DfES funded study of 300 teachers in 100 primary and secondary schools in England, the authors identify different patterns of influence and effect between groups of teachers, which provide powerful evidence of the complexities of teachers' work, lives, identity and commitment, in relation to their sense of agency, well-being, resilience and pupil attitudes and attainment. This, in turn, provides a clear message for teachers, teachers' associations, school leaders and policy makers internationally, in understanding and supporting the need to build and sustain school and classroom effectiveness.

Teachers Matter

Author : Yusef Waghid
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Notions of 'the teacher' live in the ideas and practices of curriculum and policies; teachers are teachers because they teach. Yet, it matters who teachers are - no attempt at good teaching and learning can manifest without having some idea of who teachers are and who they can become.--Ian Davies, University of York

Teachers Matter

Author : Marcus A. Winters
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In Teachers Matter, education researcher Marcus A. Winters, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, argues that our failure to identify and reward high-quality teachers has been devastating for public school students. The question is how do we sort out the good teachers form the bad? Sure to be controversial, Winters's plan will be of interest to the education community, policy makers, and parents concerned about the future of education in America.

Effective Teachers Student Achievement

Author : James Stronge
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Research has shown that there is no greater influence on a student's success than the quality of his or her teacher. This book presents the research findings which demonstrate the connection between teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Author James Stronge describes and explains the value-added teacher-assessment research that has emerged in the past decade and demystifies the power and practices of effective teachers.

What Great Teachers Do Differently

Author : Todd Whitaker
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Presents a series of guidelines to help teachers become more effective in the classroom.

Every Teacher Matters

Author : Kathryn Lovewell
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Every Teacher Matters - Inspiring Well-Being through Mindfulness. Teachers are the most valuable resource in Education. Why is it that so little investment is made in supporting teachers to ensure they can sustain effective teaching and learning in the classroom? What if we were to invest time and energy back into the core of education, the teachers? What if we were to publicly express how valuable teachers really are? What if we lived in a society that made emotional health and well-being in the workplace a priority? What if we lived in a world where emotional intelligence was prioritised over any other subject so that learning could be accessed more easily and effortlessly? With humour, anecdote, and a wealth of background research, Every Teacher Matters offers a gentle hand to guide teachers - and through them, their students back to their hearts!

What We Say and How We Say It Matter

Author : Mike Anderson
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We all want our students to feel safe, collaborate well with others, feel ownership for their learning, and be joyfully engaged in their work. Nevertheless, many teachers end up using language patterns that undermine these goals. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? We want students to take responsibility for their learning, yet we use language that implies teacher ownership. We want to build positive relationships with students, yet we use sarcasm when we get frustrated. We want students to think learning is fun, yet we sometimes make comments that suggest the opposite. We want students to exhibit good behavior because it's the right thing to do, yet we rely on threats and bribes, which implies students don’t naturally want to be good. What teachers say to students—when they praise or discipline, give directions or ask questions, and introduce concepts or share stories—affects student learning and behavior. A slight change in intonation can also dramatically change how language feels for students. In What We Say and How We Say It Matter, Mike Anderson digs into the nuances of language in the classroom. This book's many examples will help teachers examine their language habits and intentionally improve their classroom practice so their language matches and supports their goals.

