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Teaching the Beatles

Author : Paul O Jenkins
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Teaching the Beatles is designed to provide ideas for instructors who teach the music of the Beatles. Experienced contributors describe varied approaches to effectively convey the group’s characteristics and lasting importance. Some of these include: treating the Beatles’ lyrics as poetry; their influence on the world of art, film, fashion and spirituality; the group’s impact on post-war Britain; political aspects of the Fab Four; Lennon and McCartney’s songwriting and musical innovations; the band’s use of recording technology; business aspects of the Beatles’ career; and insights into teaching the Beatles in an online format.

Teaching Little Fingers to Play the Beatles Songbook

Author : Beatles
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(Willis). Teaching Little Fingers songbooks feature arrangements for early beginners so they can play exciting songs while they're learning to play piano. This wildly successful series has been motivating students for generations! And now, for the first time ever, the series has a Beatles songbook! 8 songs that students will love: All My Loving * And I Love Her * Eight Days a Week * Hey Jude * Let It Be * Nowhere Man * Ticket to Ride * Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles Songs in Teaching English

Author : Anna Tarassevitš
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Since the beginning of times music has played an essential role in human society and language development. Music and song comprise a significant part in the development of human speech and language learning processes. This book aims to study the effectiveness of music and songs of The Beatles in teaching English as a foreign language. The book analyzes several language acquisition hypotheses and theories, along with discussing different teaching methodologies that incorporate music and song as a major teaching component in the foreign language acquisition. Likewise, it provides worksheets of possible activities that make use of The Beatles' songs. Special focus is on the psychological part of language learning and the role of interaction between music and the human brain in terms of occurrence of the din and involuntary mental rehearsal, which suggest that songs are an effective aid to memorization. The analysis should draw attention to this new and exciting way of foreign language learning, and should be especially useful to professionals in the fields of linguistics and language teaching methodology, as well as foreign language learners.

New Critical Perspectives on the Beatles

Author : Kenneth Womack
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The Beatles are probably the most photographed band in history and are the subject of numerous biographical studies, but a surprising dearth of academic scholarship addresses the Fab Four. New Critical Perspectives on the Beatles offers a collection of original, previously unpublished essays that explore 'new' aspects of the Beatles. The interdisciplinary collection situates the band in its historical moment of the 1960s, but argues for artistic innovation and cultural ingenuity that account for the Beatles' lasting popularity today. Along with theoretical approaches that bridge the study of music with perspectives from non-music disciplines, the texts under investigation make this collection 'new' in terms of Beatles' scholarship. Contributors frequently address under-examined Beatles texts or present critical perspectives on familiar works to produce new insight about the Beatles and their multi-generational audiences.

The Popular Music Teaching Handbook

Author : B. Lee Cooper
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Lists reports dealing with popular music resources as classroom teaching materials, and will stimulate further thought among students and teachers.

Fandom and The Beatles

Author : Kenneth Womack
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More than 50 years after their breakup, the Beatles are still attracting fans from various generations, all while retaining their original fan base from the 1960s. Why have those first-generation fans continued following the Beatles and are now introducing their grandchildren to the group? Why are current teens affected by the band's music? And perhaps most importantly, how and why do the Beatles continue to resonate with successive generations? Unlike other bands of their era, the Beatles seem permanently frozen in time, having never descended into "nostalgia act" territory. Instead, even after the announcement of the band's breakup in 1970, the group has maintained its cultural and musical relevance. Their timeless quality appeals to younger generations while maintaining the loyalty of older fans. While the Beatles indeed represent a specific time period, their music and words address issues as meaningful today as they were during the Summer of Love: politics, war, sex, drugs, art, and creative liberation. As the first anthology to assess the nature of fan response and the band's enduring appeal, Fandom and the Beatles: The Act You've Known for All These Years defines and explores these unique qualities and the key ways in which this particular pop fusion has inspired such loyalty and multigenerational popularity.

Teaching Little Fingers to Play the Beatles

Author :
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(Willis). Teaching Little Fingers songbooks feature arrangements for early beginners so they can play exciting songs while they're learning to play piano. This wildly successful series has been motivating students for generations! And now, for the first time ever, the series has a Beatles songbook! 8 songs that students will love: All My Loving * And I Love Her * Eight Days a Week * Hey Jude * Let It Be * Nowhere Man * Ticket to Ride * Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles in Mono

Author : Andrew Hickey
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In The Beatles In Mono, Andrew Hickey examines, track by track, the Beatles' work as it was originally created, in mono. Going through the 2009 The Beatles In Mono box set, he looks at the band's influences, their musical techniques, and the progression of their career from Love Me Do through to Get Back. As a bonus, this edition also contains appendices giving brief overviews of the stereo-only material the band recorded, as well as 'non-canon' albums like the Anthology series, Live At The BBC and Liverpool Sound Collage. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Teaching Secondary Music

Author : Jayne Price
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Designed to support teachers in developing new strategies and pedagogies for teaching music, and for teacher education students requiring a comprehensive overview of the subject, Teaching Secondary Music provides a modern and accessible of key issues in music education at secondary level. Focusing on the nature of musical understanding and how to facilitate and assess musical progress, the editors bring together a team of experienced music educators leading the program of support for the secondary curriculum. Supported with practical examples, case studies and resources exploring effective practice, Teaching Secondary Music covers the key concepts and approaches which underpin good practice in secondary music education.


