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Teaching Narrative Theory

Author : David Herman
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The last two decades have seen a burst of renewed interest in narrative theory across many academic disciplines as scholars analyze the power of storytelling in print and other media. Teaching Narrative Theory provides a comprehensive resource for instructors who aim to help students identify and understand the distinctive features of narrativity in a text or discourse and make use of the terms and concepts of the field. This volume in the Options for Teaching series is organized to assist teachers at different levels of instruction and in different disciplinary settings. In twenty-one essays, the contributors discuss narrative theory's various teaching contexts (e.g., classes on literature, creative writing, and folklore and ethnography); key concepts and terms (e.g., story and plot, time and space, voice, perspective); applications beyond printed texts (e.g., film and digital media); and impact on other areas of theory (e.g., gender and ethnic studies). A glossary provides a guide to the challenging technical terminology characteristic of the field, and the volume as a whole emphasizes the importance of understanding and implementing technical terms in learning narrative theory.

The Nature of Narrative

Author : Research Professor of Modern Culture and Media Professor Emeritus of English Comparative Literature and Modern Culture and Media and Andrew W Mellon Professor of Humanities Emeritus Robert Scholes
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For the past forty years The Nature of Narrative has been an essential work for students of literature, teachers, writers, and scholars. Countering the tendency to view the novel as the paradigm case of literary narrative, Robert Scholes and Robert Kellogg offered a compelling history of narrative from antiquity to the twentieth century. Their main goal was to describe and analyze the nature of narrative's key elements: meaning, character, plot, and point of view. The Fortieth Anniversary Edition of this groundbreaking work has been revised and expanded to include a new preface and a lengthy chapter by James Phelan on developments in narrative theory since 1966. This new material describes the principles and practices of structuralist, cognitive, feminist, and rhetorical approaches to narrative, paying special attention to their work on character, plot, and narrative discourse. A continued leader in the field of narrative studies, The Nature of Narrative offers unique and invaluable histories of both narrative and narrative theory.

Learning and Teaching Narrative Inquiry

Author : Sheila Trahar
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In the final chapter of this volume, the authors refer to the pedagogical vantage points offered by narrative inquiry, an apt comment that encapsulates the volume s purpose and its spirit. As an increasing number of people throughout the world and from a broad range of disciplines are turning to narrative as a research methodology, this volume is timely in its focus on the learning and teaching of this approach. The contributors to the volume, all narrative scholars themselves, write about the creative and challenging pedagogical activities that they use in order to enable others to learn about and do narrative research. The volume will be of particular interest to those teaching narrative research methodologies at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the social sciences, medical sciences and the humanities. The contributions from Hong Kong, Israel, Europe and North America, all reflect critically on the rich complexities of using and teaching narrative in those contexts and attend closely to the diverse constituencies of their learning communities."

Teaching Narrative

Author : Richard Jacobs
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Narrative is everywhere and has unique powers: to enchant and inspire, to make sense of our lives and ourselves and to afford us an enriched understanding of alternative worlds and lives and of better futures – though narrative also has the potential to coerce and oppress. Narrative is at the centre at all stages of the English curriculum and has been the subject of a burgeoning critical industry. This timely volume addresses the many ways in which recent thinking has informed the teaching of narrative in university classrooms in the UK and the USA. Distinguished teachers from both countries range widely across narrative topics and genres, including the opportunities opened up by new technologies, and chapters articulate students’ own individual and collaborative experiences in the teaching/learning process. The result is a volume that explores the pleasurable challenges of working with students to help them appreciate and assess the power that narrative exerts, to become reflective critics of its inner workings as well as exponents of narrative themselves.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory

Author : David HERMAN
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The past several decades have seen an explosion of interest in narrative, with this multifaceted object of inquiry becoming a central concern in a wide range of disciplinary fields and research contexts. As accounts of what happened to particular people in particular circumstances and with specific consequences, stories have come to be viewed as a basic human strategy for coming to terms with time, process, and change. However, the very predominance of narrative as a focus of interest across multiple disciplines makes it imperative for scholars, teachers, and students to have access to a comprehensive reference resource.

Teacher Narrative as Critical Inquiry

Author : Joy S. Ritchie
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Research on teacher learning has too often excluded personal development in considering professional development. This timely book argues that the development of a professional identity is inextricable from personal identity. It suggests that when teachers are given the opportunity to compose their own stories of learning within a supportive community, they can then begin to compose new narratives of identity and practice. This book is a critical tool for educators seeking to refine their teaching practice and author their own development.

