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Tears Like Rivers

Author : Orji A. Orji
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Ogbeyialu was not born like every other person. Sequel, she had no person in this world except Ade and she was the only person in Ade's life. Her birth placed her on the lowest social stratum. She was an evening flower and their peculiar world made Ade give her the nod to run his life. Fate brought Ade to Col. Kalu, one of the Biafran leaders. Circumstances and the meeting conspired and forced him to research on the Nigeria Biafra War for his degree project. Lilly, a head turner with brains, was from a rich and powerful family. Many men with muscles wanted her hand in marriage but she would not look their way. She wanted Ade but he did not want her and did not want to get near her. He had nothing, as a result, was not yet ready for marriage. Lilly's father was dangerous. Ade's background made him weak and vulnerable but her uncle and foster father, Joe Onuma, was a Biafran captain and had a truckload of the war stories. Research apart, Lilly would give Ade what he did not have.

River of Tears

Author : Alexander Dent
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River of Tears is the first ethnography of Brazilian country music, one of the most popular genres in Brazil yet least-known outside it. Beginning in the mid-1980s, commercial musical duos practicing música sertaneja reached beyond their home in Brazil’s central-southern region to become national bestsellers. Rodeo events revolving around country music came to rival soccer matches in attendance. A revival of folkloric rural music called música caipira, heralded as música sertaneja’s ancestor, also took shape. And all the while, large numbers of Brazilians in the central-south were moving to cities, using music to support the claim that their Brazil was first and foremost a rural nation. Since 1998, Alexander Sebastian Dent has analyzed rural music in the state of São Paulo, interviewing and spending time with listeners, musicians, songwriters, journalists, record-company owners, and radio hosts. Dent not only describes the production and reception of this music, he also explains why the genre experienced such tremendous growth as Brazil transitioned from an era of dictatorship to a period of intense neoliberal reform. Dent argues that rural genres reflect a widespread anxiety that change has been too radical and has come too fast. In defining their music as rural, Brazil’s country musicians—whose work circulates largely in cities—are criticizing an increasingly inescapable urban life characterized by suppressed emotions and an inattentiveness to the past. Their performances evoke a river of tears flowing through a landscape of loss—of love, of life in the countryside, and of man’s connections to the natural world.


Author : Kathleen Woolrich
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Martyr was written over a three year period between 2015 and 2018. It was begun while Kathleen was living in Algiers, Algeria with her daughter and continues through the summer of 2018 in Oran, Tlemcen, Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria and through the fall of 2018. In 2008, Kathleen's son Rayan Mehdi passed away and she was inconsolable. This book, MARTYR, is the result of three years of therapeutic writing. Kathleen writes in English but often incorporates Algerian Dardja or Algerian Arabic into her writing. Martyr is the sequel to THE BOOK OF MOULAY, published in 2015. There are also poems written after Kathleen visited Morocco in 2015. There are influences from both countries in the body of her work. Kathleen took her daughter Zahra to Algeria in the winter of 2015 2016 and lived in Algiers in an apartment in a neighborhood called Birmourad Rais. She returned to Algeria in the summer of 2018 and travelled to Batna and drove across the country and wrote and filmed.

Cry Me a River

Author : Robert Michael
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Claire Eppington feels unfinished. Her mother died when Claire was young. Her father raised her in a home suffused with grief and loneliness. When she was an adult, her father left her with a gift from her mother: a journal full of memories, hopes, and regrets. Claire can barely bring herself to open the porcelain-encrusted memorial. She is full of resentment, a fear of death, and a nagging sense of incompletion. It is ironic, then, that Claire chooses a career overseeing the final rites of people whose families want their ashes spread at exotic or distant locales. On a trip to Colombia to bring the remains of a client to a remote village on the Rio de Magdalena, Claire finds that her job may be more deadly than she expected. Her assignment allows her to work with Manny Villareal, a handsome and rugged photographer. What Claire does not know is that Manny used to work as a security chief for his family's cartel. When Manny's brother becomes threatened, Claire becomes a pawn in a dangerous game. Pursued by an assassin and pressed by military groups, a rogue DEA agent, and a greedy relative seeking to overthrow the cartel, Manny is forced to make a choice. Does he save his family, or the woman he is beginning to love? Claire is faced with her mother's legacy, a dangerous assignment in a country full of beauty and romance, and the possibility that her greatest fear may become a reality.

Saphuna of the Moon

Author : Grant G. Ohlund
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Saphuna of the Moon By: Grant G. Ohlund The Gods chose Saphuna to be the High Priestess. Of all the candidates, only Saphuna proved to be worthy after intense training and an even more intense, and deadly, final challenge. Part political leader, part warrior, Saphuna is destined to be one of the most powerful beings on her planet, and possibly in the entire universe. When a betrayal at the highest ranks combines with a plot by an immense evil, Saphuna must fight back with the aid of an elite force of soldiers. Together, they must face a threat unlike any they have seen before, a threat that could end all life on their planet quickly and without remorse. Can Saphuna stand up to the greatest threat her planet has faced in hundreds of years? Will she prove to be worthy of the throne of the High Priestess?

West Lawn And The Rector of St Mark s

Author : Mary Jane Holmes
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The Treasury of David

Author : Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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Orlando Furioso

Author : Lodovico Ariosto
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Oriental Tales The book of the thousand nights and one night

Author :
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The book of the thousand nights and one night

Author : Arabian nights
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