Author :
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Sgt Pepper and the Beatles

Author : Olivier Julien
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The first concept album in the history of popular music, the soundtrack of the Summer of Love or 'Hippy Symphony No. 1': Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is first and foremost the album that gave rise to 'hopes of progress in pop music' (The Times, 29 May 1967). Sgt. Pepper and the Beatles commemorates the fortieth anniversary of this masterpiece of British psychedelia by addressing issues that will help put the record in perspective. These issues include: reception by rock critics and musicians, the cover, lyrics, songwriting, formal unity, the influence of non-European music and art music, connections with psychedelia and, more generally, the sociocultural context of the 1960s, production, sound engineering and musicological significance. The contributors are world renowned for their work on the Beatles: they examine Sgt. Pepper from the angle of disciplines such as musicology, ethnomusicology, history, sociology, literature, social psychology and cultural theory.

Understanding John Lennon

Author : Francis Kenny
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This year marks the anniversary not only of what would have been John Lennon's 80th birthday but also the 40th anniversary of his death in New York. Understanding John Lennon takes us back to where it all began. While other writers have only touched on the 'cause' of John's genius, Francis Kenny reveals its roots in the post-war nature of Liverpool, John's family with its complex history, and the pain and hurt John felt during his childhood, revealing how his early life experiences shaped his brilliance as a songwriter and musician. Of all the books on The Beatles, this is the only one by an author who was himself born and raised under the same influences as the band's, in the heart of Liverpool and still lives there. From the maritime nature of the city to its blue-collar background and the Irish heritage of its people, this book provides an insight into post-war Liverpool and John's family life, which gave rise to his brilliant but conflicted nature and traces how this ultimately contributed to the fall of The Beatles. Covering Lennon's life from Liverpool to New York, Kenny writes with sympathetic understanding of the confusion, pain and corrosiveness that can, at times, accompany the demands and expectations of the creative process at its highest level. With new material revealing the real source of inspiration of 'Strawberry Fields', we are provided with a thought-provoking insight into a complex mind and a genius in the making. Whilst most books regurgitate the same stories about John's childhood and his time with The Beatles, this book presents an original insight into the founder of a band that was at the forefront of a social and cultural revolution. It is the only work to reveal the true sources of John's genius which continues to leave an enduring imprint on our everyday life and imagination. Francis Kenny, after spending 20 years in the construction industry in the UK and abroad, was awarded a degree by Liverpool University and went on to obtain MAs in Social Policy, Urban Regeneration and Screenwriting while teaching in special education and the social sciences. With extensive research into The Beatles spanning a lifetime, he published his first novel, Waiting for The Beatles in 2006, including an associated screenplay and television work, followed by The Making of John Lennon in 2014. In Understanding John Lennon, he takes a deeper look into the formative influences in John Lennon's life.

The Beatles 101

Author : Vikki Reilly
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Not only a rock ’n’ roll group but a social and cultural phenomenon, The Beatles have captivated music fans for decades. For many, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr changed everything. This guide distils their amazing story into 101 informative and entertaining chapters, taking you from their rough and ready early Liverpool days through their world-shattering success in sound, stage and screen, to an afterlife that could never have been predicted when they first started out. Here, you’ll find facts and figures about their chart-busting songs, albums and films, meet the people that helped them along the way, and visit milestones and controversies such as their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, meeting Elvis Presley, John Lennon’s ‘Bigger than Jesus’ comments, experimenting with drugs and the avant-garde, and starting up Apple. The Beatles 101 is a perfect introduction for new fans, a refresher for superfans, and ideal reading for quizmasters everywhere.

TV Rocks Culture When the Beatles Take the Stage

Author : Rebecca Rissman
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On-point historical photographs combined with strong narration bring the story of the Challenger explosion to life. Kids will learn about how it happened, the subsequent investigation into its causes, and how it set back U.S. investment in space exploration. As an added bonus, readers will learn about how this played out on TV. By the time of the Challenger, the only network covering it in live time was CNN, as people thought of space flight as "old hat." This brought space flight back into the public consciousness, albeit not in a good way. Accompanying video will show readers what viewers saw at the time.

