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Telling Tails

Author : Iain Hollingshead
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The venerable letterbox of the Daily Telegraph is host to a wealth of animal owners and observers. Not to be outdone on any subject, comes a menagerie of musings and meditations on a topic very close to their hearts. A collection including correspondence from dogs, notes about peacocks, admonitions on horse owners and scapegoats for cats. From the farmstead to the front room, big and small, feathered and furry can be found amidst these pages. How to gauge the political leanings of your terrier - there is a simple test for that. Useful pointers on subduing a disgruntled heffer that prove effective in urban and everyday environments as well. Whether you live with a labradoodle, spend your weekends twitching or simply watching the tortoises go by, here is the best assortment of animals as gathered by the readers of the Telegraph.

The Wonder Tails

Author : Nikki Bradford-La Booy
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The Wonder Tails is a collection of 10 short funny illustrated stories for 6-8 year olds, about how certain iconic and beloved British wild animals came to be as they are. The main characters are all rebels, outsiders or underdogs - like vegetarian Basil Fox, Lavinia the antisocial Starling, or Brocker the chunky Badger who longs to dance like a Strictly star. But each tale celebrates cheerful and positive diversity, offers comforting life lessons, affirms its fine to want different things from your friends, and suggests that the best way to be happy is to just - go be yourself! Meet: The Bird Who Rode the Comet's Tail Bog Brush Billy The Resolute Robin The Dancing Badger of Beacon Hill A Vegetarian in the Henhouse The Very Hopeful Caterpillar The Day of the Dormouse Bella the Barn Owl & the Lido of Lu-urrve Nutters Gift The Squirrel & the Star child Set in iconic locations around Britain like Hadrian's Wall, Sherwood Forest and Brighton Pier, The Tails have eccentric, endearing characters for children to fall in love with; fighting battles they can relate to, in circumstances they can identify with. Feeling different, confronting bullies, believing in yourself, growing up in a single-parent family - the Tail's animals rise to challenges often facing today with courage, exuberance and optimism.

Animal Knowledge Genius

Author : DK
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Can you spot the difference between an ostrich and an emu, and a leopard and an ocelot? You can! Then what are you waiting for? Take on this brain-busting nature challenge! With more than 60 topics from across the animal world, there's something for everyone in this brilliant and entertaining quiz book for kids and the whole family. The pages are packed with eye-popping pictures - but do you know what they show? To help you, "Test Yourself" panels list what you're looking for. With three levels of difficulty, the challenge gets harder as you work your way from Starter, to Challenger, and finally the truly tricky Genius category. If you need it, there's a fun fact with every picture to give a helpful clue. Open up Animal Knowledge Genius! to find out what you know, and challenge yourself to learn even more!

Tails of a Social Worker

Author : Carol Sue Barrett
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The journey of one woman who is professional Social Worker who carries you through the politics of the system based upon human nature, combined with the perception of professionalism. The title refers to animals that tend to act on their instincts without conscience. The female spirit dominates by looking at each scene candidly as it is played out that underscores facets of American government in the twenty-first century and beyond. The main text opens around 1970 when Tasha returns to work after Maxi-Facial Surgery. She finds it strange when her new supervisor indicates that she is to have a conference with him for pre-evaluation of job performance, as the yearly performance evaluation is not until May. Aspects of her behavior are assessed as seductive and each worker is told that to keep their job, they would have to take psycho-therapy. Tasha feels somewhat self-conscious and the perception that she has falsified records leaves her in a fairly precarious position. Jessie provides a measure of comfort and she starts going to church on a weekly basis. She files an EEOC Complaint, the President of the Labor Union attempts to persuade her to drop the case and Tasha becomes ill. As the work progresses, she navigates numerous challenges, some of which test her level of resolve in one way or another, in an impulse to write, she finds a measure of sanity and also frequently turns her faith as a viable means towards overcoming the most daunting perceived and unperceived obstacles. The concluding pages of Tails of a Social Worker recount Tashas impression of her childhood in St. Louis, Missouri, which is a vivid expose of efforts to reconcile her seductiveness with some of her professional goals. In the closing, Tasha was often highly misunderstood. Many people wanted to crush her spirit because she didnt conform to their lifestyle. The work is intended to capture the imagination to enlighten and to provoke thought.

Tell a Tale for a Tail

Author : William G. Pecknold
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This is a unique story about a frog who loses his tail and travels all over the world trying to find it. With the help of an orca whale and a rare magical flower, he discovers land and comes across many new and exotic animals. But Porter the frog's quest to find his missing tail is full of surprises! This book is a great book for all ages!

The Tell Tail Heart

Author : Cate Conte
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Welcome back to the charming New England coast, where Maddie James’s cat café is at risk of becoming a crime scene for the purrfect murder. . . Maddie is hoping to have some downtime during Daybreak Island’s off-season to tackle her to-do list. Her grandfather’s house-turned-cat-café is under construction and she’s also scoping out places to open a juice bar on the island. On top of that, her relationship with adorable dog groomer Lucas has taken a pawsitive turn. But easy is getting harder every day for Maddie, especially when a big-name writer who’s on the island working on a new project winds up floating in the canal. This, on the exact same day an eccentric woman shows up at the cafe claiming Maddie’s cat, JJ, is hers. As the investigation into the dead writer picks up, Maddie realizes that even the neighbors she’s known all her life might be keeping secrets that go deep into the heart of this small seaside town. Meanwhile, a killer remains at-large...and on the prowl.


Author : IRIS GREY
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Attaining Nirvana, isn’t my cuppa. Zen, meditation, Koan; Groan!! Yoga, chanting, is just not my thing. And, But, I need to say things. I like discussions. But, for that, It would take more than just me. It’s funny, how fast, my family finds employment, at the mere clearing of my throat. It’s an itch I need to scratch. So, I write. I am really not so author-y; Mostly, am just trying to be funny. But, I’d love to connect, with the literary intellect, and I won’t mind the moolah, I may just collect. The kids too, may be nice; Hoping for an inheritance.

The Salmon Fly how to Dress it and how to Use it

Author : George M. Kelson
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The Athenaeum

Author :
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Ginger s Tail

Author : Robert Leslie Fielding
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Living and working abroad, through the eyes and ears of a cat, that's silly. Everybody knows cats can't write, don't they? Read on. Find out how little you know about yourself. Read it twice. You've got plenty to learn.