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Terrifying Transformations

Author : Alexis Easley
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"Fifteen chilling stories of lycanthropy and murder written from 1838 to 1896, many of them reprinted here for the first time. This edition includes a new introduction, notes, and numerous rare Victorian werewolf illustrations"--P. [4] of cover.

Fourth Wave Feminism in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Author : Valerie Estelle Frankel
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 Fourth wave feminism has entered the national conversation and established a highly visible presence in popular media, especially in cutting-edge science fiction and fantasy films and television series. Wonder Woman, the Wasp, and Captain Marvel headline superhero films while Black Panther celebrates nonwestern power. Disney princesses value sisterhood over conventional marriage. This first of two companion volumes addresses cinema, exploring how, since 2012, such films as the Hunger Games trilogy, Mad Max: Fury Road, and recent Star Wars installments have showcased women of action. The true innovation is a product of the Internet age. Though the web has accelerated fan engagement to the point that progressivism and backlash happen simultaneously, new films increasingly emphasize diversity over toxic masculinity. They defy net trolls to provide stunning role models for viewers across the spectrum of age, gender, and nationality.

Cultivation On Campus

Author : Wu Yan123
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Under the contempt of the teachers and the ridicule of the students, the little thug Guo Ming's life underwent a strange change. He began to take the first step in his life, an important turning point in his life, and entered the most respected high school in the county.

Here and There

Author : Bill Conlogue
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The global economy threatens the uniqueness of places, people, and experiences. In Here and There, Bill Conlogue tests the assumption that literature and local places matter less and less in a world that economists describe as “flat,” politicians believe has “globalized,” and social scientists imagine as a “global village.” Each chapter begins at home, journeys elsewhere, and returns to the author’s native and chosen region, northeastern Pennsylvania. Through the prisms of literature and history, the book explores tensions and conflicts within the region created by national and global demand for its resources: fertile farmland, forest products, anthracite coal, and college-educated young people. Making connections between local and global environmental issues, Here and There uses the Pennsylvania watersheds of urban Lackawanna and rural Lackawaxen to highlight the importance of understanding and protecting the places we call home.

Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Women s Writing

Author : Glenda Norquay
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By combining historical spread with a thematic structure, this volume explores the ways in which gender has shaped literary output and addresses the changing situations in which Scottish women lived and wrote.

The Lost Books of Merlyn

Author : Douglas Monroe
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If you're involved in any form of Celtic Wicca or Witchcraft, or if you just want to know more about the ancient Celtic Priests, the Druids, you need The Lost Books of Merlyn by Douglas Monroe. But you're not the only one who wanted this book. After his first book appeared, he received over 20,000 letters asking for more! That's the purpose of this book. The Lost Books of Merlyn is a series of writings which have come down to us as attributed through the pen of Merlyn, or ? more precisely ? as having originally been in his keeping. Merlyn (upon whom the mythical Merlin was based) was a Druid, and the Druids were the priest-priest-initiators of their people. So this book is a reconstruction of the ancient philosophy, beliefs, and methods for personal transformation you can use today. The book is composed of three parts, each one based on old Celtic legends, in the form of a story. Why was it written that way? "Because that is the way the Druids, the Celts, would have done it ? that is the way they taught." The three sections are "The Battle of the Trees," "The Book of Pheryllt," and "The Gorchan of Maeldrew." When these stories were originally told, the people knew the meanings of their symbolism. Not so, today. Therefore, at the end of each section is a grimoire explaining the meanings and, at the same time, sharing rituals, oracles, and magical methods. You'll learn about tree oracles, Celtic signs of power, and the Druidic pantheon of deities. You'll discover how to contact Faery folk, the power of words, and charms of protection. Revealed, too, is how to make and use dowsing rods to find ley lines, and the secrets of magical dance and music. Also, you'll find out the secrets of the "Charm of Making" and the proof that it was ancient before it was popularized in a movie. This just barely scratches the surface of the book. You'll find that the wisdom here will touch you and help you on your path. Read it and learn.