Let It Beatles

Author : Shawn W Yates
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The first in the Weekly Walks for Educators Series, this book will Encourage and Grow teachers and school personnel throughout the year. Timely entries that will inspire and engage anyone who works with children, with links to classic Beatles songs, Dr. Yates takes us on a musical journey that encourages Relationship development in the classroom and hallways of your school. Each entry is followed by Reflection questions that prompts deeper thinking and introspection. A Challenge is presented every week to engage the reader with the material. This resource can encourage teachers to reflect and grow whether they are new to the field or a veteran staff member.

Read the Beatles

Author : June Skinner Sawyers
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A must-have volume for all Beatles fans-a career-spanning selection of writings about the Fab Four There are, of course, many books on the Beatles, but this is the only one available that is a comprehensive, career-spanning collection of journalism about the legendary band, before and after the breakup. Consisting of more than fifty articles, essays, interviews, record and movie reviews, poems, and book excerpts-many of them rare and hard to find-Read the Beatles is an unprecedented compilation that follows the arc of the Fab Four's iconic and idiosyncratic career, from their early days in Liverpool through their tragic and triumphant histories after the group's split. The book also includes original essays from noted musicians and journalists about the Beatles' lasting influence and why they still matter today.

The Beatles Irish Concerts

Author : Colm Keane
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Beatles Irish Concerts chronicles the Fab Four's riotous, entertaining and historic visits to Ireland in 1963 and 1964, at the height of Beatlemania. Based on over 200 interviews, this book brings you backstage at the Adelphi in Dublin and the ABC Ritz in Belfast in 1963, and also features the Kings’s Hall concerts in Belfast in 1964 – painting a never-before-told story of the days Ireland shook to its foundations when ‘Beatlemania’ came to town. Award-winning journalist Colm Keane has interviewed the fans, the autograph hunters, the support bands, the police, hotel and cinema staff, the promoters, the press, airport employees, medical personnel, along with Beatles’ staff and George Harrison’s Irish cousins. He spoke to the screaming girls who fainted and suffered convulsions while attending the shows. They describe how they cried hysterically, pulled their hair out, tore off clothes and complained that their heads were bursting apart. He graphically describes how riots erupted on the streets and how both cities were like war zones. The author has also interviewed stars including The Searchers, Adam Faith, Brian Poole, Peter Jay of the Jaywalkers, the Kestrels, the Vernons Girls, the Brook Brothers, the Remo Four and many others.

The Beatles

Author : Hunter Davies
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There's only one book that ever truly got inside the Beatles and this is it. The landmark, worldwide bestseller that has grown with the Beatles ever since. During 1967 and 1968 Hunter Davies spent eighteen months with the Beatles at the peak of their powers as they defined a generation and rewrote popular music. As their only ever authorised biographer he had unparalleled access - not just to John, Paul, George and Ringo but to friends, family and colleagues. There when it mattered, he collected a wealth of intimate and revealing material that still makes this the classic Beatles book - the one all other biographers look to. Hunter Davies remained close with the band and as such has had access to more information over the years. This 40th anniversary edition contains new material which has never been revealed before, from the author's archives and from the Beatles themselves, that will bring new insights to their legend.

The Beatles Way

Author : Larry Lange
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The Beatles as personal growth gurus, you ask? Sure! Everyone knows that the Beatles were brilliant musicians. But there was much more to them than just great music. John, Paul, George, and Ringo created a living legacy of joy, elegance, and peace. The Beatles Way shows how to bring the attitude and ingenuity of the Fab Four into our own lives and achieve Beatle-like success at our work, in our homes, and with our dreams. Author Larry Lange reads between the lines of Beatles lore and finds the secrets to their success, secrets that any of us can employ to rock our own lives: taking risks, creating a team to support you in your dream, and letting yourself evolve as your spirit moves you.

Teaching Music History

Author : Mary Natvig
File Size : 25.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Unlike their colleagues in music theory and music education, teachers of music history have tended not to commit their pedagogical ideas to print. This collection of essays seeks to help redress the balance, providing advice and guidance to those who teach a college-level music history or music appreciation course, be they a graduate student setting out on their teaching career, or a seasoned professor having to teach outside his or her speciality. Divided into four sections, the book covers the basic music history survey usually taken by music majors; music appreciation and introductory courses aimed at non-majors; special topic courses such as women and music, music for film and American music; and more general issues such as writing, using anthologies, and approaches to teaching in various situations. In addition to these specific areas, broader themes emerge across the essays. These include how to integrate social history and cultural context into music history teaching; the shift away from the 'classical canon'; and how to organize a course taking into consideration time constraints and the need to appeal to students from a diverse range of backgrounds. With contributions from both teachers approaching retirement and those at the start of their careers, this volume provides a spectrum of experience which will prove valuable to all teachers of music history.