Basic Elements of Narrative

Author : David Herman
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Basic Elements of Narrative outlines a way of thinking about what narrative is and how to identify its basic elements across various media, introducing key concepts developed by previous theorists and contributing original ideas to the growing body of scholarship on stories. Includes an overview of recent developments in narrative scholarship Provides an accessible introduction to key concepts in the field Views narrative as a cognitive structure, type of text, and resource for interpersonal communication Uses examples from literature, face to face interaction, graphic novels, and film to explore the core features of narrative Includes a glossary of key terms, full bibliography, and comprehensive index Appropriate for multiple audiences, including students, non-specialists, and experts in the field

Learning to Teach Drama

Author : Joe Norris
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This is a book for new teachers about putting drama education theory into practice and preparing for the contextual variables that lie ahead. It is the next-best thing to actual classroom experience, enabling readers to think through "What do I do if . . .?" scenarios and experience vicariously a broad range of teaching situations. While there are many examples of teacher casebooks, Learning to Teach Drama is the first text written specifically for teachers of theatre/drama. Furthermore, these cases are written by novices, not experts, providing readers with authentic voices from the field. Eighteen case narratives are featured in all, representing the issues every beginning teacher faces: planning lessons, knowing students as individuals and as members of a group, establishing classroom climate, understanding the place of drama within the school community, and expecting the unexpected. These teachers also assist one another, comment on each other's cases, and effectively create a learning community. In addition, special "Extensions" sections prepared by the editors encourage readers to go beyond each narrative and relate the situations to their own teaching.

Literary Theory and English Teaching

Author : Peter Griffith
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Storytelling in Northern Zambia

Author : Robert Cancel
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Storytelling plays an important part in the vibrant cultural life of Zambia and in many other communities across Africa. This innovative book provides a collection and analysis of oral narrative traditions as practiced by five Bemba-speaking ethnic groups in Zambia. The integration of newly digitalised audio and video recordings into the text enables the reader to encounter the storytellers themselves and hear their narratives. Robert Cancel's thorough critical interpretation, combined with these newly digitalised audio and video materials, makes Storytelling in Northern Zambia a much needed addition to the slender corpus of African folklore studies that deal with storytelling performance. Cancel threads his way between the complex demands of African fieldwork studies, folklore theory, narrative modes, reflexive description and simple documentation and succeeds in bringing to the reader a set of performers and their performances that are vivid, varied and instructive. He illustrates this living narrative tradition with a wide range of examples, and highlights the social status of narrators and the complex local identities that are at play. Cancel's study tells us not only about storytelling but sheds light on the study of oral literatures throughout Africa and beyond. Its innovative format, meanwhile, explores new directions in the integration of primary source material into scholarly texts. This book is the third volume in the World Oral Literature Series, developed in conjunction with the World Oral Literature Project.

Critical Narrative as Pedagogy

Author : Ivor Goodson
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Ivor Goodson and Scherto Gill analyse and discuss a series of trans-disciplinary case studies from diverse cultures and argue that narrative is not only a rich and profound way for humans to make sense of their lives, but also in itself a process of pedagogical encounter, learning and transformation. As pedagogic sites, life narratives allow the individual to critically examine their 'scripts' for learning which are encapsulated in their thought processes, discourses, beliefs and values. Goodson and Gill show how narratives can help educators and students shift from a disenfranchised tradition to one of empowerment. This unique book brings together case studies of life narratives as an approach to learning and meaning-making in different disciplines and cultural settings, including teacher education, adult learning, (auto)biographical writing, psychotherapy, intercultural learning and community development. Educators, researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines will find the case studies collected in this book helpful in expanding their understanding of the potential of narrative as a phenomenon, as methodology, and as pedagogy.

Narratives of Social Justice Teaching

Author : sj Miller
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This book documents how preservice and inservice English teachers negotiate the transfer of the social justice pedagogies they learn in university methods classes to their own work as beginning full-time teachers. Based on a set of teacher narratives, this critical and evidence-based view of English teachers' interpretations of, responses to, and embodiments of social justice explores the complex shifts and concessions that English teachers often make when transitioning between preservice and inservice spaces - shifts which cause teachers to embrace and negotiate a social justice agenda in their classrooms, or for some, to modify, or even abandon it altogether. This work also offers a fresh perspective on the specific, context-dependent pathways and mechanisms through which English teachers enter school culture and respond to their own racial, sexual, and financial positions in relation to the gendered, raced, and classed positions of their schools, students, and classrooms. The book will be useful to social justice researchers, English teacher educators, inservice and preservice teachers, policymakers, cross-disciplinary teacher education fields, and interdisciplinary audiences, particularly in the fields of anthropology, sociology of education, philosophy, and cultural studies.