World Literature

Author : EMC Corporation
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Writing and Victorianism

Author : J.B. Bullen
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Writing and Victorianism asks the fundamental question 'what is Victorianism?' and offers a number of answers taken from methods and approaches which have been developed over the last ten years. This collection of essays, written by both new and established scholars from Britain and the U.S.A, develops many of the themes of nineteenth-century studies which have lately come to the fore, touching upon issues such as drugs, class, power and gender. Some essays reflect the interaction of word and image in the nineteenth-century, and the notion of the city as spectacle; others look at Victorian science finding a connection between writing and the growth of psychology and psychiatry on the one hand and with the power of scientific materialism on the other. As well as key figures such as Dickens, Tennyson and Wilde, a host of new names are introduced including working-class writers attempting to define themselves and writers in the Periodical press who, once anonymous, exercised a great influence over Victorian politics, taste, and social ideals. From these observations there emerges a need for self-definition in Victorian writing. History, ancestry, and the past all play their part in figuring the present in the nineteenth-century, and many of these studies foreground the problem of literary, social, and psychological identity.

League of Legends Best Sword King

Author : Cang ShengFuTu
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Meng Fan had traveled to another world and brought along the League of Legends' system. He discovered that he had become a hard worker. Carrying the mission of saving the Walland Continent, Meng Fan continued to raise his strength, breaking all the schemes of the various temples, and destroying all magical creatures. This was an extremely exciting heroic adventure, as well as an extremely exciting battle. All sorts of top-tier equipment were dropped to the point of being dazzling. A legendary set of equipment could instantly kill gods. This was the world of the League of Heroes, as well as a mysterious world of magic ...

The Routledge Companion to Leadership

Author : John Storey
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Leadership has never been more important – and divisive – than it is today. The idea and discourse of the leader remains a critical factor in organizational and societal performance, but there is evident tension between the persistent focus on the critical importance of individual leaders and the increasing emphasis on collective leadership. The Routledge Companion to Leadership provides a survey of the contentious and dynamic discipline of leadership. This collection covers key themes in the field, including advances in leadership theory, leadership in a range of contexts and geographies, leadership failure, leadership process, and leadership development. Topics range from micro studies to wider political analyses of leadership, taking in unusual but important aspects such as portrayals of leadership in architecture, media, and science fiction. Contributions from 61 internationally renowned authors from 16 countries make available the full range of perspectives, approaches, and insights on the idea of leadership. Providing both a social sciences and a psychological approach, these go beyond common themes to offer diverse perspectives on such topics as emotion and leadership, portrayals of leadership. This volume situates leadership debates and evidence within contemporary leadership crises, while ensuring that the explorations of the issues are of enduring relevance. With wide and critical coverage of the key topics and potent contextualization of themes in current events, The Routledge Companion to Leadership is the ideal resource for graduate study in leadership.

Shadow Rogue

Author : Chen YuanAnShang
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A promise, Chu Rui had entered the world of assassins! Three years later, after becoming the killer king, he gave up everything and returned to the ranks of ordinary people! Sky Fortune, a mysterious game developed by several countries, was born! What a strange hand, what a ghostly form! One strike of the Sly Stab was like the King of Hell taking his life! Let's see how the supreme king of the assassination world would play around with the world and slowly ascend to the divine altar with each and every legendary feat he accomplished! ........................

Social Transformations in Archaeology

Author : Kristian Kristiansen
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Social Transformations in Archaeology explores the relevance of archaeology to the study of long-term change and to the understanding of our contemporary world. The articles are divided into: * broader theoretical issues * post-colonial issues in a wide range of contexts * archaeological examination of colonialism with case studies from the Mediterranean in the first millenium BC and historical Africa.

Transformations of Language in Modern Dystopias

Author : David W. Sisk
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Examines the importance of language to repressive groups and rebels in dystopian fiction.

China s Transformations

Author : Lionel M. Jensen
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This successor volume to China beyond the Headlines takes the reader even farther beyond the "front stage" to explore a China few Westerners have seen. Seeking to bridge the gap between what specialists understand and the general public believes, the contributors challenge readers to move past the usual images of China presented by the media and to think about shared problems. In an entirely new set of essays, they explore such critical issues as environmental degradation, nationalism, unemployment, film and literature, news reporting, the Internet, sex tourism, and the costs of the economic boom to vividly portray the complexity of life in contemporary China and how surprisingly often it speaks to the American experience.

The Transformations of Magic

Author : Frank Klaassen
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"Explores two principal genres of illicit learned magic in late Medieval manuscripts: image magic, which could be interpreted and justified in scholastic terms, and ritual magic, which could not"--Provided by publisher.

