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Uni Wissen Teaching English in the Primary School

Author : Michael K. Legutke
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Teaching English in the Primary School provides a comprehensive introduction to the teaching of English in the primary school. It focuses on developments in Germany and includes a European perspective as regards current research and education policies. The book systematically presents relevant research on what we know about how young learners learn foreign languages, it discusses appropriate methods, tasks, materials, texts and procedures and includes chapters on related issues such as assessment, transition, cross curricular teaching and teaching English at the pre-school level. Throughout the book, the authors convincingly illustrate how theory and practice relate to each other. Sicher im Studium - die Reihe mit dem Grundlagenwissen sämtlicher Teildisziplinen des Studienfachs Anglistik / Amerikanistik Fragestellungen und wissenschaftliche Zusammenhänge des Faches Orientierung und kompaktes Wissen Antworten auf die Fragen: "Wie lernen Kinder die englische Sprache?", "Wie wird Wortschatz und Grammatik vermittelt?", Wie muss der Unterricht organisiert werden?" Für die gezielte und schnelle Vorbereitung auf Hochschulprüfungen Übersichtlich und leicht verständlich

Cultivating a culture of experimentation in higher education teaching and learning

Author : Robert Kordts
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As indicated by the diversity of the authors' physical locations, COVID and emergency-remote teaching affected Higher-Education-Institutions at a nearly global scale. Authors in this issue come from European countries (Switzerland, Germany), North America (the USA) as well as the southern hemisphere (South Africa). Given the breadth of COVID-related (change) experiences, the insights presented in this issue can be relevant to many HEIs across the globe, notwithstanding their cultural and institutional specificities. In addition, and of high relevance to us, the articles collected here focus both on different positions or roles (students, faculty, management) as well as on different levels of teaching and learning in higher education. While most contributions focus on the student experience during COVID, others investigate faculty/instructors' perspectives including faculty development. Yet another group takes a more systemic, institutional point of view. It could be argued that higher-education research takes up a multi-level perspective when exploring change and the new normal.

Uni Wissen Introduction to English Language Teaching

Author : Andreas Müller-Hartmann
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Introduction to English Language Teaching offers a general view of all the major subjects in the teaching of foreign languages starting from linguistic abilities to questions of performance, learning and bilingual teaching as well as to a discussion of the initial work on forms. Introduction to English Language Teaching gibt einen Überblick über alle wesentlichen Themen des Fremdsprachenunterrichts - angefangen von den sprachlichen Fertigkeiten oder Fragen zur Leistungsbewertung, über biliguales Lehren und Lernen bis hin zur Diskussion grundschulspezifischer Arbeitsweisen.

Teaching Hungarian in Austria

Author : Johanna Laakso
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The Department of Finno-Ugric Studies at the University of Vienna is the only university institute in Austria where Hungarology is taught and the only institution outside the Hungarian-speaking area where teachers of Hungarian are educated. The problems of teaching Hungarian in Vienna, however, are not unique; for this reason, this collection of symposium proceedings includes contributions not only by experts of Hungarian language teaching but also by other professionals of applied linguistics, non-Indo-European and minority languages.

New Challenges in Tertiary Foreign Language Teaching Surviving and Thriving in Testing Times

Author : Paolo Costa(柯士達)
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本書集結六篇論文(第一、三、四、六篇德文,第二篇西班牙文,第五篇義大利文),本書為因應時代變遷下的教育環境及學生職涯挑戰,在教學方法上所提出新的論述及建構。 This book contains essays by various teachers from different universities and departments with the aim of presenting modern teaching methods for the changed learning and study conditions on the basis of theoretical preliminary considerations. Language teachers at Taiwanese universities often encounter similar difficulties in designing lessons: students’ increasing frustration and lack of motivation. Many students experience a high level of frustration and demotivation; they cannot find future prospects in language studies. Confronted with reality of time-consuming internships, part-time jobs and life, many students become painfully aware that a linguistic degree won’t prepare them for later work or provides career opportunities. In addition, they realize their low language skills and life experiences. Aware of that problem, the language departments have to find new teaching methods and create curricula which increase the interest of the students and prepare them for professional life. Many students studying in the language departments will later find a job in trade or business. The universities are therefore increasingly shifting their curriculum away from classic language studies to professionally oriented teaching, including business communication or translation related to cross cultural training. The authors introduce modern teaching methods to meet the aforementioned challenges for business and cross-cultural courses. Although the contributors explain their methodical approach, the teaching methods are described and evaluated on case studies and surveys. The publication offer suggestions for course outlines.

Teaching Physical Education for Learning

Author : Judith Rink
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Focusing on physical education for kindergarten through grade 12, this user-friendly text emphasizes teaching strategies and theories to give students a foundation for designing an effective learning experience.


Author :
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The Teaching Brain

Author : Vanessa Rodriguez
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Combining scientific research with real-life examples, delves into the skill of teaching and tries to unlock the cognitive processes taking place for both the teacher and the student in order to determine what it takes to become a great teacher. 20,000 first printing.

Teaching Passionately

Author : Joan Wink
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In an age of standards based curriculum and assessment, what can each teacher do to maintain the passion and creativity of teaching and learning? Concise portraits demonstrate the value of passionate pedagogy in action. Stories of classroom experience from K-12 encouages students to connect principals and practices.

The Process of Patient Teaching in Nursing

Author : Barbara Klug Redman
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