Reflective Teaching in Further Adult and Vocational Education

Author : Margaret Gregson
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Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education is the definitive textbook for reflective professionals in further, adult and vocational education, drawing on the experience of the author team and the latest research, including that of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) findings. It offers extensive support for trainee and practising teachers in further, adult and vocational settings, for both practice-based training and career-long professionalism. Now in its fourth edition, written by a collaborative author team of further, adult and vocational education experts led by Yvonne Hillier and Margaret Gregson, Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education offers two levels of support: - practical guidance for practitioner success with a focus on the key issues including individual and collaborative approaches to reflective practice, a systematic approach to educational improvement based upon Joint Practice Development; and - evidence-informed 'principles' to aid understanding of how theories can effectively inform teaching practices and offer ways to develop deeper understanding of effective practices. The new edition is also enhanced by improved navigation and updated pedagogical features, including a revised chapter structure and text design, all-new case studies, activities, figures and diagrams. The team includes: Margaret Gregson (University of Sunderland, UK) | Yvonne Hillier (University of Brighton, UK) | Gert Biesta (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg) | Sam Duncan (Institute of Education, University College London, UK) | Lawrence Nixon (University of Sunderland, UK) | Trish Spedding (University of Sunderland, UK) | Paul Wakeling (Havering Sixth Form College, UK) Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education directly compliments and extends the chapters of this book. It has been designed to provide convenient access to key texts, working as a compact and portable library. The associated website, offers supplementary resources including reflective activities, research briefings and advice on further readings. It also features a glossary of educational terms, links to useful websites and showcases examples of excellent research and practice. This book forms part of the Reflective Teaching series, edited by Andrew Pollard and Amy Pollard, offering support for reflective practice in early, primary, secondary, further, vocational, university and adult sectors of education.

Preparing Teachers for a Changing World

Author : Linda Darling-Hammond
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Looks at concepts and strategies of teacher education, covering such topics as learning theories, developmentally appropriate practice, diverse learners, assessment, classroom management, and the design of teacher education programs.

Unstoppable Learning

Author : Douglas Fisher
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Discover proven methods to enhance teaching and learning schoolwide. Identify questions educators should ask to guarantee a positive classroom culture where students learn from each other, not just teachers. Explore ways to adapt learning in response to students’ individual needs, and gain strategies and tools to create clear learning targets, prepare effective lessons, and successfully assess instruction.

Teacher s Field Guide

Author : Kerry Hemms
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Fifty percent of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years. Of those who stay, most go through periods of burnout. Teachers everywhere start with high hopes of making a difference, but quickly get consumed with all of the unexpected demands, leaving them exhausted and wondering if this whole teaching thing was a good idea. While there are many books focused on curriculum and teaching techniques, Teacher’s Field Guide takes a unique approach by addressing the real-life needs of the teacher who is often left behind and rarely discussed by other books in the marketplace. Teacher’s Field Guide is all about that “other stuff”. It offers tips, tools, and strategies to lessen the stress, and increase the joy in teaching. It supports each teacher in seven important areas of their personal and professional lives: Mindset Management Classroom Management Workload Management People Management Stress Management Self Management Big Picture Management Teachers will discover answers to questions such as: How can I really make a difference when it’s so stressful? What is the simplest and easiest classroom management plan that really works? How do I have a life outside of school when the workload never ends? What is the secret to having great relationships with students, parents, administrators, and colleagues? What’s the deal with burnout? How do I know if I have it, and what should I do if it’s there? Teachers matter, and teachers deserve to be supported and encouraged while they lead our future generations. Teacher’s Field Guide is the personal support teachers everywhere have needed, and guarantees to help reverse the trend that 50% of new teachers quit within their first five years.

White Working class Boys

Author : Mary-Claire Travers
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"If you are a white working-class boy you are less likely than anyone else in Britain to go to university." So said Prime Minister May in her maiden speech. Mary-Claire Travers traces the educational trajectories of a group of white working-class young men who have succeeded academically and who tell her eloquently about how and why they did so. The author's positive research and insightful analysis makes for a unique contribution to the study of social mobility and social justice. She and her participants offer policymakers, education researchers and teacher educators vital evidence-based recommendations for tackling the long-standing issue of white working-class boys' academic underachievement.

Professional Capital

Author : Andy Hargreaves
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The future of learning depends absolutely on the future of teaching. In this latest and most important collaboration, Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan show how the quality of teaching is captured in a compelling new idea: the professional capital of every teacher working together in every school. Speaking out against policies that result in a teaching force that is inexperienced, inexpensive, and exhausted in short order, these two world authorities--who know teaching and leadership inside out--set out a groundbreaking new agenda to transform the future of teaching and public education. Ideas-driven, evidence-based, and strategically powerful, Professional Capital combats the tired arguments and stereotypes of teachers and teaching and shows us how to change them by demanding more of the teaching profession and more from the systems that support it. This is a book that no one connected with schools can afford to ignore. This book features: (1) a powerful and practical solution to what ails American schools; (2) Action guidelines for all groups--individual teachers, administrators, schools and districts, state and federal leaders; (3) a next-generation update of core themes from the authors' bestselling book, "What's Worth Fighting for in Your School?" [This book was co-published with the Ontario Principals' Council.].