The Scarlet Plague

Author : Jack London
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An old man walks along deserted railway tracks, long since unused and overgrown; beside him a young, feral boy helps him along. It has been 60 years since the great Red Death wiped out mankind, and the handful of survivors from all walks of life have established their own civilization and their own hierarchy in a savage world. Art, science, and all learning has been lost, and the young descendants of the healthy know nothing of the world that was--nothing but myths and make-believe. The old man is the only one who can convey the wonders of that bygone age, and the horrors of the plague that brought about its end. What future lies in store for the remnants of mankind can only be surmised--their ignorance, barbarity, and ruthlessness the only hopes they have. This cataclysmic tale remains a terrifying prophecy of the perils of globalization, which are all too pertinent today.

A Terrifying Taste of Short Shivery

Author : Robert D. San Souci
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Ghoulies, ghosties, and long-leggedy beasties inhabit these 30 chilling tales gathered from around the world—perfect for fans of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark! Creepy classic and contemporary stories from Australia, Germany, India, El Salvador, and elsewhere--including a healthy helping of American apparitions--will keep readers and listeners scared stiff. Do you dare walk down the lane where "Crooker Waits"? Or would you rather shake "The Hairy Hands"? Twenty eerie illustrations highlight this companion to Robert D. San Souci's earlier collections of scary stories, which School Library Journal called "an absolute delight. . . . Young readers will gobble up these thirty thrilling snacks and beg for more." Savor this supernatural treat for spine-tingling fun!


Author : Dakpo Tashi Namgyal
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Mahamudra meditation is simultaneously the most profound of meditative disciplines and the most accessible for modern practitioners. Traditionally passed orally from teacher to disciple, mahamudra instructions point the meditator to the innate perfection of every experience. When it first appeared in 1986, Mahamudra: The Moonlight - Quintessence of Mind and Meditation was the first presentation in English of a major Tibetan Buddhist work on meditation. This classic guide was composed in the sixteenth century by an eminent lama of the Kagyu school and is so comprehensive and practical that it is still widely used today as a manual. Divided into two major sections, it presents first the common approach and then the mahamudra approach to tranquility (shamatha) and insight (vipashyana) meditation.

Transformations of Urban and Suburban Landscapes

Author : Gary Backhaus
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The study of landscape and place has become an increasingly fertile realm of inquiry in the humanities and social sciences. In this new book of essays, selected from presentations at the first annual meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Geography, scholars investigate the experiences and meanings that inscribe urban and suburban landscapes. Gary Backhaus and John Murungi bring philosophy and geography into a dialogue with a host of other disciplines to explore a fundamental dialectic: while our collective and personal activity modifies the landscape, in turn, the landscape modifies human identities, and social and environmental relations. Whether proposing a peripatetic politics, conducting a sociological analysis of building security systems, or critically examining the formation of New York City's municipal parks, each essay sheds distinctive light on this fascinating and engaging aspect of contemporary environmental studies.

Mended by the Muse Creative Transformations of Trauma

Author : Sophia Richman
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Mended by the Muse: Creative Transformations of Trauma is an in-depth exploration of the relationship between trauma and creativity. It is about art in the service of healing, mourning, and memorialization. This book addresses the questions of how artistic expression facilitates the healing process; what the therapeutic action of art is, and if there is a relationship between mental instability and creativity. It also asks how self-analysis through art-making can be integrated with psychoanalytic work in order to enrich and facilitate emotional growth. Drawing on four decades of clinical practice and a critical reading of creativity literature, Sophia Richman presents a new theory of the creative process whose core components are relational conceptualizations of dissociation and witnessing. This is an interdisciplinary book which draws inspiration from life histories, clinical case material, neuroscience, and interviews with creators, as well as from various art forms such as film, literature, paintings, and music. Some areas of discussion include: art born of genocide, confrontation with mortality in illness and aging, and the clinical implications of memoirs written by psychoanalysts. Visual images are interspersed throughout the text that illustrate the reverberations of trauma and its creative transformation in the work of featured artists. Mended by the Muse: Creative Transformations of Trauma powerfully articulates how creative action is one of the most effective ways of coping with trauma and its aftershocks - it is in art, in all its forms, that sorrow is given shape and meaning. Here, Sophia Richman shows how art helps to master the chaos that follows in the wake of tragedy, how it restores continuity, connection and the will for a more fully lived life. This book is written for psychoanalysts as well as for other mental health professionals who practice and teach in academic settings. It will also be of interest to graduate and post-graduate students and will be relevant for artists who seek a better understanding of the creative process.