Teachers Stories

Author : Mary Renck Jalongo
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Storytelling--or narrative--is gaining acceptance as an important tool for professional development, research, and teaching. This book shows how teachers and educators can use stories of their professional experiences to reflect on their own practice, articulate values and beliefs, give shape and form to teaching theory, and better understand decision-making processes. The book offers strategies for generating, sharing, and using narrativeand illustrates its points with many rich classroom stories.Individual chapters built around specific themes show how teachers use narrative to forge connections, learn from students, reflect upon experience, resolve conflict, develop as professionals, and enter the educational dialogue. A wealth of examples and specific suggestions show teachers at all levels, preschool through high school, how to compose and give voice to their own stories, forcing them to dig beneath the surface, think more deeply about teaching and learning, and become truly reflective practitioners.

A Theory of Narrative

Author : Rick Altman
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Narrative is a powerful element of human culture, storing and sharing the cherished parts of our personal memories and giving structure to our laws, entertainment, and history. This text presents a wide-ranging and wholly original approach to understanding the nature of narrative.

The Art of Learning to Teach

Author : Mary Beattie
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Appropriate as a main text for student teaching/field experience courses or as a supplemental text for general methods courses. This accessible text features personal narratives of preservice teachers as they engage in self-directed inquiry. By using the context of the individuals whole life, it acknowledges that the personal and the professional aspects of each person are inseparable. It effectively connects theory and practice for students in a format that does the teaching. Prospective teachers are introduced to each narrative along with follow-up questions that give them direction, support, and encouragement for conducting their own inquiries.* Narratives are written in prospective teachers voices-Makes the text accessible to readers as they view the inquiry process from the inside. * Students accept and follow the mentoring that is provided by young educators, and individuals with whom they can relate. * Suggested writing activities-Included in the follow-up to each narrative. * Designed to help prospective teachers document the details of their own professional learning. * Three major themes introduced-All prospective teachers must acknowledge and understand these in orde

Approaches to Teaching the Works of Italo Calvino

Author : Franco Ricci
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Given the range of his writing, teaching Calvino can seem a daunting task. This volume aims to help instructors develop creative and engaging classroom strategies. Part 1, "Materials," presents an overview of Calvino's writings, nearly all of which are available in English translation, as well as critical works and online resources. The essays in part 2, "Approaches," focus on general themes and cultural contexts, address theoretical issues, and provide practical classroom applications. Contributors describe strategies for teaching Calvino that are as varied as his writings, whether having students study narrative theory through If on a winter's night a traveler, explore literary genre with Cosmicomics, improve their writing using Six Memos for the Next Millennium, or read Mr. Palomar in a general education humanities course.

Shakespearean Narrative

Author : R. Rawdon Wilson
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"In Shakespearean Narrative, Rawdon Wilson explores the variety and purposes of narrative in Shakespeare's plays. He does this by placing Shakespeare's use of narrative within a context of Renaissance narrative theory and practice, often citing analogous strategies from such other writers as Spenser and Cervantes, and exploring in depth the fruitfulness of contemporary narrative theory to an understanding of Shakespeare's practice. Thus Shakespearean Narrative undertakes a double task: it tries to understand Shakespeare's narrative strategies, which has never been done before in any comparable depth, and it also attempts to test the usefulness of contemporary narrative theory." "The book also relates Shakespeare's understanding of the narrative in the plays to the brilliant narrative poems that he wrote in the early 1590s. It also examines the narrative conventions that are used in the embedded, or inset, narratives in the plays. Particular attention is paid to the way Shakespeare creates fictional entities, such as worlds and characters, in the plays. A great deal of emphasis is placed on Shakespeare's innovative transformations of traditional narrative conventions."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Subject To Fiction

Author : Munro , Peter
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Drawing on the life histories of three teachers, this book explores their narrative strategies to author themselves as active agents within and against the essentializing discourses of teaching. The complex and contradictory ways in which these women construct themselves as subjects, while simultaneously disrupting the notion of a unitary subject, provide new ways to think about subjectivity, resistance, power and agency.

Narrative Analysis

Author : Martin Cortazzi
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An important recent development in the study of teaching is the use of narrative analysis to study teachers' lives, their work and anecdotes exchanged in the staffroom.; This book critically examines current approaches to the study of teachers' narratives and argues that, for narrative research to be effective, we need to see narrative in a multi- disciplinary perspective. The book examines models of narrative analysis currently proposed in linguistics, sociology, psycology, anthropology and literature and applies insights from these disciplines to the study of teachers' narratives. The author proposes an alternative approach to studying narratives which is then applied to original data, demonstrating how narrative analysis can be used to study primary teachers' perceptions of their work. lt is suggested that narrative analysis could be used to study the perceptions or culture of any professional group.

Silent Moments in Education

Author : Colette A. Granger
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Silent Moments in Education combines autoethnography with psychoanalytic theory and critical discourse analysis in a unique consideration of the relations teachers and learners forge with knowledge, with ideas, and with one another.