Bad Teacher How Blaming Teachers Distorts the Bigger Picture

Author : Kevin K. Kumashiro
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In his latest book, leading educator and author Kevin Kumashiro takes aim at the current debate on educational reform, paying particular attention to the ways that scapegoating public school teachers, teacher unions, and teacher educators masks the real, systemic problems. He convincingly demonstrates how current trends, like market-based reforms and fast-track teacher certification programs are creating overwhelming obstacles to achieving an equitable education for all children. Bad Teacher! highlights the common ways that both the public and influential leaders think about the problems and solutions for public education, and suggests ways to help us see the bigger picture and reframe the debate. Compelling, accessible, and grounded in current initiatives and debates, this book is important reading for a diverse audience of policymakers, school leaders, parents, and everyone who cares about education. Kevin K. Kumashiro is director of the Center for Anti-Oppressive Education and president-elect (2010–2012) of the National Association for Multicultural Education. He is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the author of The Seduction of Common Sense: How the Right Has Framed the Debate on America's Schools. Praise for Bad Teacher! “This book could be a springboard for teachers . . . to become more actively involved in advocating for a paradigm shift in our concept of education.” —Grace Lee Boggs, The Boggs Center “Kumashiro is a remarkable sleuth who … shows us how the deck is stacked, how the game is played, who gains, and who loses. Join him in a clarion call to build a Movement to reclaim public education.” —Robert P. Moses, The Algebra Project “Courageous, blunt, and hopeful, Bad Teacher! offers a democratic vision for true educational change.” —Sonia Nieto, University of Massachusetts at Amherst “Anyone seeking to understand why so many of the reforms we have pursued have failed will benefit from reading this book.” —Pedro A. Noguera, New York University “Kumashiro explains why we should think differently about the prescriptions that are now taken for granted—and wrong.” —Diane Ravitch, New York University, author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education “Kumashiro expertly examines the many forces working against public education, and how and why these forces are at play.” —Dennis Van Roekel, President, National Education Association “Bad Teacher! is oh-so-smart and timely. . . . This book attacks head-on the ragged patchwork of ‘school reform’ that has left us without even the vocabulary to frame what’s gone wrong.” —Patricia J. Williams, Columbia Law School 2012 Must-read book about K–12 education in the U.S., Christian Science Monitor

Teaching Social Studies that Matters

Author : Stephen J. Thornton
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No plan to increase achievement and enact reform in the social studies classroom will succeed without recognizing the central importance of the teacher as the gatekeeperof instruction. In this book, Thornton details why teachers must develop strong skills in curriculum planning and teaching methods in order for effective instruction to occur. Thornton helps teachers to develop a vision of their practice that will build strong social studies programs and inspire students to learn. This book features replicable examples of the kinds of reflective practice that will enable teachers to animate classroom instruction and create a dynamic social studies curriculum and an analysis of how teachers adapt and shape state and district level curricula and classroom materials to fit the specific needs of their students, and a model of how to develop an instructional program with suggestions for lesson planning.

How to Teach Students Who Don t Look Like You

Author : Bonnie M. Davis
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Engage diverse learners in your classroom with culturally responsive instruction! This second edition includes new or expanded coverage of Latino students, ELLs, immigrant students, race, and racial identity, and new coverage of standards-based, culturally responsive lesson planning and instruction, differentiated instruction, RTI, and the Common Core State Standards. Bonnie Davis helps all educators: Tailor instruction to their unique student population Reflect on their cultures and how this shapes their views of the world Cultivate a deeper understanding of race and racism in the U.S. Create culturally responsive instruction Understand how culture affects learning

