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Teacher s Stories Teacher s Lives

Author : Carola Conle
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In this book we demonstrate a mode of teacher education that is practical in a non-technical sense and relies on Dewey's notion of curriculum as the reconstruction of experience. We present a curriculum that emerged through collaborative self-reflection and seeks to reconstruct personal histories of schooling. As four former preservice teachers and their instructor, we engaged in jointly constructed autobiographical inquiry in order to generate data on our own past and on our current histories of teaching and learning. We wanted to illuminate parts of our lives in schools that until now belonged to our 'normal' and taken-for-granted past. We did this in order to enjoy certain degrees of awareness and choice as to which of our living stories to reinforce and which to "let run out" in our classrooms today.

Language Teachers Stories from their Professional Knowledge Landscapes

Author : Lesley Harbon
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Language Teachers’ Professional Knowledge Landscapes is a collection of fourteen narratives from teachers of different languages, at different school levels, in different contexts across Australia. This volume brings together not simply language teacher stories, but also more political stories of the problems associated with school programs and contexts. Highlighted through these stories are some of the major political issues in schools that impact language teachers’ work, and their students’ success in sustained language study. The book is conceptually framed by the work of Clandinin and Connelly (1996) and their notion of ‘levels’ of stories told by teachers about their classrooms: the secret, the sacred and the cover stories. The term ‘professional knowledge landscape’ is used to indicate how teachers can critically situate their work, and thereby understand it better. The collection includes the stories of two outstanding primary language educators, and a story of mixed success in a rural program in teaching the local Aboriginal language (Ngarrabul). There are stories of frustration with policy failures, particularly in supporting the learning of Asian languages. Many of the teacher narrators ask the confronting question: ‘What blocks language learning in Australia?’ They offer the strategies which they have developed, that they see making a difference. Other narratives offer autoethnographic tracking of careers, for example, as a teacher of Latin and Classics, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, and of teachers’ ongoing vigour and creativity in advocacy. A number of teachers examine their own identity story for the intercultural learning, which they then offer and extend in student learning. Consistently expressed, there is the need for teachers to take up individual responsibility, while still being strongly supported by their professional community: ‘It is us’ who make the difference, one teacher concludes. Supported by a strong Foreword by Canadian scholar F. Michael Connelly, this ground-breaking collection of narratives represents a form of social research in providing critical illustrations of the issues needing attention for national language education enhancement. It is the only extended inquiry into language teaching in the context of an active policy initiative environment, and the first volume to address the language education landscape through the voices of active language teachers.

Reflecting Teachers Real Life Stories

Author : Paulus Kuswandono
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This book is intended to be a reflection source for Pre-Service English Teachers (PSETs) in Micro Teaching Class. PSETs' ability is not only seen from their ability to teach with their good command of English proficiency, but also seen from their ability to infuse the students' soft skills. The targeted soft skill to acquire after learning from this book is the students' ability to improve their problem-solving skills in facing classroom complex issues in the teaching and learning process. The crucial goal of problem-based learning in this setting is to improve the capacity of PSETs to be able to solve authentic complex problems in a school context by being active decision-makers. As a reflection source, this book does not provide answers or solutions to the problems raised in the narratives. Instead, the students are asked to actively explore their imagination, feelings, and cognitive rationale to approach the problems from different angles and perspectives.

Primary Sources The Peopling of America Immigration Stories Teacher s Guide

Author : Stephanie Kuligowski
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Year 5 Short Stories Teacher s Notes Book 3

Author : Pearson Education
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Lightning provides: 32 books with 3 levels of differentiation per book; whole texts that provide NLS genre coverage; linked themes across fiction, non-fiction and the wider curriculum; focussed teaching support for each book including comprehension and writing activities; and a teaching and practice CD that provides opportunities for ICT.

Powerful Classroom Stories from Accomplished Teachers

Author : Adrienne Mack-Kirschner
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National Board Certified Teachers invite us into their classrooms to witness 70 inspiring stories, reminding us that we are not only teachers, but also parents, mentors, friends, and leaders.

Examining a Teaching Life

Author : Victoria T. Koivu-Rybicki
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I Mattered a Teacher S Story

Author : Dr. Frankie J. Monroe-Moore
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In The New Meaning of Educational Change Fullen wrote, Low morale, depressed, feeling unfairly blamed for the ills of society? You must be a teacher. This quote spoke volumes to me as I watched politicians jockeying for position by spewing their recycled political rhetoric, and then launch an all out attack against public school teachers. In years past these attacks had been levied against those receiving social security, Medicare and Medicaid which mainly affected the poor, disabled and elderly. Dont get me wrong these issues are still on the table, but I guess politicians felt they had beaten them with a dead horse and needed another soft target to spark the publics interest so public school teachers was it. They struck with a vengeance firing public school teachers by the thousands throughout the country. In an attempt to reduce the collective bargaining power of teacher unions, such as American Federation of Teacher (AFT) in Texas they claimed the only way they knew to help balance the state and district school budget shortfalls was to rescind some of the benefits they had agreed too. It hurts when the profession Ive dedicated over half of my adult life (25 yrs.) to; is under attack by politicians and others that have no true concept of whats involved in being a public school teacher. We have absolutely nothing to do with the decision making process. First were told to do one thing and then were told to do something entirely different. Its almost schizophrenic. To all of my colleagues that remain on the frontlines of public education and those that are planning to take up the banner This books for you. You might not have control over the decisions being made outside your classroom, but you can control those things going on inside. I provide ways to control student behavior by the design of your classroom to the use of a simple yellow tablet.

Science Stories Science Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teachers

Author : Janice Koch
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SCIENCE STORIES helps teachers build their own instructional knowledge through the use of narratives about science in real-world classrooms that demonstrate important content, learning, and strategies in action. Expanding Meanings sections following the stories highlight the applicable Teaching Ideas, Science Ideas, and Science Standards. Author Janice Koch's constructivist approach guides teachers in the discovery and exploration of their scientific selves so that they can learn from students' experiences and become effective scientific explorers in their own classrooms. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Re Designing Teacher Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

Author : Ana Christina DaSilva Iddings
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Through a critical-ecological lens, this book examines how to prepare preservice teachers to be resourceful and responsive practitioners in addressing the intellectual needs of children often labeled as "culturally and linguistically diverse." It explores a comprehensive re-design of a teacher education program grounded in research on the complex factors that affect the teaching and learning of linguistically and culturally diverse children. Re-Designing Teacher Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students challenges hegemonic cultural and linguistic norms, quantitative and static views of "resources," the impact of U.S. education policy, and the limited attention to the agency, identities, and strategic actions of diverse students and their families.