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Mass Mediated Terrorism

Author : Brigitte Nacos
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Mass-Mediated Terrorism, Second Edition, an in-depth look at terrorism, political violence, and mass media, shows how terrorists exploit global media networks and information highways to carry news of their violence along with "propaganda of the deed." To what extent is the media advancing or obstructing the propaganda and policy goals of terrorists and their targets? Has the Internet strengthened the hands of terrorists to organize, recruit, and spread propaganda? How have targets of terrorism used the media to manipulate public opinion and advance their own agendas? From U.S. cases to incidents abroad, this award-winning book explores the use of political violence for the sake of publicity, media coverage of counterterrorism policies and its affect on political decision making, and the impact of new media. This revised second edition, which includes a new chapter on public opinion, is updated with analysis of the Iraq war, increasing terrorist attacks abroad, and subsequent counterterrorism measures. It also contains new information on the Arab satellite network Al-Jazeera and the use of the Internet in terrorist efforts. Mass-Mediated Terrorism offers a blueprint both for effective public information and media relations during terrorism crises as well as for ethical news coverage of major terrorism incidents.

Terrorism and the Media

Author : Brigitte Lebens Nacos
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Over the last fifteen years, incidents of terrorism have become increasingly common. Until recently, however, Americans believed that such violent acts would not occur on American soil. The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building were rude awakenings. In this important, up-to-date study, Brigitte L. Nacos contends that terrorists are very successful at exploiting the vital links among the news media, public opinion, and decision making - a pattern which the author calls a calculus of violence. She demonstrates that terrorism works because media coverage influences the American public to support government responses that protect the victims of terrorism, most of all hostages, at the expense of the national interest. In a new Preface for the paperback edition, Nacos includes important recent events, showing how right-wing radio talk shows, Penthouse, and The New York Times all played pivotal roles in articulating the causes of terrorists such as the Michigan Militia and the Unabomber.

Media Terrorism and Theory

Author : Anandam P. Kavoori
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Over the past few years, media outlets have spotlighted coverage of terror attacks. Drawing on both popular and academic articles, [this book] analyzes the larger issues surrounding media's studies, architecture, and information science, each contributor brings a distinctive perspective. Answering a growing need to understand media discourse on terrorism, this volume complements readings in upper-level mass communication courses and is a valuable resource for scholars of international media and terrorism. -Back cover.

Media and Terrorism

Author : Des Freedman
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This international analysis explains how terrorism and the war on terror is communicated through a variety of global media outlets.

Terrorism and the Media

Author : David L. Paletz
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Terrorism and the Media presents the diverse points of view of those involved in and affected by insurgent terrorism: terrorists, journalists, victims, researchers, governments and the public. It analyzes the objectives, successes and failures of terrorism, and addresses media related issues such as freedom of the press, codes of ethics, intimidation, victimization, technology and censorship. The book includes: interviews with terrorists from Northern Ireland, Spain and the PLO; an analysis of the expansion of counter terrorism measures in the UK to more generalized civil and media control - indicating that such measures breed rather than inhibit terrorism; an account of the ambivalent attitudes of media editors towards ter

Violence and Terror in the Mass Media

Author : Nancy Signorielli
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Originally a Unesco project, this annotate bibliography results from more than 4,600 requests to media scholars and researchers for research reports, publications, and other information relating to violence and terrorism. Although there is an international cast to the materials, most are from the U.S. Even though violence and terrorism permeate our myths and legends, there is increasing concern with their effect on viewers. This bibliography is particularly timely, with entries through spring 1987. The sections of the work (mass media content, mass media effects, pornography and the media, terrorism and the media) give a better idea of the work's scope than does the title. Choice [T]he annotations are clearly written, succinctly descriptive of the original work's research with test groups, and evaluative of research results. Reference Books Bulletin This bibliography focuses on research and scholarly works relating to violence and terror. Consisting primarily of articles published in scholarly journals and books, this comprehensive work examines major topics such as violence and mass media content, violence and mass media effects, terrorism and the mass media, and pornography. Also included are articles from popular journals, reports published by the United States and other governments, conference papers, and dissertations. Each entry consists of the bibliographic citation and a short abstract; many of the sources include studies from other countries where relevant research has been conducted. The compilers' introduction provides a clear definition of violence and terrorism as they are dealt with in this volume and offers an interesting overview of various aspects of the subject.

Terrorism and the Media

Author : Patricia Ruby Palmerton
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The Media Diplomacy and Terrorism in the Middle East

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on Europe and the Middle East
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Media War and Terrorism

Author : Peter van der Veer
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This collection of essays covers the media and public debate dimension of the events of 9/11 and beyond, from the point of view of Middle Eastern and Asian countries. The first part of the book deals with the use of the media as an instrument of warfare, the growing significance of religion, the emergence of transnational media and a transnational public sphere and the relationship between the West and the rest of the world. The second part of the book contains nine case studies relating to different parts of the Middle East and Asian world, all with a strong empirical focus, while at the same time elaborating the book's theoretical concerns.

The Theater of Terror

Author : Gabriel Weimann
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Terrorism Media Society

Author : Tomasz Płudowski
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Terrorism and the media

Author : Marthoz, Jean Paul
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Terrorism and the Media

Author : Richard Latter
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The Hostage terrorist Situation and the Media

Author : Stephen D. Gladis
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Framing Terrorism

Author : Pippa Norris
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Terrorism now dominates the headlines across the world-from New York to Kabul. Framing Terrorism argues that the headlines matter as much as the act, in political terms. Widely publicized terrorist incidents leave an imprint upon public opinion, muzzle the "watchdog" role of journalists and promote a general one-of-us consensus supporting security forces.

Terror Post 9 11 and the Media

Author : David L. Altheide
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Throughout the world, the mass media are responsible for shaping the form and content of experiences. In this book, David L. Altheide examines how the mass media, including news and popular culture, have cast terrorism, propaganda and social control post 9/11. Altheide shows how fear works with terrorism to alter discourse, social meanings, and our sense of being in the world. Emphasis is placed on the different institutional interventions and how these particular stories become framed and inform the wider media narratives of terror. The author argues that post 9/11 we are witnessing the emergence of new communication formats that not only constitute counter-narratives, but also shape future communicative experience. The text is suitable for scholars and students interested in the ongoing relationship between the media and terror post 9/11.

Terrorism the Media

Author : Yonah Alexander
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Terrorism and Social Media

Author : Simplice Asongu
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The study assesses the relationship between terrorism and social media from a cross section of 148 countries with data for the year 2012. The empirical evidence is based on Ordinary Least Squares, Negative Binomial and Quantile regressions. The main finding is that there is a positive relationship between social media in terms of Facebook penetration and terrorism. The positive relationship is driven by below-median quantiles of terrorism. In other words, countries in which existing levels of terrorism are low are more significantly associated with a positive Facebook-terrorism nexus. The established positive relationship is confirmed from other externalities of terrorism: terrorism fatalities, terrorism incidents, terrorism injuries and terrorism-related property damages. The terrorism externalities are constituents of the composite dependent variable.

Terrorism and the Press

Author : Brooke Barnett
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Many books have been written about the press and terrorism - particularly since September 11th - but this is the first press-focused exploration of their relationship. Drawing upon the history of terrorism, mass communication research, media theory, and journalism practice, this book examines how the press reports terrorism, and how that reporting varies depending on the medium and location. Examining the differences in reporting - globally and historically within different media and government systems - Terrorism and the Press provides insights for how, in the future, we can better navigate the relationship between the press, government, and audience when terrorists attack.

Military Media Review

Author :
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