What s the Good of Education

Author : Stephen Machin
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Volumes have been written about the value of more and better education. But is there sufficient evidence to support the commonly held belief that we, as individuals and as a community, should be investing more in education? This book explores that question in unprecedented detail, drawing on empirical evidence from an impressive array of sources. While much of the focus is on the educational system in the United Kingdom, the book offers lessons of international applicability. A state-of-the-art compendium on education policy and its impact on educational attainment, the book examines numerous large-scale data sources on individual pupils and schools. The questions the book considers are far-ranging: How much do teachers matter for children's educational attainment? What payoff do people get from acquiring more education when they enter the labor market? How well do education systems function to provide employers with the skills they want? The book concludes by issuing some strong policy recommendations and offering an evaluation of what does and does not work in improving educational attainment. The recommendations address such issues as school effectiveness, education financing, individual investment in education, government education initiatives, higher education, labor market rewards, and lifelong learning.

How Does Context Matter Comparing Achievement Scores Opportunities to Learn and Teacher Preparation Across Socio economic Quintiles Using TIMSS and PISA

Author :
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Many people have touted education as a great equalizer because it provides students with the skills and opportunity to succeed in life based on their own merit. While this attitude has helped increase access to education around the world, the quality of that education varies. Globally, education has multiple challenges. On the micro level, educational quality remains inconsistent, and on the macro level, increasing economic inequality has potential to deleteriously affect education. This study analyzes the relationships between micro level education phenomena and these macro level economic forces to determine how economic inequality relates to education quality. This study engages the infamous educational "black box" in three different areas that capture, in aggregate, a meaningful portion of the classroom experience: opportunity to learn (OTL), teacher preparation, and student achievement. The analysis situates educational quality in the context of country-level economics by comparing students across three types of economic disparities: inequality between countries, inequality within countries, and inequality in the socio-economic status (SES) of students. Between-country inequality consists of differences in overall country income while within-country inequality concerns the distribution of income. Between-student inequality gauges the relative SES of families and their ability to provide resources conducive to education. The main hypothesis is that high SES students in more-unequal countries have relatively more access to educational resources, leading to relatively better teachers, relatively more OTL, and higher math scores. The converse would hold true for low SES students. Findings from international comparisons using the international assessments in 2003 (PISA and TIMSS) show that income inequality adversely relates to educational factors for students in all SES groups. Both high and low SES students in more-unequal countries have lower achievement scores, less prepared teachers, and less OTL. More detailed analysis at the country level does not identify any "silver bullets" for low or high income inequality countries, but does show that OTL has a greater relationship to achievement for higher SES students, while environmental factors such as community size matter for low SES students. Theses findings imply that high SES students have the foundation to take better advantage of their educational settings while low SES students must first manage their social and economic environments.

Reflective Teaching in Schools

Author : Andrew Pollard
File Size : 34.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Building on best-selling texts over three decades, this thoroughly revised new edition is essential reading for both primary and secondary school teachers in training and in practice, supporting both initial school-based training and extended career-long professionalism. Considering a wide range of professionally relevant topics, Reflective Teaching in Schools presents key issues and research insights, suggests activities for classroom enquiry and offers guidance on key readings. Uniquely, two levels of support are offered: · practical, evidence-based guidance on key classroom issues – including relationships, behaviour, curriculum planning, teaching strategies and assessment processes; · routes to deeper forms of expertise, including evidence-informed 'principles' and 'concepts' to support in-depth understanding of teacher expertise. Andrew Pollard, former Director of the UK's Teaching and Learning Research Programme, led development of the book, with support from primary and secondary specialists from the University of Cambridge, UK. Reflective Teaching in Schools is part of a fully integrated set of resources for primary and secondary education. Readings for Reflective Teaching in Schools directly complements and extends the chapters in this book. Providing a compact and portable library, it is particularly helpful in school-based teacher education. The website,, offers supplementary resources including reflective activities, research briefings, advice on further reading and additional chapters. It also features a glossary, links to useful websites, and a conceptual framework for deepening expertise. This book is one of the Reflective Teaching Series – inspiring education through innovation in early years, schools, further, higher and adult education.